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A Drop of Dew in the Morning

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1 month ago
Topics: Shortstory, Family, Life

"Suffering is a symbol of the strength of the soul, I will not exchange this suffering for human joy. My soul finds calm when my heart rejoices to receive the crush of life's troubles and troubles. My heart is filled with joy, as I rejoice in His sufferings. Only one purpose in my life, make HIM always smile throughout life ..."

Andi Suryadi

The bright morning accompanies this day, the sunshine warmly and full of tenderness permeates the body of an old man, he is so enjoying the warm caress of the sun. In his physical limitations, he could not see a face or weakness radiating from his face. Even though he is now only sitting weakly in his wheelchair, his legs can no longer support his body. His hand was no longer as strong as it used to be, even only the left part was still able to move. His vision has become blurred as a result of the cataract which is now perched. The stroke he suffered had caused part of his body to be unable to move normally. Coupled with diabetes that had been living in his body for a long time, there was no cure.

After the death of his wife who was so loving and loyal to accompany him, he now lives in a nursing home. Even though he has three children consisting of two boys and one girl, no one wants to take care of him. Everyone withdrew regularly when they were appointed to care for him, they reasoned that it was only troublesome to take care of an old, sickly old man. Therefore, they then sent the old man to a nursing home called "Infinite Love Home" which is cared for by a couple of young families who have devoted themselves ten years ago. This orphanage used to be their beautiful and spacious home. This orphanage is located on a small road called Jalan Gotong Royong with the main road access, namely Jalan Sudirman.

"Good morning, Mr. Andi," a gentle greeting greeted the old man who turned out to be Mr. Andi.

"Good morning, Aryo and Pipit" He replied in a halting tone,

How are you, sir? Did you have breakfast? " Asked Pipit full of tenderness,

Mr. Andi just nodded his head,

"Have you taken the medicine, sir?" she continued "If so, now you are resting, well, because the sun is getting hot"

"Yes, Pipit, thank you." Pak Andi replied, and Pipit then helped him push his wheelchair towards the pavilion room.

There were also some old grandparents watching television programs, including Mr. Muharam, Mr. Liem, Mr. Zakaria and Mrs. Kulsum and Mrs. Yanti. Looks of joy present there, when they watch a comedy film starring the late Benjamin. Pak Andi was dissolved in joy and it had healed the longing in his heart to hope to be with his children and grandchildren for the rest of his life.

That afternoon, after praying, Pak Andi sat by the window. His eyes looked blank, he looked around as if he was looking for something very meaningful in his life. Every now and then you can see tears rolling down her cheeks and her long breath sounds so heavy ... I miss you, my wife Fiona, I know you are now happy in His heaven. Truly, Fiona, you are the best that Allah has bestowed on my life. My loyalty and love are felt by me, I am very grateful that Allah has entrusted you to my life. Look at me now my love ?, in the twilight of my age, now I am in silence, where are they the fruit of our love? Only you who are loyal and love me for what it is is nothing. Honey, take me along in the garden of heaven that God has given you ... no ... no, I can't cry over what has happened and is happening to me, you are now happy and I shouldn't destroy your happiness. I know you are waiting for my arrival ... surely dear, I will come to you and we will be together again ... Dear Fiona, be patient one day I will definitely come to see you and even you who will pick me up and drop me off in the land of rest ... however, Allah still gives to me for a final task before my time ends ... and I still don't understand and understand that task ... but I will still do it without having to understand ... in the breath I breathe, I can still feel your love and affection ... thank you dearly for all the love you have poured out to me, our children and our entire family ... good afternoon dear Fiona ... and his tears rolled down his cheeks ... he has carried away in his longing elegies ...

"Good Evening Mr. Andi, how have you had dinner?" asked Aryo,

"Good eve, Aryo, it's been" he answered, nodding his head,

"Now take the medicine first, sir" he continued attentively

After taking the medicine, Mr. Andi pulled Aryo's hand, and said,

"Aryo, thank you for everything. If only my sons and daughters had a caring heart like Aryo, they would be very happy with this heart, ”he said, stroking the tears that started to stream down his cheeks.

