Forget and Remember

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What kind of treatment have you treated a body that runs solidly because of the existence of a perfect skeletal system and can walk because every disgrace has been covered by the Most Merciful???

Asking questions, looking for answers, causes all spaces of thought to be opened, makes the conscience to be in the calmest state, to be able to accept all inputs that must be processed systematically and under control.

This is the time to dive back into the depths of determination, to prove the purity of intentions, not because of anything or anyone, but only because of HIM.

Forgetting can bring good if placed in its place. Likewise, with "remembering", of course, it will be an extraordinary thing.

There are some things we need to forget, and there are some things that are better if we remember, basically, it's all in a good and right framework.

Forgetting the goodness of ourselves to others, and forgetting the faults of others in ourselves. The lesson is to keep ourselves from riya', arrogance, and excessive pride, and giving forgiveness can be medicine because it eliminates hostility and revenge.

And to remember the faults of ourselves to others, and to remember the kindness of others to ourselves. Remembering our mistakes in ourselves can make us more enthusiastic in doing good, and remembering our mistakes to others, we will try to apologize to the person concerned, along with the treatment by doing good to him, to erase the existing mistakes.

Now is the era of social networking through the virtual world, aka adding as many friends as possible through the unreal world.

If forgetting and remembering were as easy as the existence of existing technology it might be easy. We can use the save or delete button. But for life, it is not like the virtual world. Things that are stored in a person's heart can become evidence like a blockchain chain in crypto. Can be a sweet and bad memory for someone when it has been stored.

Forgetting and remembering will be evidence that in one's life there is a condition that must be clarified for its existence. So that it can release or throw in the trash all bad results from what has happened to the attitude or accident that has been done to someone in the past.

We know, and everyone understands, that it may not be easy to break free from such shackles. But with the word sure, that everything in this world was created in pairs. So there is indeed the opposite of all that. Find the other side of the coin, or choose forever to be in the prison of sorrow and the shackles of misfortune.

Never do good if it ends up hurting

Never give hope if you finally leave

Never start a friendship if it ends up leaving enmity

Never take a challenge if you don't have the courage in the end

Never start when you have to end...

Never forget that it's only for your own benefit

Never remember if you just want to be praised


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2 years ago


You wrote very beautifully, dear friend, forgetting the faults of others, and forgetting our good deeds, makes our expectation towards ourselves and our relatives less, and our peace in life more...

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2 years ago

Your last never series are actually gem! Hit hard but those are true one liners.

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2 years ago