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An unusual title but maybe I hope that it can be taken into consideration for everyone who will read the article I made for this time.

About what, and what is collected. Of course, because we are in the crypto world, what we collect is the crypto that we get.

Why and what is the reason. Maybe this will be discussed more or less, but it should not be taken as a definite suggestion or advice because I am not God who can determine everything in the journey of life that we live.

The reason I assume this is a little sharing of experiences during my time playing in the crypto world wherein the crypto world there is a time or moment when the market is usually crowded and prices are getting better.

From year to year, crypto years have a time that can actually be said to follow events based on time and for their own reasons. Where the market will be crowded or quiet. Such as the forking period, Christmas, year-end, Ramadan, and Eid.

Yes, maybe my writing is a bit different in language from most people, and the point of view is also a little funny seeing from the events based on the time of the crypto itself or on the big day that happened in the world.

Crypto is of course a benchmark against Bitcoin, of course, like fiat currencies that are measured in dollars, commodities in gold.

So, from the events of the fall of the holiday period, there is a common occurrence in the commodity market, especially which has become the benchmark for the economy for centuries.

For this year, halving, Christmas, new year, and also about even-odd years have passed and Bitcoin is showing its performance like what happened in the previous year. And soon there will be Muslims around the world welcoming the month of Ramadan and ending with the celebration of Eid.

From my experience so far, Ramadan and Eid's crypto has also shown a pretty good increase when this time comes. Where most Muslims who ask will flock to sell their commodity, namely gold to celebrate this Muslim holiday. And crypto, especially Bitcoin, will become more valuable in the market later.

As has happened in the past, crypto has had a pretty good boom before and after Ramadan. And this time from the period before Ramadan alone, it has shown signs of a sufficient increase from the previous decline.

Yes, this is just a simple discussion without solid evidence, but I have used this as my yardstick to take a little bit of profit in crypto trading through this time. In my real life, here I often provide opinions and input to people who ask me about crypto. And I explain to them maybe in a language that is easy to understand, because sometimes if I explain about crypto it makes them a little confused and even confused. :)

Yes, for those of you who read my article this time, I hope you will catch my everyday language. A little funny and not classy isn't it. :)

Yes, this is the economic language I like to use in my hair day with the environment we face today. But at least even if it doesn't really mean it has provided enough information about crypto so that it doesn't get caught in a difficult time, loss, or loss.

Back to the title, why do I use collect language? So that there is less language to lose than using your own capital. So collect it while you can because possible, once again there is a language maybe in the future crypto will experience a pretty good increase when entering this period. Even though it is not advice or input that is widely followed, at least collecting it is the same as saving, not. Cheer's

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