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Being a charismatic person does not only have to look luxurious but also needs to build one's character. Like the current millennial generation, who often see everything from what they have. Even though charisma is also seen in how we communicate with the other person.

This millennial attitude that is often outspoken and too open is left as much as possible. Then replaced with the habit of communicating well even with their own friends. Because to become someone with a charismatic character, you must meet criteria ranging from self-confidence to enthusiasm.

There are criteria that must be met, you can practice it from now on. Well, you can try some tips for building good communication below.

Start by asking

For those of you who are hesitant and confused to start talking, try starting with a question. But keep in mind, don't let you ask questions that tend to interrogate the other person. Because this could make it uncomfortable to talk to you.

Prioritize honesty

Honest speaking is important. Because people who speak honestly will certainly not exaggerate what is conveyed and tend not to boast about what is inside them. If a conversation has started with lies, indirectly the conversation becomes unattractive.

Maybe at first, it will look stiff. But to get used to it you can practice so that other people can respect you as the person you are. Don't be afraid when you make mistakes during the conversation. Instead, try to accept and think of it as a lesson so you can communicate better.

No need to cover up weaknesses

As stated in the previous point, you don't need to cover what you have. Having weaknesses is not a disgrace that must be closed tightly. Especially feeling embarrassed when it is known by other people. To get rid of an attitude like this, you can remember that everyone must have weaknesses.

You can also share stories about your weaknesses with your interlocutors. Because it can make you more sociable and relaxed when spoken to. Relax, you don't need to tell all your weaknesses.

Try to make other people special

Whoever you are talking to, he will love to be around someone who can make him feel like he is being laughed at. So that to facilitate conversations with other people there is nothing wrong with you being more superior than yourself. Learning to increase emotional intelligence is also important in this regard.

This attitude shows that you value him as the person you are talking to. Start by smiling, make contact. Then also try to be interested in the discussions he has put forward. If you're not interested, at least try to respond in a non-offensive way.

Be a good listener

People who are good at communicating are not only good at speaking but also able to be good listeners for others. Because good communication does not come from one direction. You can respond to the words of the interlocutor.

Avoid interrupting when he speaks. Wait for him to finish talking. After that, you can respond with good and understandable language. That way you can be appreciated and many people are comfortable communicating with you.

Pay attention to the tone of voice

Besides paying attention to the use of words when speaking, but also the intonation of the voice can also determine the comfort of the interlocutor. This harsh and prone to anger tone greatly makes other people uncomfortable communicating. Even though the habit of speaking in high tones has indeed become an inherent thing in your life. At least, you can tell the other person about your weakness.

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