Bitcoin Cash: Why It's Worth

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Bitcoin Cash has the basic goal of keeping it decentralized so that it can withstand political and non-political attacks on the protocol that is expected to exist in the future to make it the most desirable digital money.

Since the block size was increased in 2017, and more and more new projects are coming to the network. Many Experts expect a good rise in prices towards the end of this year.

The future of Bitcoin Cash looks pretty good. Plus Bitcoin Cash is considered better than Bitcoin itself. This means that one day Bitcoin Cash could become the main blockchain for online transactions.

Then, coupled with the presence of smartBCH. It is an open-source platform for DeFi applications and smart contracts and a major breakthrough; almost as big as Bitcoin Cash itself. It is unique in its consensus protocol which achieves guaranteed security without compromising on results or decentralization. It enables each individual to create secure and robust applications on the blockchain network.

Since it was a digital asset and one of the most popular at the time, Bitcoin Cash was clearly featured in the artwork of some NFT fans and memes alike.

Some important points that can be taken from the future smartBCH project are:

  • The presence of tokens on this network makes the demand for tokens and BCH stronger.

  • Waiting for the green light from fintech and major exchanges to be able to list tokens on the smartBCH network.

  • Bitcoin Cash in the DEX realm, some tokens will be the backbone of its strength, because large BCH holders can get rewards from existing tokens.

  • Another market that has been touched, is NFT (Non-fungible Token), which in general is already worth trillions in general. So it can be said that there are still many opportunities, for example having entered the play-to-earn area such as Axies Infinity.

  • Token swap and NFT will be massive drivers of BCH price and will keep it sparkling.

If we are thinking about starting our dive into the world of cryptocurrencies, perhaps one of the most popular cryptocurrencies right now is Bitcoin Cash as something you should try.

If you have tried Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Cardano and want to take the next step, Bitcoin Cash is again a safe investment option. The next few years will be big on this cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Cash is a very good choice to get into our portfolio right now.

It is important to keep in mind that volatility is still relatively high in the short term, but in the long term, the potential for Bitcoin Cash to rise even higher is enormous. Bitcoin Cash price has the potential to set a new record, surpassing the December 20, 2017 record, above $3785.82.

Where the problem of fundamental dynamics, regulation and business is still very strong and still happens, it will make a defense against selling action will not be big.

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Getting to know more about BCH only recently. May be very soon it will be recognized in the marketing economy globally.

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2 years ago

"Bitcoin Cash is again a safe investment option" is very bold statement imo. At least when situation occurs to give such direction to my readers I always tend to clearly include particular disclaimer considering legal liability. Bitcoin Cash has many good sides and it's definitely one of my top coins. I try to learn every day a bit more about it and your article is definitely helping me on my journey. Thank you.

$ 0.05
2 years ago

For BCH sky is the only limit ;)

$ 0.05
2 years ago

I was introduced to BCH recently and I never want to let go of it. It is a love relationship that has no comparison with any other currency. Plus platforms like and make you love it. They foster community growth, which is wonderful. I will leave the BCH for my son, in a future that has better opportunities.

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2 years ago