Do you care about the environment?

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Humans need the environment to make ends meet. Therefore it is said that the environment has the carrying capacity for life meaning that the environment has the ability to support human life and other living things. The environment is very important for human life.

What is the significance of the environment for humans? some of them:

  • An environment is a place of life. Humans grow and develop on earth because the earth is the environment of human life.

  • The environment provides a source of livelihood by us humans, where the environment has provided all human needs from food, clothing, and shelter as well as materials to create high-tech objects.

  • The environment influences the character traits and human behavior that inhabit the character traits and human behavior is certainly different.

  • The environment provides a challenge for the advancement of human civilization in human times now is very different from civilization 20 to 50 years ago this happens because humans are still adjusting to the changing environmental conditions.

  • Humans improve, change, and sometimes also create an environment to suit their needs.

So how much do we care about the environment, let's start from small things to always protect the environment, be sensitive to the environment, and always try to make the environment comfortable and beautiful?

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I will be honest not enough. I live in the country, have a large garden and trees, and let more grow. I live without luxury like a fridge, dryer, airco, without a microwave, and so many luxuries. I separate my garbage and make most food myself, I do not use makeup and try to avoid what is wrapped up, won't last for long and I recycle. I reuse things and can make art out of it or presents, I do not smoke, don't eat much and no meat daily but I have needs and drive a car. I still use power (energy), gas, etc to make my life easier. I quit buying paper, hardly print or copy or buy things but I think not much more is in it. I wish though it was possible and I would be more independent if it comes to shops and the car wouldn't be needed any longer. Perhaps in some years, I can share it with others.

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3 years ago