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Crypto was made for convenience

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1 month ago

Crypto exists to improve the world economic system based on the progress of the times. And that has become the basis for the main factor in the creation or presence of cryptocurrency today.

Of the various kinds of cryptos that were created, many were present only to pursue the personal gain of the developers themselves. And it has become very real evidence to date of various kinds of scams that have occurred in ICO and IEO projects. Or other forms of fraud in the name of crypto.

From this we should be able to realize that not all cryptos also provide good solutions for the word economic improvement. Either the economy of a family, country, or globally.

Then are we still not aware that some that are created have a solution and really aim for it to materialize.

Logic plays, which one actually really runs in the original purpose of crypto was created.

It's very much and confusing, isn't it? But in fact, there are only a few that can be said to be suitable for that. Yes, there are some, but not too many like those that fall into the current crypto category.

Here I just want represent the one that I believe in and think based on logic and my thinking is still walking in the corridor for the world economic improvement is BitcoinCash.

Why BitcoinCash can represent and answer it. But ok, I still have little knowledge, of course, unlike the cryptographers or economists at this time who are scattered in the world.

To me, BitcoinCash represents many factors. Whereas many people know, of course, the main thing is the cheapness of transaction fees, transaction speed, and the development and strength of the community that is on BitcoinCash.

The logic runs from the problem of fees, the main factor in the increasingly damaging economy of the world economy is manipulation by banks and the number of fees and control over property rights of a person by them.

Are bank fees in accordance with the corridors in the real economy? If you think about it it's not at all. Cutting after deduction with administrative costs is the basic reason they make other people's wealth even of a very small value.

Their fundamentalism was broken. The state imposes a debt to its people in the name of the nation's progress. So that even newborn babies who do not know the meaning of the world are already burdened with debt once they are born in a developing country. And many more. Is this an economic improvement?

Then the transaction speed factor. When viewed from this factor, how the transaction speed of using crypto, especially on BitcoinCash, is better. Should we use inter-bank transactions between countries? The bank will use a clearing method in their reports so this requires a longer process. It's said to be a cornerstone of the security factor, but in fact cryptos can still represent that with a faster resolution.

And the last factor is development. Yes, of course this is in accordance with the current era and the needs that are present in each era. And again I say Bitcoincash represents it with its various developments. Not only in terms of progress in the crypto world itself, such as smart contracts, NFT, merchant platforms, or other things that are happening in the crypto world. However, in terms of technological advances with banks that are still centralized and still rely on their bookkeeping system. BitcoinCash represents the progress of use according to its era.

If BitcoinCash could be accepted as a whole in every country as a legal payment system. Imagine the convenience that has been answered with technological advances. No longer need an ATM or withdrawal of an institution related to finance for existing needs. The technological advancement of the era has also represented the use of mobile phones as a means of using payments.

The conclusion is that although it is often discussed and explained, the three main factors become the basis for the needs of economic progress according to the era. And as a real example that can be taken and felt lately is to see how much the world economy is suffering when exposed to the coronavirus. But crypto can answer and provide good solutions and even help the world community with its existence.

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Written by   330
1 month ago
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