Anti - or Crypto Monism

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I joined the crypto world in 2016, where each of the many cryptos forms stands on one coin word. Yes, after many incidents and projects of the kind of forking as well as a lot of tokens that happened so entered 2017.

Where many disputes and observers say many who take advantage of the word forking and the development of the ghost scam project era.

Yes, the problem of the community that carries a word crypto or support after creating the word Anti against a coin or Token in the future. Where a lot of debate and stretcher carry the word coin that is believed or carried.

This year 2019/2020 develops more development projects for the word social media and privacy issues, decentralization in social media in the virtual world.

And a new project, which was funded from each developer, began to emerge for this word.

Returning to the subject of Anti or the word Monism for Crypto. From a number of major events, there were 4 large coins that were split into 2 different communities, where Ethereum with Ethereum Classic was initially followed by Bitcoin with Bitcoin Cash, then Zcash with Zclassic and Monero and Monero Classic.

Yes each carries and maintains its own arguments and development.

I am here as a user, and observers of the world of Cryptocurrency can be said as people who do not have idealistic or anti-all forms of coins, tokens or projects that are running. For me is one word that I hope crypto can save the economy of my family and my nation, and although this can be said to be a dream if possible for the word World as well.

"My friend Anti or Monoism towards coins / projects for me is okay for all for the betterment of the world of Crypto, and don't make a setback to what many crypto mania is hoping for now".

Hopefully we, as a crypto user, can be more mature and wise for the word difference of views or understanding in the world of crypto. The most important thing is that the basics of crypto stand where the hope of the world economy will be better if crypto is strong and established and is trusted by many people later. Hopefully cryptocurrency continues to triumph in bringing a better world economy in the future.

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