Broken Inheritance

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The door closed suddenly. A dusty old lamp flickered. An old grandfather's figure appeared from the dark side of the room. After that followed the grandmother and her grandson whose head was bleeding for some reason. The grandmother took out a rusty knife and raised it high, the grandmother continued to approach me. And just before the old lady's knife broke my head, I woke up.

At 02.00, only about 3 hours I fell asleep, it's been about 4 days I always had nightmares. There is no supernatural or terrible experience that I have ever had before. But it has been 4 days since my sleep has been disturbed.

I tried to continue sleeping, cold sweat soaked all over my body. After a moment I wiped my sweat with the back of my hand, I heard something.

A barely audible voice from under my bed, a voice that resembled the sound of a dying person howling but exhausted for help. Goosebumps, curiosity, and horror mixed together. I decided to think logically and continue sleeping feeling chaotic.

Waking up again, at 4:17 a.m., I saw a digital clock in the shape of the cartoon character Crayon Sinchan who is roughly the same age as me, 17 years old. Why is it so hard to sleep peacefully?

I finally decided to drink a glass of water and got out of bed. Stretching for a while, I was about to take the cellphone on the bed and… Gosh. I saw my body was still asleep in bed, but I was really awake, I know that. And a moment after realizing that, I also realized that the atmosphere in my room is not the same anymore, a dim atmosphere that is scary now in my room. I don't know what happened, I screamed for help and ran out of the room.

Dark and cold. The sounds that can be heard are the sound of gasping for breath that I let out myself and the sound of a heartbeat that forms the beat rhythm of a petty drummer. I was momentarily stunned and intended to take my jacket in the wardrobe, I ran back into my room, but I found my sleeping body slowly disappeared, and I realized there was a sound like someone was scratching the wall behind me.

I, who have never had magical experiences or seen previous appearances, am classified as a curious person and finally looked back, there was no one, nothing. I keep looking for my thick jacket in the cupboard, the atmosphere is getting colder and my hands feel stiff. The oxygen was running out and I lost consciousness.

I woke up again, the longest breath of my life occurred. I didn't want to look at my door and decide to see what time it was. It turned out that it was 6:43 a.m. My class starts at 8:00 a.m., there is still plenty of time to get ready, at least to cleanse the body and mind.

In the bathroom, I keep thinking about what happened when I fell asleep last night, dream? But it felt so real. Reality? But it feels so odd. What happened?

I went to campus, with a feeling of chaos and a chaotic mindset, I couldn't absorb anything the lecturer said. For a moment I was daydreaming and the lecturer who had been screaming at me threw a marker at me and I woke up from my daydream. I saw my professor take out a knife and run towards me, tearing my chest in one cut and bats popping out of my chest. I wake up and scream. Another weird dream, again. My face was pale and my classmates watched me in surprise and finally I was taken to the campus health unit.

Another lecturer, from the psychology faculty, said that I was being followed by an evil demon who could change shape, sometimes a bat, a grandmother, a grandfather, and a toddler who was bleeding.

I was so shocked. My head is dizzy, this is the first time I feel my head is very heavy. Unable to fully understand, I asked what should I do. The lecturer told me to rest and later that night he would come along with another lecturer who was also a parapsychologist, which is common with occult things.

At 9:51 p.m., the senseless people came. Did it take that long, leaving someone who was scared and didn't dare go into the room alone?

The first word they said as soon as I opened the door was "Geez," with an astonished face. I'm sure not because of my appearance, but because of the demons that are behind me, I can feel it.

"There are so many memories in your house, both bitter and sweet memories," said an old man. "You had to kill yourself in your dream last night," he continued.

"Why did you know my dream last night," whether it was a question or a statement from me. "I can see traces of memories, be they bitter or sweet, indeed we cannot change the past, because it has passed, but not in the world of dreams and other dimensions," he explained. Still feeling heavy, I turned my head to all the people who came, 4 people. "Will you help me ?," I asked.

"Okay, well, we will take care of your body while sleeping, and you will dream again, enter one of your dreams, I have handled this before," said the oldest lecturer, seen from his gray hair and beard which shows excellent experience and intelligence.

"Good. And how can I kill myself ?, "I said in a panic. "You don't have to kill yourself, later in your dream, you will meet the figures that you see in your dreams, let them kill you, but don't let the grandmother bring the baby, because that's your ancestor," explained the old lecturer at length.

With a racing heart, I climbed into my bed and closed my eyes. After about 30 seconds I closed my eyes, I opened my eyes. Different atmosphere, just like my first dream. I waited in my wardrobe and saw my body that was sleeping lifeless in bed. The grandfather came, and followed the grandmother, not forgetting a baby whose head was covered in blood. What a terrible sight. The grandmother took out a knife from behind her shirt and immediately stabbed my stomach, I saw the stomach and it turned out to be bleeding, a little pain because my mind was focused on taking the baby covered in blood and planning to immediately leave my room, into the darkness. And without further, I opened my closet, bumped into the grandfather, and took the baby. The grandmother shouted who knows what language, I immediately ran out of the room, and a moment later I was engulfed in darkness. I found a door in front of me, I immediately ran into it, and entered, I was already limp from losing a lot of blood. I saw myself waking up in the bed, pale and sweating. I screamed for help and scratched the wall in front of me because I had completely lost my strength, even screaming I couldn't. Finally, I decided to hide under the bed, with the baby still in my arms, I cried out in pain, a silent scream, just a barely audible roar. And I was unconscious. Am I dead?

I woke up and saw 4 lecturers were surrounding me, and one of them said, "You did it, son, you completed the task of the son of your ancestors!". I just smiled wryly and asked, "you already know about this?". He replied, β€œI know because your father who passed on this task to you had already passed away, your ancestor was an orphan, taken care of by a couple of barren grandparents who were evil and crazy. But he can run away and hide in this old house, that's why lately you always have nightmares because you want to be the same age when your ancestors died, ". And I realized, I now know what caused the wound on my stomach. And maybe, those psychopathic grandparents will come to your dream, remember, be careful when sleeping!

The End

Hope everything will get a better soon for my country Indonesia. #PrayForSumedang #PrayForSriwijayaAir #PrayforKalSel #PrayForSulBar #PrayForIndonesia

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Topics: Short Story, Mistery