366 Sun Days

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A dull and dusty diary. I don't know who the owner is.

1st Sun (Closed eyes)

22 Hours ...

You're still asleep in your sleep. I saw a sweet smile on your face. As if to show, "I'm fine mom." Mother knows that, son.

2nd sun (No progress, ma'am)

10 hours have passed since the doctor and nurse came to check on you. But their statement disappointed me. "In the meantime, there has been no significant development, ma'am," said the doctor.

3rd sun (Daddy go first yeah boy!)

This morning my father came to see you. For a moment of leaving his routine work in Papua to spend time with us. However, you are still reluctant to open your eyes. In fact, my father had whispered something earlier, "Daddy came, son! Hurry up and have something for you. " After that we went to the mosque, leaving you for a moment to pray for your recovery.

7th Sun (Survive or Disability?)

"Ma'am, if the Sun can survive, it is likely that he will become disabled by losing sight and hearing or in medical terms it is known as Ceberal palsy," said doctor Hamdan at length. I gasped, "No doc, I'm sure there will be a miracle for the sun," I tried to defend you, "Please do the best for my daughter. Whatever it is, as long as he can come back in my arms, doc. "

35th sun (the blink of your eye)

It has been a wonderful week. What the doctor sentenced you was not proven. Today you moved your hand and slowly blinked. Even though that's all you can do, I'm still grateful. That means there is hope for us to see the sweetest smile for the first time since you fell asleep.

The 70th sun (Nothing)

I remain faithfully waiting for you and continue to hope for miracles from God like 35 days ago. But it seems, my prayers are still on hold by HIM. Apparently, you're still sleepy, right?

98th Sun (Silence)

The sound of the breath was not heard at all, even though it was faint. The clearest voices heard are those of the medical devices that sustain you in order to survive in the world. It's quiet.

The 99th sun (Your destiny, my child)

The sun is moving slowly towards the West, giving the moon and the star the task of lighting each other up. I looked at the outside situation, opened the curtains alternately by looking at you, the sun. It's almost the 100th day since you were sentenced to have Meningitis by the doctor in charge of you. Mother will not give up on defending you, son. You who I painstakingly cared for in my womb for 9 months and 10 days, in order to be born into the world and become an oasis in the midst of aridity. You are the only beautiful princess in our extended family. You are also the only one among the 7 grandchildren of Mbah Kung to be infected with a cursed virus, which causes you to lie weakly on the bed in the room painted all white.

100th sun (Welcome to the world)

Several years ago, when my family found out that the fetus in my womb was a woman. My in-laws are the happiest because if this baby is born he is the only one of the most beautiful of the 7 grandchildren. Happiness is real. When we heard your voice for the first time. You cry not because you are sick, but you cry because you are shocked and are not ready when you have to say goodbye to the mother in the womb. At that time your father immediately whispered the sound of the call to prayer in your right ear, and the sound of iqamah in your left ear. According to what is taught in Islam.

Sun 202 (Happy birthday Sun Princess)

Looking at the table, there are Barbie dolls, pink roller skates, angry bird t-shirts, and lots of chocolates and tarts complete with candles in the form of numbers one and two. There are already waiting for your father, mother, you're all brother, Paklek-Bulek to invite their 3 children, who are also your cousins. And there are Mbah Kung and Mbah Putri who are loyal on your right side. We are all gathered here to celebrate your birthday. Together Blow the candles and pray to the Creator who gave you life, so that you can quickly return to being the Sun Princess like before, not the Sleeping Beauty like now. “Happy birthday father's little daughter. Happy father you can still survive. Continue to hold on as best you can. We are all faithfully waiting for your return. "

The 317th sun (Sunflower philosophy)

From your name, the sun. We hope you truly become a princess who shines just like the Sunflower philosophy, “Sunflowers look very beautiful, dazzling with their signature colors. Not so graceful and beautiful as a Rose as possible, but manly yes, very strong. Sunflowers will always face where there is sunlight, he is always looking for light to help them grow even beautiful bloom. "

325th sun (Don't be a sleeping princess)

Wake up, my dear son. Moms want to see you laugh cheerfully, have fun, and joke with your peers. Mother wants to see you grow to be a beautiful girl, smart, and live full of happiness. That is the dream of every mother for her daughter. Mother wants to hear funny and insignificant chatter, typical of children your age. Can you hear what this mother is saying, son? If so, give mom a gesture even if only moving your pinky finger. Do you hear honey?

366th Sun (Become Sunflowers)

If you still can't get out of your fluffy white bed Become the Sun like the philosophy of the beautiful Sunflower, "The sunflower teaches toughness in life. We must not give up on facing the problems in our life, no matter how tough they are. Like sunflowers, we must also gaze boldly at the Sun, treading tomorrow. Because the sun doesn't just shine for us, and we still have to try to find the light of life to help us be strong and strong. "

* Meningitis is a disease that attacks the nervous system in the brain resulting in inflammation of the protective membrane of the central nervous system.

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