A Golden Farewell

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Guardian angel. Do you believe in their existence? I believe. Guardian angels are extremely mysterious creatures. They can come at any time unexpectedly.

My guardian angel, his name is Vernon Thomas. Very handsome with his golden appearance. Her rosy white skin looked like a porcelain doll. Her eyes shone, and every time our eyes met, I felt like I was enveloped in a warm light. Comfortable and nice.

Vernon came over to me last winter, November 16th. I was curled up under the covers and watched the snowflakes fall on the glass above me, making it dewy. My tears are flowing, my cheeks are wet, and my eyes are swollen. My heart feels cracked and broken.

I live alone. Both of my parents died since I was very little. Since then, I have been taken care of by my grandmother. But unfortunately, last year my grandmother followed my parents to heaven, leaving me alone, and depressing me. I am a secretive person, and that makes me avoid those around me. I no longer have a friend, they all left me. I really don't need other people. But on the other hand, I want to have someone to share my sadness with. Someone to be my sun and star, as a light.

With trembling hands, I grabbed the pen knife from the table beside my bed, and opened it slowly. I took a deep breath, my tears continued to flow without stopping, and I started pointing the knife towards my left wrist. Sticking the sharp object onto my skin. Just as I was about to squeeze the knife, there was a bright light beside my bed. A hand β€” a golden white hand, held mine, and took the knife.

"No," his voice was clear and soft. "It won't be worth it."

Several years ago, I read a fantasy book. The book tells about how everyone has their own guardian angel. An angel who will always accompany and protect them. I never thought that the guardian angel would be real.

"W-who y-you? W-what are you doing in my room? I-give my knife back! ” I shouted hysterically.

"Give it back!"

"Leanne," he said firmly. "Do not. Trust me."

I don't know where Vernon keeps my pocket knife, but until now I never saw him again.

Vernon sat on the edge of the bed, and calmed me down. He said a few sentences, or maybe he was humming to be more precise. I couldn't make out the words, because my crying voice was much louder. But a few moments later, I became calmer, and my crying stopped.

"Well," he said, smiling at me. "Feel better?"

I nodded slightly, not understanding what was going on.

β€œMy name is Vernon Thomas. I am your guardian angel. I've been watching you for several days and finally I decided to go down alone and forbid you to do a series of things that are on your mind right now. "

He clenched his left fist, and showed me his arm. Leanne August is engraved on her hand in shining gold ink. "See? I am yours."

I just saw it in silence, trying to digest it all. I have a guardian angel.

My name is engraved on the guardian angel's arm. I'm not alone. There is a guardian angel.

"Um," I said nervously. Then why did you just come now? Why not when my parents died? Or last year when I was completely alone when my grandmother died? "

Vernon smiled. "Oh, Leanne. We only come to people who need us most.

I nodded my head. "Oh, I see."

Then, Vernon took out a necklace that was hidden from behind the neck of her dress. A golden hourglass, beautiful.

"This hourglass," Vernon tapped the glass. "Show my time here with you."

I stared. "You're not really serious, are you? You will accompany me, then just leave me? What kind of guardian angel is that! ”

But Vernon chuckled instead. "Listen to me first. This hourglass shows your happiness. If you really need me, the golden sand won't come down. But if you feel happy, and I am no longer needed, slowly the golden sand will fall. Like a ticking clock. "

I also can only accompany you at night. I can't go out with you under the sun,

because I also can't expose my identity. "

"Okay," I nodded. "It is okay."

"Go to sleep," he said softly. "Tomorrow you have to work, right?"

I nod again.

I work in a small cafe, three blocks from my apartment. My job is just to make and serve coffee, not much. I also don't have to interact much with customers, that's the reason why I feel at home working at the Brew & Chew Coffee Bar.

The next morning, I found Vernon sitting on the floor, head and hands on my bed β€” asleep.

The clothes have also changed. It's no longer an angelic dress, but a plain dark yellow t-shirt and jeans. Goes well with her blonde pompadour style hair.

When I got up to sit down, he woke up too and smiled again. "Are you awake?"

I nodded, and he rose to his feet. β€œYou better get ready, you might be late.

It's almost half past eight. "

Without saying much, I obeyed and went straight to the bathroom. When finished, breakfast is served on the dining table. Where did this food come from? I'm sure my fridge is empty. "

Vernon just grinned, and said. "Angel's touch."

When I was leaving for work, Vernon accompanied me to the front door. "Be careful on the road, I'll wait for you when you get home."

"Don't go," I said softly. "I need a friend."

