Dad, is it okay to pray silently?

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3 years ago

Dad, is it okay to pray silently?

(His eyes are puffy 'asking' me)

Oops! why else Rafa ...

As usual, I took him and I sat in his favorite place when we were talking together: 'What's wrong with Rafa?'

'Rafa is already sleepy. Well, Brother said that before sleeping, I must pray first, even though Rafa has been already sleepy, but in my heart ... is it okay?

Brother, you know, He forces me to say it in prayer until he hears it. '

Hmm, so this is the problem.

"Come on, please answer, can i pray silently?"

Hear this, ok Rafa:

'Prayers can be in your heart, you can also use your voice, but they must be smooth and don't scream because Allah is All-Hearing and All-Knowing and when you pray the distance between you and Allah is closer than your neck veins. '

"Is that so, Dad?"

Yes: I answered.

Earlier that,

Maybe what your brother means is that he want to hear your prayer and make sure whether you have prayed or not? so ...

it's not that you forbid you to pray in your heart, not ya fa,

Try if Rafa says it quickly and then it's wrong, how about it ?,

That can make your brother or dad correct it, too ...

got it ?!

'Ooo I see, ok Dad ...'

'Try now to say Rafa Prayer before going to sleep', do you still remember?

"Still ..." he replied

Nice, his brother heard, Rafa also wanted to say a prayer sincerely

Ufffs .....

It so difficult how to be fair and bridge 2 children who were at dissent.

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