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3 Countries with the biggest crypto growth

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1 month ago

Cryptocurrency is increasingly occupying its position as a means of payment and investment for the world community.  However, based on the capitalization of the largest and largest users, which shows such a massive stretch, it turns out that it is growing from parts of developing countries.  Not as expected at first glance, many people think of course the developed countries are more dominant.

 It is known based on a survey that the largest users who are increasing and growing are from the continents of Africa and Asia.  For the African continent, Nigeria is the country that shows the most survey results to date regarding crypto users.  Then for the Asian continent, it is located in the Southeast Asian hemisphere which is occupied by two countries, namely the Philippines and Vietnam.

 As for developed countries such as the United States, Germany, Britain, Russia, China, and Japan, it turns out that they are still classified as inferior when compared to the use of crypto-based on a survey that has been made.

 This possibility stems from various factors such as economic and political crisis conditions, as well as the difficulty of setting up bank accounts and high transfer fees for rural residents who prefer to use cryptocurrencies.

 Not because of problems in terms of high prices or dangerous volatility factors.  However, they prefer the problem of convenience and can be said to be a better investment system than the banking system.

 In some cases, it is reported that in Nigeria there are already a number of schools that accept payments using crypto.  Even with the condition that there are opportunities from the government.  At least until they dare to take such a policy, of course, the school may be aware of the people who tend to use crypto in their country, Nigeria.

 For Southeast Asia such as the Philippines and Vietnam, of course, it is different.  The massive growth of crypto in these two Southeast Asian countries is due to government policies that are more encouraging for application in the crypto world.  Where, as is known, the government knows the problem that rural communities are more likely to not have a bank account because the requirements are so difficult.

 As another example, the Philippine government is at least preparing a crypto-specific Stock Exchange in the future.  And the government sees economic growth as long as become boosted, thanks to the existence of cryptocurrencies in the Philippines.

 Then why not develop a lot in developed countries, even though if viewed from the point of view of the readiness of technological problems developed countries are more adequate.  If you answer this, of course, it is related to the problems of people in developed countries, if studied, most of them have used a bank system, not to mention the big regulatory and tax problems that are applied by each country to crypto.

 For China, itself as a developed country that is the current mecca for the world has explained the problem of denying the existence and use of cryptocurrencies.  Where many suppliers and mining that were previously permitted are now closed by the Chinese government.

 Seeing conditions like this, developing countries are now the main goal of developers to develop and grow their various kinds of projects.  And Africa and South and Southeast Asia are the main targets, of course.

 Another thing that can be used as an indication factor can also be taken from the use of crypto wallets.  As reported, the largest use of Metamask wallets is Nigeria and the Philippines.  Especially since the existence of DeFi and NFT that exist today.  For Indonesia, it is in 9th position. So on average, it is still dominated by the continents of Africa and Asia.

 The hope of crypto activists remains on the main goal of convenience and improvement of an equitable economic system, of course.  And this continues to be fought so that crypto is increasingly accepted in various circles of the world, of course.  Hopefully, all of this can continue with the many positive aspects that continue to be heard in the future and make crypto better and more accepted in the end.

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Written by   412
1 month ago
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