Bitcoin Cash is the true value Bitcoin is created

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Bitcoin has failed and that means it will never be able to achieve the true goal of decentralization because the word "digital gold" is actually a word that is deceptive to entice everyone to believe in the existence of Bitcoin. Makes it attractive to people who initially disagreed into agreeing with the views of the few on it.

So it can be said that Bitcoin actually failed. Failed because the community itself has failed to understand the main purpose of Bitcoin was created. What is meant by the new decentralized form of money has become something very broken: a system that is completely controlled by a handful of people we can say this is Bitcoin Core. The mechanisms that were supposed to make Bitcoin into this form of currency have collapsed, and there is no reason to think Bitcoin can actually be better than the existing financial system. Yes, a financial system.

Think about it. If you haven't heard of Bitcoin before, what was the real need for Bitcoin created:

1. Peer 2 peer electronic system.

2. Has a low cost.

3. Beter economy system.

4. Decentralization.

The fact is all refuted.

It is ridiculous that people who are members of the Bitcoin community claim that Bitcoin is the p2p true system. Are they actually using the bitcoin network to send money every day of their life?

In the past, Bitcoin was created, Bitcoin had the advantage of being low cost, but now it can't be found anymore, because generally everyone knows, especially crypto users, that in Bitcoin transactions to pay more so the transaction can be completed first. Is this an answer to the modern financial system? Meanwhile, the use of credit cards or other payment systems is not that big.

The developers of the "Bitcoin Core" software they run have refused to implement the changes needed since the 2017 consensus broke. The bottom line is that they are saying the same as treason. In fact, they are afraid of losing the investors who have invested in them.

Bitcoin is not meant to be an investment and is always being reported as new Gold. And this is their basic capital to attract investors and new people who are interested in Bitcoin. But on their page, they still write the word peer to peer electronic system and low-cost transaction. A cliché that is the opposite.

Basically, currently, the use of Bitcoin as a currency can be said to be useless, because it cannot be used to buy goods as clearly as currency. Because if we use it, it will take a long time, high transaction costs if we only pay for a cup of coffee at a coffee shop or buy potato chips at the convenience store.

The fact that we often see today is that most people who own Bitcoin learn about it through the media. Where the story or news becomes the flow it gets, like about the Bitcoin price going crazy, and the news spreads so many people read it. But it is enough that the price is not the real thing.

The crypto community certainly knows who Gavin Andresen and Jeff Garzik are, both of whom have very good reputations in the crypto community, especially Bitcoin, but they are not even considered by them. Instead of being considered a traitor and even new people who don't understand and have just entered say that they are part of the Bitcoin community dare to make fun of them. Isn't that a very strange and funny phenomenon? Even though Satoshi even acknowledged his existence and believed in Gavin, in his last email, it was Gavin's name that was mentioned by Satoshi.


This paper only opens up insights about Bitcoin which has developed but is no longer on its main axis and can be said to be broken in its core purpose. Forgetting the identity of the few people in it who only aims for personal gain using the name of the community as a shield.

Bitcoin Cash is the true value Bitcoin is created. Continuing Satoshi's vision and mission with open and transparent development to the community. And has proven to be a new currency that is used as a payment system at this time. With lower fees and better transactions than Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin can be a store of value but will never be a medium of exchange. On the other hand, bitcoin cash can do both.

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