Eternal Love

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That day a new girl transferred to my high school, everyone stared at her beautiful face and body, with the current haircut that suits her perfectly.

"My name is Rina, nice to meet everyone" he introduced himself to the class.

The teacher told Rina to sit next to me, in the back row near the window.

"Hello, my name is Rina, what's your name?" Asked Rina to me.

"Hi .. hello, my name is Alex," I replied to him. Rina smiled at me.

that's where I got my first friend in high school, namely Rina.

All the students welcomed Rina in a friendly manner, and Rina could easily blend in class.

"Rina, let's karaoke later." Take her friend, and Rina happily accepts her friend's invitation.

"Alex, do you want to join the karaoke with the others?" Asked Rina back to me. I saw the look on the faces of Rina's friends who hated it because Rina asked me to go karaoke because I didn't have any friends in class besides Rina.

"No, I can't sing," I answered him because karaoke is the thing I don't like the least because of my discordant voice and to reduce the anger of Rina's friends.

Somehow when I said that the look on Rina's face changed slightly, like a little disappointment was mixed in. But I still insisted not to come with them, and the school bell, indicating that it was time to go home, rang. I saw Rina and her friends going to a karaoke place near the school, with Rina laughing with her friends. I also walked home alone.

On the way home I went to the cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee alone. In the café, I just sit upstairs enjoying the beautiful mountain view, with soft clouds like cotton decorating the sky. I'm not like most people who come with their friends to cafes to hang out and joke, but I just come along to see the beautiful sky, admire what is around me. When I saw the sun shining on the clouds, I remembered Rina who was cheerful, friendly, and popular like the sun, and I was a quiet and friendless child like a cloud that covered the light from the sun itself.

As soon as I thought about it, Rina seemed to come in front of me.

"Alex, what a coincidence, you are here!" he said.

I was surprised because Rina suddenly appeared in front of me and talked to me.

"Didn't you join karaoke earlier?" I said to him.

"We've finished karaoke, after finishing karaoke I came straight here."

I feel a little confused and happy because I met Rina here, not expecting that she would come to this café.

"Do you often come to this cafe?" Asked Rina to me.

"Yes, I usually come to this café, here the view is good," I said.

Rina sat on my desk chair and saw the scenery outside the café.

"You're right, the view is really nice, especially during the afternoon like this huh. But Alex, you came here alone? ”

"Yeah ... yeah, I don't have many friends, so I came here alone and wasted my time," I replied with a little shame inside of me. Worried that Rina will hate me like the other friends.

"But I'm your friend right? If you want to go to a café, just invite me, the owner of this café is my uncle, so I often come here and maybe you can get a discount. " Rina replied with a big smile at me.

Shortly after hearing Rina the feeling of happiness filled me, that someone would accept me even though I was not a sociable person, didn't have many friends, was unpopular, and heard that she thought of me as her friend. I and Rina were chatting and laughing together until evening and finally, we went back to our respective homes.

After that day, I often asked him to go to the cafe together and talked about many things there until evening came, filling free time and having fun together.

"Alex, now you write what you aspire to in your future, and I will also write down what my dreams are in the future, then we will show them together." Said Rina enthusiastically.

We also write together what we aspire to in our books, after a while we show each other what we wrote.

On paper, we both wrote the same thing, namely "establishing an orphanage."

We were both surprised that we wrote the same thing on each other's paper.

"You also want to establish an orphanage?" said the two of us together.

"Hahahahahhahaha !!!" we laughed because we even said the same thing.

"Why do you want to set up a Lex orphanage?"

I also explained the reason I wanted to set up an orphanage.

"Well, because I feel sorry for small children who don't have parents, I want to provide a house for them so that they are not lonely, just imagine being young and having lost their parents, they must be lonely."

"really? even your reason is the same as mine, hahaha! " Rina laughed out loud.

I'm really happy because I can see Rina laughing out loud in front of me, my heart feels warm and happy to see her. At that time I realized that I liked Rina.

"Hey Lex, what if when we grow up, we build an orphanage together? I could be one of the caretakers of the children there. "

"You want to Rina? Come on. I, 2 people are better than alone. "

Shortly after that Rina's face started to be shy and flushed, I was confused about why her face was like that. And nervously he began to say,

"Okay, if you want us to build an orphanage together, you have to be my girlfriend."

I, who was casually enjoying coffee, was surprised and spilled the coffee I drank.

"Eh? What did you say earlier, Ran? "

"Do I have to repeat it again? Be a sensitive guy. " With Rina's face red and embarrassed. I tried to calm down and think again about what Rina said, and at that time I realized that Rina just wanted me to be her boyfriend.

"Are you serious Rin?"

"Seriously, so what is your answer?"

I was really surprised because a girl just shot me, and it was none other than the girl I liked, even though the guy should have shot first. I'm really happy and happy, then I answered Rina.

"I don't want Rin."

"K ... you don't want to?" Rina's face began to sad.

"I don't want you to shoot first, so I'll shoot you, Rina do you want to be my boyfriend?"

Rina's sad face turned into a big smile which indicated that she wanted to be my boyfriend.

That day became an unforgettable day for me, October 18 2017 the day I started going out with Rina.

We also had this relationship for 1 year, and Rina decided to take me to her parents. Fear and anxiety started rising in me, I wasn't ready to meet her parents.

"Just relax, Lex, you are there just acquaintances with my parents, don't want to be weird."

Rina's words began to convince me and gave me courage. I also went to meet his parents.

When I got there, I saw Rina's parents, her mother who was very beautiful and gentle, welcoming me warmly, and Rina's father, who was big and handsome, sitting next to Rina's mother.

"Father, Mother, this is my boyfriend, Alex."

When his father heard that I was Rina's boyfriend, his face turned serious and asked me, "What can you give Rina?"

