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I first became acquainted with dreams when I was 10 years old. I saw that dream as if it would be my future, that dream always came when my spirit was fragile. The day the dream is getting closer, close like the middle finger and index finger, he seemed to convince me that this will come true if I do something .. "

"'Do something?" What does the word mean? "

"Something .." the word something is universal because it includes many things, this could be that .. and this word I was looking for for the past 4 years !! "

After contemplating for a long time in front of the beautiful and lonely lake, I immediately went to the library to fulfill my uncle's promise. Before I got to the library, on my way I was facing a strong wind and a paper hit my leg, and you know what paper is? Those are "Fried paper", oily, crumpled, dirty, etc. When I wanted to get rid of it I saw the words that made me curious again: "do something to change your fate".

Again - that word, why "do something" that I have to meet? But let it be my homework, I immediately proceeded to the library, and finally met my uncle.

"It's been a long time you za .." he complained.

"Sorry uncle, there was a little problem" I answered.

In between conversations I asked him what it means to "do something" in my dream, he just smiled and said: "let yourself seek and find the meaning of the word".

At school, I brought books, books that I borrowed from the library yesterday. The title "dreams are the seeds of success". In between empty lessons, my friend invited me to the cafeteria to smoke a cigarette.

"Za, let's go canteen, while there are no teachers !!" take them

"Hmm sorry I can't, just next time!" I politely declined because I wanted to read the book I borrowed yesterday, and I'm still interested in finding the meaning of the word.

"Come on za, it's not cool now. Just clash too! " forced Juned (one of them)

I shook my head - shook my head and stuck to my principle "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"Za. Please just this time come on, why the heck? Watch out for you coming home from school! Force them again

"You heard what I said earlier? No !! " I said firmly

I don't care for those who look at me like that, many people say that I am very consistent and stick to my principles. I thought they would be angry, but let's just let it go, later they will also be cheated on, cool again! Soon after I took the book out of my bag, they looked and laughed

When I took the book out of my bag and was about to read it, they laughed “hahaha… just snacking on a fool, read a book like this, remember, you're poor, can you succeed? Can you make your dreams come true? Success needs capital! " he said, because I was annoyed, I refused. I answer

"Okay, the wallet can be empty, but the mind is never empty! There are many ways to make dreams come true without having to start with money, ”I answered casually. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with making it happen.

The bell rang, I hurried to the parking lot to go home riding my uncle's Vespa when I was young. When I wanted to blame him, I saw a flat tire, whoever did that to me, I don't think they (Juned and his friends) did it, but whoever the person is okay, it's just a normal leak. I immediately took it out and looked for a repair shop.

After patching the tires, I came home because I had a lot of work and I had not yet arrived home when I met an old woman who had a fight with a bajaj

"You and your parents don't be expensive, instead of going to the future it's really expensive, there's no blessing you to feed your chant, it's really expensive, do you want to go on haj quickly?" she babbled

"Yes, Grandma, it's already from the Netherlands that you still eat TAPE, it's just grandmother who never rides a bajaj," said the bajaj driver.

I immediately approached him "where are you going?"

"I want to go back home, I'm really expensive, or I'm a hard person," he complained.

"Okay, grandma and I just ride a motorbike, I'll wait" I offered

Finally, I drove him home and stopped briefly for permission to go to the toilet, my stomach hurt because the old woman had a very tight grip on the motorbike, maybe she was still annoyed with the bajaj driver, so I became an outlet. Before I came home I was detained by him

"You look like my grandson !! (while staring) your eyes are round, your nose is sharp and your lips are red, just like my grandson! " he said, holding me back who wanted to say goodbye

"Oh, yes? where are your grandparents now? " I asked continuing the chat and did not go home

“My grandson has been successful! so that he had forgotten me, even though, when his parents divorced, I took care of him from birth until he went to college, after that he left me alone in this hut! "

I'm sorry. I immediately comforted him

"Grandma, don't be sad, if you need friends, or are lonely, just call me!"

she was silent as if still thinking about the existence of her granddaughter who resembled me!