"Don't worry, Leanne," Vernon held out his pinkie. "I promise."

I smiled back at him, and hooked our pinkies. "Okay."

The following days I spent with a smile on my lips. I sleep better, and I work more vigorously as well. Although I always can't wait for my shift to end at three in the afternoon.

Every Monday and I got a day off, Vernon and I would spend the day watching movies, reading books, and various other things at home. We will laugh and joke together.

Vernon also always encouraged me to be friends. At first by being more open to my co-workers, then to be more friendly to cafe customers. Surprisingly, it turns out I'm happy to be friends.

Until one day, I was on duty to guard the cashier. A customer came and walked over to the checkout counter.

"Welcome to the Brew & Chew Coffee Bar," I said cheerfully. "Can I help you?"

The man looks up at the menu, and I stare at him. Moments later, I realized that the man looked very much like Vernon. Her pompadour blonde hair, golden eyes and smile; sweet and warm smile.

"I'd like a cold caramel latte and blueberry cheesecake," he said.

I didn't answer, my eyes widened. "V-vernon?"

"Sorry?" he asked in surprise.

I shook my head quickly. "Oh no. Sorry. You just look like a friend. Forgive me."

The man laughed instead. "It is okay."

I smile. "It's seven pounds, sir."

"Here," the man handed over a tithe. "Take the change."

"Thank you," I said. "Please sit down first, I'll deliver the order later."

I quickly placed an order for the nice man, and delivered it to his table β€” table number five.

"This is your order, sir. Enjoy, "I said. As I was about to turn around to return to the cashier counter, the man called me.


"Yes? Anything else, sir? "

"What is your name?" he asked with a grin. "Do you have an appointment for lunch?"

"Leanne August, sir," I replied in surprise. "No, why?"

β€œCall me Lucas. Are you going to have lunch with me? Maybe you can tell about a friend who you say looks like me? " he asked.

I feel tense, this guy named Lucas in front of me could be a killer, or a bad guy, or whatever. What do I have to answer? Suddenly I could hear Vernon's voice faintly in my heart. "Make friends with lots of people, don't be afraid."

"Hmm," I said doubtfully. "Okay. I'll be having lunch at half past one. "

Lucas was even more excited. "Perfect, I'll be waiting for you."

I nod and smile. "See you later."

I never regretted my decision to go out to lunch with Lucas. He is a very likable guy and can make me laugh out loud, much like Vernon. When he drove me back to the cafe, he asked for my cell phone number and we both promised to keep in touch.

When I got to the apartment, Vernon was sitting on the side of the bed with an I-know-what-just-you-did expression.

"You're happy, what happened today?"

β€œI met a man named Lucas. And guess what, he looks just like you! Not only personality, his face is also similar! ”

Instead of being happy, Vernon's smile turned into a small smile. His face looked sad.

"Why?" I asked in surprise. "You should be happy, you know?"

"If you've found someone who looks like me, it means my job here with you is almost over," he replied softly.

I'm speechless. Vernon took out the hourglass necklace again, and showed it to me. The golden sand was rapidly descending, and the sand at the top was almost gone.

"Wait," I said quickly. "You're leaving?"

Vernon nodded. "I have to go. But don't worry, Leanne. I will always be with you even if you can't see me. I will always protect you. "

"Don't go away," my tears began to trickle down. "You are the reason why I am happy."

Vernon shook his head. "Of course not. I'll tell you a secret: if you meet someone who looks like your guardian angel, that person will become your true love. "

"Is it true?" I asked incredulously. "I don't believe in 'true love'."

"Of course, I never lied to you," said Vernon. β€œTrue love exists, Leanne. You just have to pay more attention to your surroundings. "

β€œLucas is my true love? We even just met, "I tried to dodge. It seems impossible.

"Maybe it feels strange now, and it is impossible. But believe me, even if he isn't your true love, he will definitely make you happy. Much happier than I make you happy. "

I was silent for a moment, and wiped my tears. "Okay."

"Okay?" Vernon stood up, and hugged me tightly. "You will be fine."


Guardian angel. Do you believe in their existence? I believe.

Six months after my first meeting with Lucas, we were finally dating. Vernon was right, I did feel very happy. I've found the right man.

The night after I got home on a date with Lucas β€” when I agreed to be his girlfriend β€” I found my apartment empty. Vernon is really leaving. On top of my bed is a paper.

My job is done. Always smile.


Next to it, there is a replica necklace with an hourglass pendulum. I put it on immediately, and read the letter from Vernon once again.


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