Fifth Light Pillar

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It was around 11pm. Yoni is on his way home to his house.
Together with the drizzle of rain and the strong gust of wind, he continued to ride on his automatic motorcycle.
While listening to songs from his cellphone through his headset, he seemed to enjoy the trip.

From Jakarta to Bandung is not close, apart from stopping to fill up a full tank of gas at the pom, he has not pulled over to rest.
Yoni predicts his journey will be smooth, so he feels confident that he is strong and thinks there is no need to stop if there are no problems.

The night was getting late as the number of vehicles decreased, Yoni began to leave the city crowd and entered a quiet plantation area.
According to him, that was the closest alternative, because only through that road could he get to his house faster.

Yoni is not worried when he faces such situations and conditions, he already knows for sure and even he is used to it because he has been through it so many times.

On that route he had to pass 10 light poles. and every thirty meters, a lamppost lights up with a yellowish red light to illuminate the path.
He started to enter the route, and he passed about four lampposts. everything's fine and he's almost at the fifth post.

But the motor he was driving had slowed down and could not be forced to be gassed, as a result the motorbike died suddenly.
Yoni was surprised and wanted to check. but because it was dark, he was forced to push his motorbike towards the lamppost which was about ten meters from where the motorbike had died.

Yoni began to take his steps slowly while looking at the surroundings, there were no houses, guard posts, or huts that could be seen as far as the eye could see.
While walking, he felt his jacket pocket and pressed the volume button of the music from his cellphone to the full with the excuse of killing the feeling of fear that could potentially arise and grow.

Yoni got under the lamppost and immediately started checking the motorbike. starting from the motorbike tires, the remaining gasoline, to the details that cause the motorbike to die.
After making sure based on his lay knowledge, there was nothing wrong with the motorbike.
But after several attempts to turn it on, the motor never started. tired and resigned, he sat down and leaned against the lamppost.

Yoni decided to call his family members who were at home, so he took out his cell phone, hoping that someone would still wake up.

After removing the cellphone, the first thing that appears on the screen of the cellphone is the time that shows 01.00 AM, next is the cellphone signal with the words SOS in red, and the last thing that is seen is the battery charge remaining 10%.
"Shit!" muttered Yoni very annoyed and put his cellphone back into his jacket pocket.

The temperature is getting cold and makes Yoni shiver. apart from being in a tropical, dewy plantation area, the other thing was that no one else was there.
Cold sweat slowly rolled down his forehead, he looked around again expectantly.

Yoni opened his helmet, then he patted his forehead. suddenly the music he was listening to died. and sure enough, his cell phone was completely dead.
Yoni also took off his headset and put it away. in the silence and darkness of the night, only the sound of the crickets he heard.

The atmosphere changed, like it or not Yoni is now starting to get scared while hugging his knees. after briefly recalling his grandfather's sentence, now he regrets not coming home tomorrow morning.

Previously, Yoni decided to go home after two days visiting his sick grandmother's house. even though his grandfather had reminded him, but he insisted on going home because he had to work the next day.

About five minutes had passed, but what he felt was not the case.
Yoni almost gave up, her body was getting colder and her fear grew.

Suddenly he saw a small light from afar. although a bit blurry, but the light seemed to approach and shine.
Yoni thought it was a car. and sure enough, it was a colt type car with a tub in the back.

Now that Yoni's hopes were blooming, her fear disappeared. The car pulled closer to him, and Yoni started waving.
"Sir, sir, help me sir!" Yoni shouted.

Yoni saw in the car an old man wearing a hat was driving, then beside him was a passenger and his face was not very clear because it was dark.
They ignored Yoni and seemed not to see him. The car just passed by Yoni who was standing under the lamppost.
Yoni was not silent, he was trying to chase him. but the car went faster and faster and made Yoni back to where he was.

Yoni leaned back against the lamppost, tears slowly streaming down her cheeks. things got worse and he decided to close his eyes and imagine he was sleeping in his room.

Not long after, a motorbike sounded. Yoni opened his eyes and he did see it, the motorbike with a rider approached and stopped after Yoni waved his hand.

"What are you doing here?" asked the man who rode without opening his full face helmet.
"I was on my way home, and my bike died," Yoni replied, who was very happy in his heart.
"Can I check?"
"Of course!" Yoni replied and smiled.

The motorbike started immediately after the man checked and finally Yoni was very happy.

"Thank you very much!"
"You're welcome, I hope you get to the destination safely, you go ahead,"
"Yes, thank you," Yoni put on his helmet and returned to driving.

There was no other feeling when Yoni started riding his motorcycle again, but suddenly a strange feeling appeared and he looked back through the rearview mirror of his motorcycle.

“No one! even though it hasn't been a minute! " Shouts in his heart. but because he didn't want to get hurt, he tried to focus on driving even though his body was shivering all the way.

Finally, he arrived at his house. immediately, he banged on the door of his house.
“Mama, open it! Open! This is Yoni !, ”he shouted anxiously.

His mother opened the door, and Yoni hurried inside.
"Why son? Isn't it wrong to be late at night like this? " his mother asked, comforting Yoni.
"I want to sleep mom, I'm tired. good night, "Yoni replied to his room.
"It's strange, what nonsense," muttered his mother.

The next day, Yoni woke up early and heard the news from several neighbors who were gathered.
"What's wrong ma? Why is it crowded? "
"Yesterday, around 10 pm there was an accident in the plantation area. cars and motorbikes collided, and three people died on the spot, ”
Yoni chose to remain silent when he recalled what happened last night.


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