Cut Cost of Living While Studying Abroad

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Who says studying abroad can be luxurious. For one or two students this may apply. However, for most students, of course, living in a country must be more economical. The higher cost of living forces students to be more effective in managing expenses.

Tips for Thrifty Living Abroad Students

To save on living costs, there are several things that are commonly done by overseas students. Starting from a side job to saving expenses by fasting. The following are some tips that you can apply as a reference for simple living while studying abroad.

1. Diligent fasting

One of the most natural things for Muslim students to do is fast. By fasting, the cost of living can be reduced. By fasting, besides getting a reward, pocket money can also be allocated more for campus needs.

2. Looking for Part Time Work

This is one of the things Indonesian students studying abroad can do. To work part time, you have to be good at managing your study and work time. As long as students can manage their time, anyone can live simply.

3. Opening Your Own Business

For those who have skills, of course, by opening a business, dependence on sending money abroad from parents can be suppressed. You can start selling something or opening a service according to your skills.

4. Cook Yourself

One method that must be mastered to reduce the cost of living is by cooking your own food. For those who wish to become students abroad, at least they must be able to cook for themselves. Because it is necessary to know that food money abroad is very expensive.

Advantages of Using Remittances from the digibank App by DBS

If you are a student abroad, you will definitely do foreign exchange transfer activities. Of course, activities like this will be very time consuming and a complicated process. Fortunately, there is one powerful solution so you can be more flexible in solving this problem, namely the digibank application by DBS.

1. 24/7 access without having to come to a branch office

With 24/7 service you can freely make foreign currency transfers without having to bother coming to a branch office. You can complete everything using the digibank by DBS application. Not very easy when compared to other banks.

2. Free transfer fees to more than 20 destinations

Not only serves round the clock, but digibank also provides you with a large selection of currencies. There are 7 foreign currencies, namely USD, SGD, EUR, AUD, HKD, CAD, and GBP for you to use. In addition, there are free transfer services to 20 foreign destinations.

3. The latest and winning FX rates

You can compare the exchange rate rating from digibank by DBS yourself with other banks. Guaranteed FX rate is more champion when compared to others. Of course this will facilitate your financial needs as a student. Don't be afraid anymore that your money will decrease a lot because the rate is not friendly.

4. Arrived the same day

The digibank by DBS application guarantees every foreign currency transfer transaction until the same day according to your needs. So your pocket money as an overseas student will no longer be choked up due to transfer problems which are arguably quite time consuming.

By using all the conveniences of the digibank by DBS application, you can live financially safely. No more fear of running out of money before you receive pocket money from your parents. But remember, don't let your part-time work interfere with your studies.

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