6 Cities with the Highest Rainfall in the World

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Bogor has long held the nickname as the city of rain. The nickname is pinned because of the high rainfall there. However, the city of Bogor is only known in Indonesia, not in the world. There are still a number of cities in the world that are ranked as cities with the highest rainfall. There is even one city in the world where it rains almost every day. Which cities are they? Here's the review:

1. Quibdo, Colombia

Quibdo is one of the largest cities in the province of Choco, Colombia. With a population of more than 100,000 inhabitants. A city located near the mountains of western Colombia, Quibdo does not have a dry season. In fact, almost every day in the city it rains. An average of 304 days of rain in this city in one year.

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Surprisingly, in December during winter, Quibdo only experiences rain in the form of a drizzle. while during the summer in April, the rainfall increases, and even storms occur.

The least amount of rain occurs in March, but it still rains even though it's only half a month. The funny thing is, in Quibdo, even though it experiences high rainfall, there is a lack of clean water. This is due to the lack of a reliable water storage system.

2. Monrovia, Liberia

Located on the northwest coast of Africa, Liberia's capital, Monrovia, is home to more than one million inhabitants. in Monrovia, the rainy season lasts from May to October. But June and July are the wettest months. Even though in June and July it usually occurs in summer. During the June-July period, many roads were impassable due to a large amount of mud covering them.

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Surprisingly, in the winter months of December and February, the weather is humid and it rains occasionally. But not every day.

3. Hilo, Hawaii

From the many pictures, we come across, we know that the Hawaiian islands are synonymous with beaches and sunshine. Even though Hawaii is synonymous with summer vacation, in fact, the Hawaiian Islands are the places with the highest rainfall rates in the world.

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Even though Hawaii is an island that has the highest rainfall in the world. When you come to cities in Hawaii, Hilo is one of the cities with the most rainfall, which is 272 days every year.

4. Mangalore, India

Mangalore is a small city in India with a population of 400,000 residents. The city is located along the Arabian Sea on the west coast of India. in Bollywood, this city experiences high rainfall when compared to other cities. In second place in the country of Bollywood which experiences high rainfall is the Meghalaya state in northeast India.

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Meghalaya in Sanskrit means the abode of the clouds. Meghalaya during the British colonial era got the nickname Scotland from the East. This state is indeed blessed with hilly areas that are far from the threat of pollution.

5. Buenaventura, Colombia

Located more than 100 miles from Quibdo, Colombia which shares the highest rainfall. Unlike Quibdo, this city has more than 300,000 inhabitants. Buenaventura in January to April is a dry month and does not rain. while September and October are among the wetter months and receive more rain.

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6. Cayenne, Guyana

Cayenne is the capital of the only French-speaking country in South America, which is also north of the Equator and has a tropical coastal climate. As well as being known as a relic of the French state and cayenne pepper, it is one of the wettest cities in South America with 147.4 inches of rain every year and 212 rainy days.

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In my country, Indonesia has a tropical climate. and with rainfall that is not too high. But in Indonesia, if there is high rainfall, it will immediately flood. This is because many rivers have been filled with garbage. Consequently, it cannot accommodate rainfall that is too high.

These five cities are not recommended for couples who just broke up or people who are easily upset. Because in their minds, the rain only brings back memories that should be forgotten.

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