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The finches chirped, making a sound similar to that of Reserve. It was a terrifying chant that made Riana always be on the lookout for her waiting. This afternoon the desire will definitely be carried out again. But the hangout behind this school was not safe anymore. Many eyes that are closed are flawed by the hollow walls.

Riana is sitting on a used table. Her dangling legs swinging to her parno beat were in this place. Always watching, every movement he heard. He didn't like the sound of the birds and the motion of the branches they had on them. He understood, now was the wrong time to sit in this place. But for the sake of his desires that broke him, he just shook off all the panic that arose.

He heard the sound of shoes stepping behind him. He thought that it must be the person he was waiting for. A man who always comes by never on time. Even though Riana always arrived earlier than the agreed time.

Sure enough, he was so serious that his legs stopped swinging. She saw the man walking towards her carrying a rose. As usual, the boy was wearing a white-gray uniform with a shirt that popped out of his pants, so perfect. Who is the woman who is not crazy about him. Even without bringing rose daffodils, it felt like he was always a romantic face. But for Riana, a romantic face is useless.

The man stood in front of Riana, bowed slightly while smiling, he gave the rose to Riana. He saw Riana who took the flower smiled wryly. "Is this the perfume that you just bought yesterday?" he said. "I prefer the smell of yesterday."
"I just want to try it," said Riana curtly. The perfume was just last night Riana bought it. The man gave him the money. But apparently he didn't like this smell. Riana really cares.
“If you want to try perfume, why not bring me. I can choose what's best for you. "
"I've never had a problem with Perfume," said Riana, placing her rose next to her. "Besides, your business to me has nothing to do with perfume."
"You mean?"
"While I want you to hang out with your motorcycle, I'm still good for you, right?"
The man laughed “I can't stop thinking if you only think of me that low. But so cool. At first I thought that you were the one who used me. "
Riana was amused to hear that "I want to go out with my friends tomorrow .."
"I'll transfer after school later".

The man had been approaching her for a long time. Riana enjoys that closeness as long as it gives her the advantage. He sat next to Riana and almost sat on the rose lying on the table. "Tonight you have to look beautiful," he said. "I want to invite you to my friend's party, he just went out last night.".
The man embraced her, making Riana spread her shoulders wide. In an instant his head fell on his shoulders. Riana felt very uncomfortable. He wanted to take his shoulders away from the head but his embrace was so strong, he could only surrender and accept it.

"You are my angel Riana. I don't know why you honestly hate me. "
Riana looked at him. The man took off his embrace. “I know, many women are crazy about appearance. As if, orientation in her life is just a matter of powder. For women trapped in poverty, the solution is to find a man who can fulfill her desires. You know, a lot of men think they really are a leader for women, but they are all female addicts. And that's how women use their intelligence. "
"But, if you ask me," the man continued, "I'm so glad you used your intelligence on me. Unfortunately, why do you have to be outspoken in hating me. Doesn't hiding behind love make you look more polite. "
"I know my position Tomy. And I am not like you who corrupts to fulfill your lecherous desires. Our meeting today, purely because of you who came and invited me to meet. This guy like you makes me confused. "
"A boy like me what do you mean?"
"The man who has changed the soul of an animal, sees with the eyes of his lust."
"You're crazy Riana .."

Tomy already knew that their relationship was formed on the concept of commerce. The woman is beautiful and sexy. Very suitable to be an artist. When they first met, Tomy felt that he had never been so lucky in his life. Meanwhile, Riana felt that she had lost logic in her life. What's more, it turns out that Tomy still continues to approach him despite his overt hatred. Even willing to do anything to get himself. No one is confused in a relationship like them. When they think that such a relationship is just a matter of buying and selling desire, but without realizing it is this kind of relationship that keeps them going for more than a year.

The sound of birds chirping fiercely. From behind the school building, people can see dozens of big and neat bringin trees. The plan is that next year there will be massive construction back here. The situation is shady and spacious, the school wants to use this place as a reading garden.

They often met at this place. Since they were no longer in the same class, time together was almost difficult to find. Even have to steal breaks like this. With his impulse, the boy moved to kiss her. Riana quickly turned her face away.

"How could you refuse to make me the most beautiful woman Riana?". The boy's face had an expression of disdain. He held her chin, pointing it to the original position of the woman's face.
“This is at Tom's school. There are many people who might have been monitoring us from earlier. "
“I don't care about Riana. Even so, I will show them how to make women so beautiful and sexy without a penny of money .. "
" You man .. "muttered Riana, still busy avoiding her kiss. She's running out of ways to keep Tomy from kissing her. "I'm not coming home with you later," Riana would say anything so that Tomy's lust could be diverted.

The school bell rings very loudly. Tomy took off his kiss when he realized the sign after recess had sounded. For a moment they were completely silent. Busy arranging the appearance before going to continue their respective classes.
"Sometimes," said the man, "I fantasize that we are no longer selfish and concerned with our own desires. The only desires that may be considered are the desire to be longing in love and selfish in loving.

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