A to Z ends up being the result, not expensive or cheap.

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If we look at crypto lovers it's actually funny, especially for Bitcoin and Ethereum supporters. Especially those who can be said to be supporters who only have small or little capital. Because no matter how hard you shout and it is proven that in time bitcoin will soar to the highest price among other currencies, if all you have is only 0.01%, you will not see the results you can feel in the real world.

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As long as fiat currency is still the domination of the world's recognized medium of exchange, it means that during that time the results you get have no real value.

Currency is clearly not the same as the formation of properties or those resulting from the existence of nature as a support for human life. Or if you can say that the similarity is like the descendants of the King, it will not be the same as the descendants of ordinary people. This is not a distinction between degrees, but isn't it also humans who classify the existence of the degree issue itself? You are hungry you eat, and to buy food you need money.

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The saying that the rich get richer is true if you think only about expensive and cheap values. Because in the exact sciences of mathematics, the quantity determines the actual profit. The bigger your capital, the bigger your profit. But it should also be remembered that the greater the loss will be if it runs in an unwanted direction.

Be aware as a human being to balance life according to portion and life. Not surrendering to destiny, but trying to choose and do the best in life. So start thinking in the context of usability and not mere profit, after all, it has been clearly shown that even though power reigns above all in the news and issues from the various media that have been circulating lately.


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