“Really, Aryo, I don't ask for money or property, enough for me is their care and love. And I also still have little savings, the rest after I share the assets I have with them. I don't want their property… kid Aryo, is it true that I'm just a bother? ” he asked softly,

"No, Mr. Andi, really you are not a bother. In fact, it makes our hearts happy and we are very happy, especially since we are still given the opportunity to share our love, "Aryo replied while wiping the tears that rolled down Pak Andi's cheeks, he continued,

“Sir, my wife and I have been living with our parents since we were young. And we hope to be able to take care of them in their old age, but God wants another. But His longing has been answered by Him, by taking care of our father and the others as if they had brought back the figure of our parents. Sir, don't think much of others, sir, you'd better be happy and enjoy the rest of your life, we are proud to be able to take care of you. "With great care and tenderness, Aryo replied

"Yes, Aryo, I'm sorry you got carried away with your heart's longing ... thank you so much, son! Has strengthened your heart. ”Mr. Andi said,

"Alright sir, now take a break, let me help you to the bed," said Aryo as he stretched out his hand,

"No need, Aryo, I have to keep learning to be independent," said Mr. Andi, refusing Aryo's help,

With some difficulty he slid the wheelchair closer to the edge of the mattress, and with great enthusiasm, he struggled to grab the mattress and push himself up. With his hard work, finally, Mr. Andi's body gently landed on the bed, Aryo, who had been watching him smile in his heart, muttered "... this is amazing, Mr. Andi, his spirit of life is so high"

"Siri, now you must sleeping well, I want to see the others. Good night Mr. Andi, ”said Aryo as he left Mr. Andi in the silence of the night.

The night was getting late, but suddenly Mr. Andi's eyes opened and he woke up from a dream… what is this? he thought to himself. He also reflected on the dream that had happened, were in his dream, he saw one of his grandchildren hit by a vehicle and at that time he was passing around the scene, he took his grandson and took him, but his grandson's life was helpless, he breathed his last in his lap. What is the meaning of my dream? so his mind wandered. He then prayed to God asking to keep the bad things that happened to all his grandchildren and children.

Her memory brings back the treatment of her children where she was three years ago before she was stranded in this orphanage. He lives in the house of his eldest son who is a businessman and has three children who are cute and sweet. But only because he always nudged the furniture until one day his son's favorite jar, accidentally knocked and finally broke. And he still remembers how he said,

"Pa! do you know how much this jar costs? paid with all the pension papa won't even be paid, you old man! I, just to get this jar is very hard, you know, this is an antique and rare… papa should know yourself! and more carefully. Here, I can't do anything I still want to wonder, why don't you just stay in the room? " cursed her son,

"Yes, old man! Yesterday, my crystal glass, which costs millions of rupiah, is now an antique jar whose price is exorbitant. Papa already knows that it is forbidden to enter the family room, why are you too stubborn? " Ardy's wife also rebuked him

"So sorry, pardon daddy, Ardy and Nancy, papa just wanted to play with Mitchel. Is_ "Not yet finished speaking, roughly Ardy interrupted,

"Stop it…! I don't want to hear any more excuses!… Starting today, I also clean my clothes, Ardy doesn't want to see daddy anymore… old man! It's just troublesome, ”he snapped, pushing his father's wheelchair towards the room and tidying up all his father's clothes.

“That's right! I totally agree with Papi's opinion. ”Nancy also supported her husband

He also brought his father to his younger brother's house. Andryansah is a lawyer who has handled many major corruption cases and other major cases, but after hearing what had happened at her sister's house she strongly refused to take care of their father. Finally, they called their youngest brother, who was represented by the eldest.

"Hello ... Devi, where are you?" Ardy immediately asked,

"Well, hello what's wrong?" Devi said and then asked,

"Look, you can come to my house now?" Ardy continued,

“I'm at the mall! But not far from your's place, what was wrong. Looks really serious, ”Devi answered as she made it up

"Anyway, you are here now, important!" Ardy orders,

“Fine, ok! I'll be there immediately, ”Devi continued with a little annoyance, but she held it back because all this time her two brothers always helped her life, where her husband was just an ordinary employee who could fulfill her consumptive habits.