"What are you talking about?" Rina was surprised to hear her father's words.

The short sentence with hundreds of meanings made me confused and scared because I realized I couldn't give anything to Rina because I was still a student myself. I was silent in front of them, realizing my limit.

“You can be Rina's boyfriend, if you are successful, you can earn money yourself, you can meet your needs and Rina's. If you can meet your and Rina's needs, let alone being a boyfriend, so Rina's husband is okay. But if you are still running around asking for money from your parents, don't expect to be Rina's boyfriend. "

"Dad, don't be too rude!" Rina's mother was getting angry. But Rina's father remains stubborn and serious.

Rina's father's words made me feel like someone was slapping me really hard. I was thinking about what kind of relationship I want with Rina, a serious relationship, or just monkey love? From there I decided I would marry Rina, but I had to try hard for Rina first.

"For now I really can't give anything, but I promise that in the next few years I will be a successful person, to meet the needs of me and Rina."

"It's easy to talk, kid, if you're serious, don't contact Rina again before you become successful!" his father added.

"DAddd!!!" Rina replied angrily.

"Just calm down Rina, I will be a successful person, so we can establish an orphanage together. Wait for me, I will come for you. "

Rina's face looks sad when she hears my answer. I can't see his sad face, but I have to fight for him for our future.

"Don't be sad, I promise I will be successful, you will be fine, because later when I come, I will immediately propose to you."

Rina cried and said to me, "I will wait for you, until whenever I will wait for you."

Since then we have been out of touch, we have lived our own lives as promised. After graduating from high school I applied to the company as a marketing department. I went through so much, starting from insulting people, how bosses scolding me if I made a little mistake, from there I realized how hard it is to make a living. But when life gets tough, I think about Rina waiting for me to propose to her, setting up an orphanage together. I clenched my fists and strengthened my heart, living life with all its hardships, just hoping to propose to Rina.

2 years passed, I used to be ordinary marketing, became the manager of a well-known company with a high salary. At that time I decided to propose to Rina on the day we were dating, which is October 18th. With the car I got from my job, I bought a ring and a flower to propose to Rina.

I went to Rina's house and knocked on the door, a moment after that Rina's mother opened the front door. When her mother saw me, she started crying. I was surprised, I asked what was wrong with him. Rina's father came and saw me, helped Rina's mother wake up.

"Rina is gone." In a hoarse voice, Rina's mother said to me.

I dropped my flower, couldn't believe it was happening. How can Rina have died?

"What do you mean Rina is gone?"

Rina's mother gives me a letter and explained to me what happened.

“One year ago, one day Rina could not hold a pen, her hands felt lost control and she had difficulty writing. We took him to the doctor, and Rina was diagnosed with ataxia, she began to lose brain-to-body coordination, from the movement of her hands, feet, to disturbed her eyeballs. At first, she only had difficulty writing, picking up things, but as her illness got worse, she began to become paralyzed and could not speak, and the doctor said she would not last long. But one day, he wrote a letter with his last strength, that letter is a letter to you. "

I feel sad and can not believe in opening the letter. My tears dropped when I read the letter. I saw a letter with untidy writing, like a person who lost his body coordination, trying to convey what he thought to me, he said "Alex, if you open this letter, I'm sure you have become a successful person, and I'm sure you will be sure. can do that. But, I'm sorry, because I couldn't fulfill our promise, I don't know if I can even survive until you come later. I miss you, but I don't want to bother you to achieve the success that you are currently pursuing. I thank you because you want to work hard for me, fulfill the promise you made first. the time with you when we were in high school, was the happiest time i have ever had. When we are at the café, talking about small things, it becomes an unforgettable memory for me. I'm really happy to meet you. I don't think that when we set up an orphanage, either. But can you grant my last wish .. "

Tears dripped more and more, I could not help crying when I read the letter, and I read the last request from Rina.

“I want you to continue living your life, and establish an orphanage like you aspire to, fall in love with women, create a family with them and have children, live to be old and have grandchildren, play with them and have a big and harmonious family. . "

I was crying hard, Rina's father and mother just looked at me with sad faces.

"How can I continue my life, if the reason for my life goal is you !!" I screamed in tears, wishing Rina would come back to me. But it is not possible. 3 years I worked hard, day and night, facing all the humiliation, and all of it for the woman I love, but when I came to my success, she left me alone.

I cried and cried like a baby, hoping for a miracle to come to me. But that's impossible, Rina is gone.

50 years later, I founded an orphanage, I named it the orphanage Rina. I took in all the abandoned children, lost their parents, and cared for them here.

"Hey, is the owner of the orphanage not married?" said the new nurse.

"Yes, the story is that he promised to propose to a woman when he was successful, 3 years after that he came to propose, and the woman he was applying for had died of ataxia." Another nurse said.

"That means, he can't get away from the woman he loved first huh."

"Yes, he decided not to marry for life rather than marrying another woman, really loyal."

The nurse's words sounded in my ear, I, now 72, can only sit in a rocking chair and look at the beautiful sky and clouds. The bright light reminds me of Rina who is cheerful, friendly, popular like a bright sun. the memory of my high school days with Rina is clearly in my mind. My body feels tired and tired, my eyes are getting sleepy and I want to close my eyes. Everything became dark, I started to feel nothing.

The only thing in my shadow is Rina, my first and last love.

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Its good project thanks

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3 years ago

I am very sad to read your story and I am shedding tears and thinking that true love is a great blessing. To fall in love with someone and to the extent that it becomes difficult to live without them, and to see that loved one suffer in the world, is a very painful process. And when that love leaves you, it feels like the world is empty. I pray that anyone's true love will never be lost and that Allah will give more endurance and strength to those who have been separated.

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3 years ago