A daydream about a dream

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2 years ago

The bitter coffee taste is still more enjoyable to enjoy. At least even though it is bitter, it still has to be as fragrant as the coffee you can inhale.

The bitter sheet of a life struggle can also be said to be beautiful in memory. Even though it is bitter there are still memories and experiences that have been felt.

A daydream about a dream is just wind, then it easily disappears without a trace, sometimes it can only make you fall asleep and fall. Classically, the ticking time of the second never changes even though the times have changed. It still sounds the same and always goes without stopping.

In every second all descriptions of thought can be created. Various forms from a good thing to a bad thing. Time defines the second by the second it is ticking. Like a pulse that beats without stopping.

However, the pulse can stop when the time is up. And time creates a range of how long it can beat according to the heart rate. The heartbeat is not the same as the heart. The heart is just an empty expanse of space that can be filled with various kinds of stories of every human being.

The feeling of what fills the space of the heart can have a variety of meanings. It's not always beautiful and it's not always bitter. It is the same as the taste felt by the tongue when bitterness gets over it, it can be easily removed with a sweet taste.

Thought can create a beautiful heart space. Although sometimes bitter fills the space of the heart.

The fruit of thought becomes medicine like a healer for every wound. Indeed, every wound in the space of the heart is just a meaning that cannot be seen and touched as what the tongue feels.

The body and the flowing blood always combine to create hope in the grip of life.

Like dust grains, invisible to the eye but can be felt. Like a feeling that is felt by a feeling that is invisible but implied and causes many things to be felt. Sad, happy, happy, grief, anger, hate, like, and love. Burst when the heart is filled with the fabric of life's journey.

The colors then define the color image of an atmosphere. Dark night and bright sunlight serve as guidelines to represent the feelings that are felt.

In every breath, the whistling of every human being, in every tune and sound that is heard in the ears. Creates thousands of meanings about a taste and of meaning. The rush of admiration is just an illusion with complacency.

How God created thousands of cells so harmoniously harmonize every function possessed by humans.

It's not difficult to still be proud of yourself, no! Don't forget nature as a creature. All have been destined and created. Don't feel proud of what you have achieved in life.

Is the heart still hardened and does not want to weaken. Everything exists because of the creator, the way of life of a story that has been created. The choices are so many, again, the greatness of God gives choices according to each person's own choice.

Don't get caught up in the choice of lust and all the badness that is created. Footprints will not disappear easily. Liability that occurs in the world will come in a time when the time comes.

Don't be complacent. Don't be lulled. Don't fall down. And don't give up. A heart embedded with honesty is different from a treacherous tongue. The heart will say everything good and bad with honesty.

God forgive us who can be forgotten, confused, and wrong in choosing what has been outlined. Because eternity and true power belong only to You who are the most forgiving.

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2 years ago


I am lost in the sea of words. And I drowned in how poetic this is. It's amazing.

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2 years ago