Arriving at Andry's place, without further ado they agreed to keep their Daddy at an orphanage, and for the expenses, while there they charged it to their own Daddy. The remaining money was in their Daddy's savings, they forced their Dad to be expelled by reason of medical expenses. His father was silent with their treatment and he could only cry in his heart.

Ahhhh ... I have forgiven them Lord ... I have forgiven their treatment ... forgive them Lord because they don't understand ... keep me for memories like this ... Lord, You are an all-forgiving God, forgive the children of your servants ... do what What You want in the body and life of Your servant, and do not pour Your warm wrath on my children, grandchildren, and their entire family ... it is enough only for me, Your servant ... he again tried to close his eyes. and hope that the dawn will soon greet his body with tenderness.


This morning, Mr. Andi did not normally go to the backyard to sunbathe. After breakfast, he mostly stayed quiet in his room, occasionally trying to read the Bible which was a bit vague to read. But he tried hard to be able to read it, by using more of his left eye which was still a little normal, he kept on trying and occasionally heard his request to God to make it easier to read this Bible. In the midst of his solemnity, there was a small knock and a voice from behind the door with a soft,

"Good morning Mr. Andi, sorry if I interrupt for a moment," said a voice from behind the door,

Mr. Andi paused for a moment and approached the voice, and he opened the door saying,

"Good morning, no it's ok"

"Oh, Pipit and Aryo, please come in? he continued, inviting entry

"Thank you Mr. Andi" Aryo replied "Oh, well sir, this is Doctor Agung, a surgeon, who is in charge of a well-known hospital in this city" who then introduced someone to Mr. Andi,

Mr. Andi looks confused and this can be seen from the creases that appear on his forehead. In his heart he asked, "... do I want to have an operation, but what was the operation? ..." His confusion had not yet disappeared, the man named Agung then approached Mr. Andi. By squatting, he grabbed Mr. Andi's left hand and placed it on his forehead, saying,

"Sir, I am Agung ... I hope you can still remember me when I was a child, you were helped by you"

"..." Mr. Andi became more confused after hearing the words, and then he searched his memories, about who the person in front of him was.

"Sorry, son, who was that?"

"I am Agung, Mr. Andi"

“Agung… Agung… which one… and who have I helped? Where and when? ... Sorry dear Agung, I really can't remember because, I never want to remember what, where and who I helped in my life "

"I'm sorry, Mr. Andi, maybe you will remember it in front of the Railway Station, to be precise at Mrs. Wanti's shop. Every lunch, you always shine your shoes on a small kid, even though your shoes are still clean, you still want the child to clean your shoes. Apart from giving a really service fee, sir! more than the fare, you also gave the child a free lunch. ”Again Agung said while telling a story as a means to help Mr. Andi's memory.

“Mrs. Wanti's shop… in front of the station… small kid… small kid… small kid… black… black… yes… yes… I remember now, a child who had brownish marks and black spots on his left hand… yes .. yes… the one always he hid behind his clothes ... where is he now? " With great joy, Mr. Andi finally remembered and asked about the child's whereabouts.

"Sir ... I am that kid ... and this is seen..." answered Agung while showing the sign on his left arm to Mr. Andi, after seeing the sign Mr. Andi cried with emotion, and ...

“Y… you… That child… Oh .. God, how amazing! Your work, You are full of miracles that have brought us back ... So, can I hug you? "

"With pleasure, sir," replied Agung, then they hugged and felt the smell of longing healed there.

