Candle Box Puzzles

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The morning air was fresh when it hit my face. In my heart I said, this is the day I have been waiting for.

The sound of my house bell rang. With enthusiasm, I ran towards the door. They finally arrived. They are my best friend and we are planning to spend the holidays together.

"Za .. Alza" mother's voice called me from inside the house.

"Yes ma wait", I said quickly.

We also decided to go on vacation. The roar of the car engine began to be heard. Gradually, the sound of choirs began to be heard from inside the car. Various songs alternated to accompany our journey. I looked out the window. As far as the eye can see, there are only lush trees that rise to the sky. The big trees seemed to form a neatly arranged line. A vast expanse of rice fields alternately adorn our car glass. The village atmosphere started when we passed a small village at the foot of the mountain. The cold air started to touch the surface of the skin when we started to get out of the car. We started to breathe deeply, the cool air that felt different as usual.


We were a knock on the door for a long time but there was still no answer. Without realizing it, a middle-aged figure stood behind us. "Sorry, can I help you?", The voice surprised us all. New villa keeper. With a friendly smile, he introduced himself to us. Then opened the door and left us. One by one, we started to enter the villa.

Without realizing it, the time was 23.30 WIB. Like getting a command, when we saw a bed that stretched out in front of us, almost at the same time we immediately lay down on it. But not long after that the electricity suddenly went out. Electric short circuit. With the help of our cellphones, we started walking slowly towards the living room.

"Is there a candle?" Iko asked.

"Usually the candles are put in the lower cupboard over there." Salsa answered, pointing to a small cupboard in the corner of the room.

With the help of a cellphone light, Iko tries to find a candle. There is a piece of paper stuck to the candle box. It looks shabby and dusty. Maybe it's been too long. Alfin immediately took out the paper. By candlelight he began to read what was written on the paper.

Find me before dawn or I'll be buried again. go to the morning light comes and find the next clue where he is in a tree of immortality "

"Morning light comes from the east," said Dinda.

“The tree of immortality. Is it a tree that has grown quite a while? ” I added.

"I know!!!" Salsa's voice startled us. "Indeed, to the east of this villa there is a large tree and the tree was there before this villa was built," said Salsa.

We went out of the villa to the tree referred to as Salsa. At that time the clock on the wall showed 00.10 WIB. The cold air that blew added to our tension that night. Not long after, the tree came into view. Instantly we ran towards the tree. With the help of flashlights we saw a bottle containing a sheet of paper hanging from the top of the tree.

"Here's the next clue," Dinda said with the bottle in her hand.

"Imprisoned in the dark. Floor the ground and roof the sky. A place where the nocturnal animal often shows its charm "

For a moment we were silent and looked at each other. Keep trying to rack your brain to solve the meaning word for word. We ignored the coldness of the night. Our eyes met each other to reveal what was on our minds. The sounds of the crickets adorning the sidelines of our silence at night. As if trying to solve the mystery tonight.

"Maybe that night animal is a firefly because only at night it can shine," Alfin said, starting to break the silence.

“Fireflies live in the open. Where is the ground floor and the roof the sky. " I said convincing myself.

"And imprisoned in the dark, maybe a place where it's dark around." (pause) “I know !! There is a garden behind this villa and it is very dark ”Light Salsa.

Without thinking, we immediately ran towards the back garden. Arriving there, we were treated to a beautiful view like little lights flying. The surrounding tree seemed to be a pillar surrounding the little lights. The sound of crickets shouting like the music that accompanies the show. For a moment we could only be frozen. As if we were immersed in that little show. With the help of the light from the fireflies we tried to find the next clue. Not far from there we found a bottle with its side buried in the ground. Without waiting for a cue, we immediately took it.

When the darkness is gone, the dwarves are ready to work. find the dwarf's house full of treasure inside it"

"Is that my dog ​​house? I used to have a dog and a small house was built next to this villa. " Salsa said, pointing to a dark place.

"Maybe, why don't we try." Invite Iko.