The days passed, they kept laughing and teasing me

"Haha, there are prospective successful people passing by, haha". The others continued "eh eh, teach me to be successful ... haha ​​success".

So annoying them but I always try to motivate my mind "calm za, they are not as good as you".

Oh yes, I have 2 friends, named Ritney and Wandi, Ritney is of American-Sundanese blood, while Wandi is very thick with his Javanese characteristics when he speaks. I had asked them about my dream, but they could not give a definite and clear answer. I think I have to find it myself because it's me who dreams, not other people, it's natural that they don't know the details like what my dream means.

I have an appointment today with my uncle to meet, Uncle is the only family I have. I did not know the family since childhood, just like the grandchildren that my grandmother told me, my uncle was a wise person, kind. Before I didn't know what family was when my friends told me about their lives, I was just silent, I thought why my life was so lonely, there were no relatives I knew, except my uncle. He left me at a boarding house when I was 12 years old. and I've been studying independently ever since. Uncle always fulfills my needs, even though I know, uncle is only a courier.

Semester break suddenly .. I greeted with joy and stayed on my mission yesterday, looking for the meaning of the word "do something". I chose the beach to contemplate and remove the burden for a moment

"The mat? may?" the matker offered me

"No, thank you!"

I chose a cool place from the sunshine, I happened to choose a seat under a coconut tree, When I sat on the beach bench, I heard a voice, at first it was not clear, but over time it was clear like a child's voice.

"Help! help"

when I looked for where the sound came from, from the right corner of the beach to the left corner of the beach it turned out that it was the sound of 2 small children being carried out into the middle of the sea. All the visitors just watched it and no one was able to help. I also didn't dare to help because I couldn't swim, let alone almost into the middle of the ocean, but I tried to help him by calling the beach security team. I saw a little boy who was silent (didn't want to try to swim to shore) just "relying on other people to help him" and finally he drowned before the team came. But I saw the other child, he was trying to move and act to swim to shore, he did not expect help from others, he moved on his conscience. And he can be helped by the beach security team.

Somehow after seeing that, my mind immediately went to the word 'do something' that I had been looking for, I learned a lesson from that incident: to get something that we hope for, it starts with us too, not someone else's hand. We have to move. alone, changing, not stagnating, not static, and it reminded me of my uncle, he always helped me. Okay, I have to work on my own. I have to do things/actions to realize that dream. There is no need to complain about what is my weakness, but use my strength to cover it up, and also no need to complain about "no skill" just use what God has destined me. from there I am increasingly convinced that I can work / business to pay for my college. Independency makes everything possible.

-- 10 years later--

"Work hard, have high curiosity, never give up, armed with ridicule and many failures, layered with existing knowledge and thoughts, you will become the person you want to be" those were my words who had become 'President of the International Bank settlement' in a speech. . Applause was also given to me to close the speech which among them consisted of my friends who often teased during high school.

"Rezan .. great yes you can achieve all of this and become a person as a figure of inspiration," they said with a tone of embarrassment because they once teased me. I just smiled and said, "you can actually be like me, from dreams to thoughts, thoughts to words, speech to actions, actions to fate, and fate to be your success".

"Forgive us ya za, have teased you first" they regret. "I've forgotten everything, even I almost forgot that you guys did that to me before" ..

When I came home from the speech, on the street I saw a crowd of people, I stopped and walked over to him. I saw a man lying on the street because he was shot by the wrong target of the police, and it turned out that ...

"Unclee ... eeeee ... what happened ... ???" Tears dripped profusely seeing a beautiful face, wise, kind, and he was the one who took care of me long ago since my mother and father divorced and left me alone. He took care of me with his simplicity, what a noble figure.

- accompanying the funeral -

"Uncle, I will never forget your kindness, I even keep it in my heart, the life lessons that you taught me until now I am like this, successful and able to make dreams come true, your encouragement always accompanies me when sadness stops.

Uncle… this is the homework you gave since 10 years ago….

this is the meaning I found from the word 'do something' to succeed ……… ..

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