"What is the story that you found me here?" Ask Mr. Andi,

"Mr. Andi, apologize in advance, may I call you Dad?" he asked

"Yes, I will be happy if it makes you comfortable" replied Mr. Andi,

"Thank you, dad, fifteen years ago at that time I had dropped out of school and our life was very difficult. My father left us when I was seven years old, then I lived with my mother, who at that time worked as a cleaning and cleaning laborer. Until I was in the fifth grade of elementary school I was still able to go to school, but when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, my mother was so sick that I could no longer work, my mother had TB. And I decided to quit school and help my mother earn a living by becoming a polish, which finally led me to meet this good dad. ”Great moment stopped his story to wipe the tears that trickled down his cheeks,

"From several meetings, one-time dad asked about school and my goals, I answered that I had dropped out of school and aspired to become a surgeon so that I could operate on a mother's illness and cure her illness. And dad also noticed my behavior that always hid my left hand, I refused because I was embarrassed after dad saw it, dad said don't be shy, kid! The sign that is in your hand is the sign of Allah who has ordained by your hand the many people you will save. Really! Dad, those words are a prayer for me and have inspired me to study hard. And beyond my expectations, my father volunteered to become my adoptive father. Even the father brought the mother for treatment until the mother received free medical assistance from a foundation that my father knew. Thank you, dad, for all your kindness that is priceless by wealth and even life, I can be like all not because of my intelligence and hard work, but all thanks to the merits and prayers of Dad "Again he wiped his tears,

"Dad, three years ago, when I had a seminar in this city, I looked for where my father was. I asked where my father used to work, and they said that if he had been transferred to several cities, then they suggested that he look for data about him at the retired secretariat. And I also asked for his address then I continued my search for dad to the secretariat office. From there I found dad's address, but unfortunately, it turned out that dad's house had been sold and the new owner did not know where dad was. I almost gave up on him, but my struggle finally paid off, this was all thanks to the help of Allah, a week ago, our son Andi, who was only five years old. In the middle of the night, he wakes up and cries, surprisingly he tells us he met a grandfather sitting in a wheelchair and holding him and saying this is me your grandpa After that incident he always asked us to meet his grandfather, we invited him to meet my father-in-law, he said it was not this grandfather, he said grandfather Andi. I did not realize at that time, if what our child said was the grandfather whose name was Andi, after pondering, I finally found the answer that the grandfather we meant by our child was Dad. I also looked back to dad's retired office and tracked down some data that maybe my father was hospitalized. If based on our child's dream that says dad is sitting in a wheelchair. After being traced through the health insurance belonging to the pension foundation where dad used to serve, it shows that my father was treated several times at the hospital where I now work there. And there is data on the phone number of someone named Ardy Firmansyah, then I called the number but the one who received it was Mr. Ardy's household assistant. I said that I was from the hospital and wanted to ask about Mr. Andi's health for insurance data. Finally, the assistant told me about my father and gave this address to me. ”Agung also ended his long story,

Mr. Andi was seen crying with emotion and also the eyes of Aryo and Pipit, who had been sitting on the edge of the bed and listening to the story, dissolved in emotion, and their eyes filled with tears.

"Dad, my intention to come here and meet dad, one of which is to fulfill the mandate of the late mother who told me, that I look for you to say thank you for all that you have done to me and mother," continued Agung,

"Agung, you don't need to bother like this, because it is our duty to help and share, not only with relatives and people we know. But to all of our neighbors, it is our duty to be generous and helpful in helping and helping. And in helping frankly, I don't expect any kind of gain, "said Mr. Andi

Before Agung uttered his words, a boy appeared from behind the door and he swiftly ran and approached Mr. Andi, hugging his thighs and saying,

"Papa ... this is my grandfather ..." he said, and he held Mr. Andi's hand and put it on his forehead as a sign of respect,

"..." Mr. Andi drifted away in sadness, emotion, and happiness. He was so happy when a child called him grandfather and hugged him warmly, for three years he held back his longing for his grandson to be present and said "grandfather" and hugged him, now it is like a rainy day that has revived the dead land, his thirst has been cured by a drop of dew In the morning ... thank God for all the blessings You have given ... now I understand, this is Your last task, which is waiting for the arrival of a small family that will quench my thirst, a family that will revive a dry soul and heart ... thank you Lord of all the opportunities that You have given ...

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Written by   259
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Topics: Shortstory, Family, Life
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I can truly relate on this. Some part has similar life experiences of mine. My mom died then my father got stroke too. The abandonment feeling was felt as well of my dad when the rest of us siblings went abroad . I am glad I made the right decision to.get back in my country and take care of my dad because he is the last treasure I got as a parent.

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1 month ago