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The most popular blockchain technologies currently available are Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Network, Huobi Eco Chain, Polygon Matic Network, Tron Network, Polkadot Network and Solana Network, Cardano Network, and SmartBCH.

Which one will be better in the future is the first question when discussing the issue of blockchain technology that has been present in the world of cryptocurrency. Each technology has a purpose and development for a better financial future. Investors and users are now faced with various choices to invest, support, and choose which blockchain technology to rely on.

Not just a factor of security and intelligence offered by every blockchain technology that has been present today. However, the problem will be transaction costs and the development of future readiness. It's not just a matter of systematic price values ​​that are currently prevailing in the market, but also the existence of any support needed under the existing conditions. DeFi, DApps, and NFT. Moreover, the problem of earning rewards from the resulting systematic staking. Profit is the main goal, but not only that. Which will ultimately dominate the market and survive in the world of world finance in the future.

If you pay attention, there are many who adopt the network development of the Ethereum Network. Moreover, the presence of Ethereum 2.0 is awaited for the results achieved after its release. As it is now a few days ago Cardano has released and started running their Cardano Smart Chain. Likewise with smartBCH carries bitcoin cash on the Ethereum network. In terms of competition in the crypto world, the conditions are getting tighter today.

To explain each of the 10 blockchain technologies that are currently available, it will indeed be at length if explained one by one. Moreover, discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Its existence, however, basically has the same thing as the word smart contract which is carried out so as to facilitate the systematic needs of the financial system in terms of future technology.

From his presence, various decentralized financial systems were born in their respective networks. Various tokens from each network are now present and maybe in the future, they will have a connecting bridge for convenience in the systematics of various crypto exchange systems.

The profit factor for the user is clear there will be many choices and many opportunities to make money that can be obtained. But there are also disadvantages, especially those who don't understand or are new users. Surely there will be confusion and many questions in their minds. Not to mention that the problem of ease of Token emerging will present many frauds or projects that are not worthy of being carried out.

Crypto is presented with a variety of words of choice because of the existence of an open-source that can be developed for anyone who wants to develop. The word decentralization regulation is the main factor in its goal. Important learning is indeed to open up much-needed insight at this time for understanding the crypto world. A moment of leaving will be able to lag behind what has been present, and that can happen to individuals who do not want to open their eyes or only hope in the existing conditions, especially the crypto world.

No one knows what the future will be like. The possibility of each unified network could happen someday to aim to become the best technology in the future. Maybe his current existence still carries his respective views. But it is possible that there will even be more new blockchain technology.

Bitcoin as a proponent has shown success with the word blockchain technology, and the issue of volatility is still a killer language for enemies who don't like the existence of crypto. Many institutions are now starting to jump into the crypto world, various things, both positive and negative, we don't know. One thing that can be taken is hope for legalization has always been the dream of every crypto lover in the end.

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I like reading your article because you are always kind of picking something new. Although not new to many, it is new to me. Because I don't know much about Blockchain.

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