Following Era or Carried by Era

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Every time and flow of change there must be. Both in terms of positive and negative. We as humans who live and walk with time have two conditions in the journey of life in each era (Ages).

Two conditions are sometimes a question for ourselves, both consciously and unconsciously. Get carried away with the flow of time or follow the times.

Two questions that are slightly different actually if you read at a glance in terms of meaning and understanding. However, if examined more deeply, it turns out that there are two kinds that have so much difference. And if it is interpreted the condition can be categorized towards positive and negative between the two.

Following the Era

In the steps of time and stage of life. Progress and adjustment to everything we humans have an awareness of the word must keep up with the times. But following in the sense of learning and understanding the words understand and know. So if the value of goodness is taken to follow the times with the understanding of learning so that it is not left behind and eroded by time, it can be taken positively that we understand and can use it according to the level of everything in a good way. Take the positive side of all progress and also the journey of change. So that we can adapt to the existence of each of us. And realize what is appropriate and what is not. What is good and what is not. But understand everything that is new because of the development of the times.

Very few can cultivate and realize the awareness of the word following the times. Good intention to learn, and to know more without being tempted to sink into it. And from most, on average, most of those who want to learn and understand the uses and benefits are very few. The rest can be said to be just not wanting to be left behind or afraid to be said to be not up to date. And actually, if it is understood, this is included in the second condition, namely being carried away by the flow of time.

Carried by the flow of Era

The most dominant and frequently encountered problem today and is often present in every era. Conditions, where humans are based on conditions, do not want to be outdated. However, they do not explore and do not want to study cause and effect both in terms of life and in terms of religion.

Times are constantly changing according to the times. Progress for progress continues to grow and be created. And various problems are formed from the word changing times. And the factors affected by understanding and learning in every era are human beings. So many people in the end have been carried away by the currents of the times without realizing the adjustment and thinking about the impact and causes of the changing times that he followed.

The indifference that actually arises without realizing it and what is worse is being aware but not wanting to care. The concern seems to be lost because the main thing is not to want to be left behind or to be said by others as primitive people.

In fact, as a human being, the basis of self-determination is having principles, not just following along. The times have changed in all respects, both in terms of politics, economy, culture, technology, art, and others thing. Because of all fields, everyone should have the least awareness that the main learning word is not knowing just knowing or getting involved in the worst.

The problem with the impact, of course, is that without realizing it, the one who suffers the most loss is oneself, not others. If it is a global problem, of course, it will vary from problems that arise that have bad consequences for other people.

Other people say that we should realize that it's not just people we don't know. Without realizing it, the other person is the person closest to us, family, friend, or, as well as those who have not been born later.

The awareness of compassion is completely forgotten because understanding will be one-sided. Not true selfishness but not being aware of the impact that can have an impact on loved ones.

In the end, a conclusion should be drawn. But is it possible to simply conclude something that is actually the subject of the problem is considered trivial? It's really hard, as a result, it seems that it will be difficult to determine the conclusion or closing words for the word Age. Because the conflict is from the self and spreads widely, both consciously and unconsciously. Motivation is just motivation because it arises from those who are successful, only to motivate. Advice is only advice because the words arise who gives advice like a wise or learned person.

The era of forming words in a series of sentences that traps and is used as an anticipatory measure against the word notification. As rules are made, they are said to be broken. The pattern of thought is eroded by the pattern of looking for loopholes, not looking for solutions or improvements to adjust the times to a better era.

Not a note is not here righteous and good. But trying to examine what is good for you and what is not as a guide for yourself as a fortress to become a good human being. Because you are aware that you are not good and there are still many shortcomings in everything.

Hopefully, awareness of the next era will further increase awareness of learning and positive understanding will dominate the word goodness. Just a piece of writing without being understood and must be understood. Like a phrase without the meaning of the use of the phrase.

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Yes I must say the most predominant among the two is people being carried away by the things of an era... This is exactly what we are facing in our generation today.

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