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"Dad, this time Rina really wants to go to school like Rina's other friends" Rina complained to her father.

"Yes Rina, I know you want to go to school. but I want to do it again, but sorry dear, I don't have any money for your school "explained her Dad to Rina.

with a sad face, Rina entered her room.

“Why can't I go to school? God, please help me, I want to be able to go to school like my friends"complained Rina while crying in her room.

Suddenly her Dad came to her, "Rina, I know how you feel, I promise I will work hard to pay you to go to school," said my father.

"Really ??" Rina asked unexpectedly.

“Yes. but I don't promise, you know your father's job dear, Dad is only as a gardener. But you can help Dad to work later, so we can earn money "said Dad.

"Yes Dad, Rina promised to help you Dad" Rina replied enthusiastically.

After that, Rina went to Ayu's house to study.

Ayu always taught Rina, because she knew Rina was not in school, finally, Ayu deliberately taught Rina to study because Rina's learning spirit was very high.

while on the way Rina saw a grandfather, the grandfather seemed confused and lost in this village.

"Grandpa, where's you wanna go?" Rina asked the grandfather.

"Grandpa is also confused, grandpa had come here with grandpa's son but now grandpa's son doesn't know where," said the grandpa.

"Oh Ok, grandpa came with Rina, just went home to Rina's house, if grandpa has met grandpa's son, then grandpa will go home. later Rina and Rina's father will help grandpa find grandpa's son so that grandpa can go home," said Rina to the grandfather.

Finally, Rina went home with her grandfather to Rina's house, because of her grandfather, Rina did not study at Ayu's house.

"Grandpa, this is my house, I hope grandpa is happy to stay here for a while," said Rina to the grandpa.

"Ok dear, grandpa must be very happy to stay here," said the grandpa with a smile.

The next morning someone came to Rina's house.


"Yes, wait a minute," said Rina's father from inside the house.

"I'm sorry, can I help you?" asked Rina's father to the man standing in front of the door of his house.

"Introduce me my name Hari, I'm here to invite my father who is at your house, sir," said the man.

"Oh, so the grandfather in there is your father?" Dad asked.

"Yes" replied the man.

Dad also called grandpa who was talking to Rina.

"Grandpa, grandpa's son is in front wanting to pick up grandpa!" exclaimed Rina's father to grandfather.

Grandpa approached him.

The grandfather quickly returned to his house with his son.

"Grandpa Rina go home first?" Grandpa said goodbye to Rina.

"Yes, grandpa, grandpa be careful on the road, grandpa don't forget Rina!" Rina asked her grandfather.

"Yes Rina grandpa will always remember you," said grandpa.

"Grandpa, if there's time to play again, come here," Rina asked again.

"Definitely dear," said grandpa with a smile.

Suddenly the man took out a large suitcase, the contents of the suitcase were money.

"I'm sorry sir, please accept this money, I hope it's useful for both of you." said the man as he handed over his suitcase.

"No sir, I helped this grandfather, I don't expect a reward." said the father with a smile.

"If you do not want to accept, maybe I can you ask me something as a thank you for your kindness I will follow." said the man.

Dad looked at Rina for a moment.

"Sir, I don't expect anything from you, I just want my girls to go to school." Rina's father asked the man.

"Oh, that's easy. All right, I will comply with your request, but I hope you agree that your girls live with us because I will send her to school in the city where we live. " asked the man.

“City? What about Dad? ” Rina asked.

"Calm down girls, your father is also coming with us to the city, and if your father is willing to work in our place." said the man.

And finally, Rina's father agreed, so Rina and her father went to the city, they lived in the house of grandfather and his son. Rina is very happy because she can go to school like her dream. And since the school there, Rina got a lot of friends because of Rina's good morals and love for everyone, in addition, Rina also often got a champion in her class. Rina is very grateful to her grandfather and his family for sending Rina to school and giving her father a job.

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