Salsa's guess was right, there's a lot of stuff in the dog house. Includes a bottle which will be your next clue. By slightly lowering his body, Alfin tries to redeem the bottle. The moonlight that night really helped us see. There is no fear. Every now and then we justify the position of our jackets. The night air was really cold.

The world's jewels always seem to sparkle from there. the place where the queen gathered with the family. a place that is always guarded by loyal guards "

“World jewelry? The Queen? Loyal guard ?. The puzzle is even more confusing. " Grunts Dinda.

We also looked at each other for a moment. We started to feel tired and drowsiness began to come. Without realizing it, the clock that was curled in my hand had shown 04.05 WIB. The sound of chicken cocks began to be heard one after another. Shows it's morning. The moonlight was fading away. Starting to see the activity of people passing through the fields. As the morning approaches, the cold air starts to penetrate the body. The silence was inevitable. Everything seemed increasingly difficult to solve. Getting bored with this puzzle. I wanted to go back to the villa and continue our disturbed sleep. The harder we tried to solve it, the harder the next puzzle would be. One by one, we started to sit on the ground. Trying to stretch out the legs that have been tired of walking.

"I know!!" Salsa's voice suddenly took us all by surprise.

"The place where the queen gathered was in the small hut in front of this villa, my family often gathered there," explained Salsa. "And on either side of the villa there is a statue of a lion, it must be a loyal guard." Add salsa.

"What about world jewelry?" Dinda was also curious.

Salsa can only be silent. Shaking his head was the answer he gave. We agreed to try the place.

Enduring the chill that started to chew our bones, we walked hand in hand towards the small hut in front of the villa. The little cottage like a house came into view. The statues that stood firmly flanking the hut were like soldiers. The large yard in front of the hut adds to its splendor. The dewdrops that fell among the grass and leaves made us even more amazed. The slightly faint light from inside the hut made us even more curious. The closer we got to the hut the more uncertain our hearts became. Awe, joy, curiosity, fear mixed together. On the pillar of the hut hung a bottle like the previous ones. The bottle filled with Hints takes us around tonight. Iko immediately took the paper in the bottle.

The treasure you have found. a wealth that hangs on the highest hill and stands among the trees that pierce the clouds. keep flowing like the courage of a soldier "

"Where?" Iko asked.

The clock on my hand already shows 04.45 WIB. I can't afford to walk into the villa. Now we are used to the cold air in the villa. While enjoying the scenery around the cottage. We decided to take a short break at the hut until the sun rose. A feeling of satisfaction settled in our hearts a little. At least we've come to the last place. There will be no more puzzles after this. The sun was starting to rise. The light began to dazzle the eyes. God is never stingy. The chirping of birds that morning was heard one after another. Gradually, the sound of water began to gurgle. The morning dew began to disappear. The morning mist began to rise upward. Something unexpected took us by surprise that morning. When the fog had cleared all came into view. As if this is a gift we got after getting tired of walking around tonight.

"That" refers to something that surprised me that morning.

This is what we've been looking for all night. This is what makes us curious. There was never any regret. Satisfaction really came to us this time. This is the payment for what we did last night. Immediately all the sleepiness and fatigue seemed to disappear. I don't know what happened, this was like a magic. Magic that can hypnotize anyone who sees it. We don't even realize how long we have been frozen staring at all of this. Again, God is never stingy.

The lonely wind that blows adds to the beautiful atmosphere that morning. The beautiful hum of the flying birds let out a melodious chant. The sounds of small animals complete the morning. Happy smiles were never stopped on our faces. No words can describe it. The rays of the sun that radiated from behind the hill seemed to be the light. It really is magic.


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Living closely to nature is really a good thing, especially when you wake up n hears the birds, saw the sunrise, hear the waves and the wind blows, u did well described on your article how it feels like to live closely to nature.

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2 years ago

with the concept of your writing, you will not lose the idea of writing

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2 years ago

You had a great idea in creating this original story. It is beautiful. And you kept me busy reading the whole thing with the clues.

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2 years ago