Educating Children to Preserve the Ocean

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As the title of this article suggests, some ways to teach children to protect the sea are to make them love the sea. And it's very unfair, it's not fair if we tell children to guard the sea if they never know the beauty of the sea. We have to believe in advance that children can only love the beach if they know what to love about the lotus and the contents of the ocean itself.

Loving the Sea to Preserve the Sea

There are many ways we can do to foster children's love for the sea. For example, by playing on a clean beach. If possible, invite them to snorkel so they can see the beauty of marine life under the water surface.

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Another way is to take them to a zoo that has a saltwater aquarium. Or yes to Sea World and the like. My son was very happy to be invited to Sea World at the end of last year. He did not stop he admired the beauty of various fish passing over his head while in the walking tunnel.

Maintain the ecosystem

Apart from playing on the beach, we can also invite children to travel to marine conservation areas such as Mangrove tourism. If you already love the sea, of course it will be easier to get your children to protect the sea.

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Reducing Plastic Use

“Dad, no straw! Remember, straw can hurt the turtle in the sea. " my youngest said when I offered him a plastic straw for drinking at a restaurant.

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Yes, we certainly know, plastic waste is very dangerous to marine animals. So, by reducing the use of plastics and products containing microbeads, plastic waste will also be reduced automatically. Starting from simple things first, like not using disposable plastic straws and using bags to carry groceries.

Throw garbage in its place

Teach children to dispose of trash in its place. It is even better if the waste is separated into certain categories, so that plastic waste can be reused or changed to another form. Meanwhile, we can use organic waste to make compost as the trend lately.

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Anyway, if you're playing on the beach with the kids, invite them to collect plastic waste. Prince William and Prince Harry from England often told me that when they were little to adolescence, their father, Prince Charles, often took them to clean the beach.

Save Water and Energy

As said by Prof. Muhammad Zainuri, excessive use of groundwater can lead to intrusion of sea water into the ground, so that the groundwater in the area is not suitable for use by the community. As a result, over time, we may lack clean water if the amount of groundwater decreases.

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So teach children to use enough water. Starting from closing the water tap when brushing your teeth, to soaping the body and not using over watering to the plants. It's not easy, even though my child has been told to foam up every day, he still likes to forget. But that's okay, our job is to remind them that they get used to doing it themselves.

Helping Organizations That Are Engaged in Preserving the Ocean

In addition to the methods above, we can also introduce children to organizations engaged in marine conservation. Then invite them to join the activity if possible. Perhaps the easiest thing is to get them to set aside an allowance to make donations to such organizations.

Maintain Marine Biota

When playing on the beach, we can ask children to be careful of marine life by not holding corals, for example. Or stepping on baby crabs who are running on the beach or jellyfish trying to return to the sea. Nor do you bring home corals for decoration or souvenirs.

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Lah, it's not fun playing on the beach. Yes, it's time for us to use this principle when traveling in the wild, especially the sea, to preserve it:

"Hopefully one day our generations of children can become a generation of nature lovers who can preserve the sea and the balance of nature and humans. So that human activities will no longer be the cause of natural damage."

According to friends,, what other ways can we do to preserve the oceans from climate change and human activities?

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There are a whole lot to teach children about our environment. That way they won't destroy themselves in the future by destroying the natural environment.

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