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What crypto needs is to receive value directly from the wider community. Volatile money will be a condition that is difficult to let go of the crypto market conditions. And to become something important and become an ordinary thing could never happen because the human mindset of fear impacts caution. Meanwhile, what encourages bold steps to make decisions is sometimes not because of courage or normal thinking, but rather from a sense of dependence on luck and passion.

Patience in the context of everyday life so it's nonsense that can be said to be the right reason. Because it naturally comes from awareness. The fiat currency side has clearly become evident as the monetarist side of economic conditions. Crypto is trying to improve on history way, but it is said to have paid off the results are still too small not too early.

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Value is directly needed to encourage fairness acceptance and has been considered acceptable by the wider community. Fiat currency can be accepted even though every year the value of the currency decreases.

Conditions that can be accepted by the wider community are the main target at this time. And this is the perfect time of year if crypto wants to show its presence, not action. If it can display an assessment that can be directly accepted by the wider community, then in the future it is not just an empty dream to say that crypto has become part of the wider community's economy in the future.

Currently, value is directly exchanged, not shared. That includes value, not in the form of an asset, or digital currency. However, it is the direct value that can be accepted as the basis of the daily part of the pattern of economic journeys in the eyes of the wider community, just as fiat money is a part of the life of commodity values and the value of existing quantities.

This is a challenge this year if crypto is still struggling on the non-commodity, and quantity side then money monotheism will continue to apply in the future, and crypto is only part of the existence of currency as an alternative asset or medium of exchange.


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