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2 years ago

When I feel bored times of continuing to be alone, not denying that I need the support of my heart, a place to share stories, love, cry and be happy.

What feels like the world is too lonely without anyone waiting to come home, without loving calls & laughter, smiles, or complaining children. Await that can make me go through the stream of tears and seduction to the Supreme Being.

The day passed so far that I have asked for has not yet arrived, whether now or later, someone is not in my sight anymore, it still feels far away, but I hope it is close to my dream, all of her dreams have been beautifully hung by her, with the hope that someone who is true in heart hopes for my presence. Between me and her.

I've been on a journey, in life there will be ups and downs and ups and downs along with a longing to meet soon... I and she may currently still be separated from time to time, but together struggle to fulfill the passion for self-struggle... I with her maybe separate events, but we will remember each other than in other places there are those who are struggling together, together to pray that our hearts will stay awake...

Even if it's still in the world may be, even though life still happens and is passed by itself, let our stories be different stories, with our roles that are different from stories, but in silence, we still groan all hopes that life can lead us into the same destiny.

Almighty, each of our ruffled feelings contains a tough heart that has been arranged as hard as a rock in the ocean,

Filled with a little calm in every direction of the wind that is in our souls and hearts, even though a little can at least dispel anxiety over the waiting period that we do not know the end of.

In a soft prayer that is implied from the heart's rustling is a feeling of love for every hope in our condolences and prostrations, without us telling everything to You. The omniscient You actually know, because we always entrust your heart and hope only to You.

In every other Prayer without forgetting, we ask for Your love to be poured out for us so that we will always be happy...

Between us, who didn't know each other's name, didn't know his shape, didn't know about his voice, didn't know what color his hair was, didn't know where he was. But maybe this is how we love each other.

We choose the path that You are pleased within conveying love. And keep trying to improve and always ask this self-worth for the beloved lover in the future.

When feeling lonely and feeling alone even among the crowd of humans who are busy with all their activities,

Feeling like a crazy person when smiling to himself, when talking to himself, and also when walking on she's own, all just for a figure with the same hope, even though we ourselves don't know what she's thinking, a shadow that never talks ... never joins feel but the shadow always goes where our feet go.

As much as we try to leave lonely but still in time it will embrace ourselves .. and when my time comes...

A square room that feels very quiet and just lonely which always accompanies all the silence. To be sure you will be more prepared than this hope .. and all for the sake of driving away loneliness.

Even though it could just be loneliness that accompanies me until the end of my life and maybe that's the best that God has given me.

I hope

Where will it come when I stand on my prayer mat and you stand on your prayer mat...

There will arrive where we will stand together, and I will be right one row in front of you...

I'm sure that suddenly all of that will come true, not just a dream or a delusion that I exaggerate...

One shaf in front of you, and I become your Imam in our prayers.


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2 years ago