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2 years ago

4 months ago, I discovered read.cash accidentally while searching about cryptocurrency. I was scammed before and I met some friends here and they help me find the scammer but unfortunately we can't find her.

Some users here know who she is but she is not active here anymore. I want to find her before because I want to teach her a lesson but after a few months I stopped looking for her because I'm wasting a lot of my time.

After being here for a couple of months, I discovered noise.cash. I liked it because it's so simple and easy. I liked twitter before but I leave because of too much toxicity. So I decided to join noise.cash.

I Want to make some articles as well but my skills in writing is horrible. I tried to make some and it took me a lot of time. I still want to write because it is so challenging but that time, I was too busy so I stick on noise.cash.

I read a lot of news about it because within 4 months I'm still using read.cash to read some news and for entertainment because there is a lot of good content here that is totally entertaining.

After reading a lot of articles about Bitcoin Cash, I understand it slowly and until now, I keep reading articles by other users here. I don't usually interact with the other users because I'm too shy.

2 Months Ago

I decided to save my own Bitcoin Cash as well but I will only use noise.cash. I use it if I have some free time and I received a decent amount of Bitcoin Cash in my wallet.

I don't treat it as an earning platform because if you treat it like that, sometimes you will just stressing yourself because you are using the site because of money. I just use the site to read some memes and other stuff like Bitcoin Cash News, Photography and etc.

I don't usually checked my wallet because I don't really mind the Bitcoin Cash that I get on the site. But yesterday, I finally checked it. I'm so happy that I got $19 worth of Bitcoin Cash in my wallet.

I did not expect that and I also have some balance here on my read.cash account.

Last night, while I was lying in bed thinking of my Bitcoin Cash if where can I spend it. I remembered that most of the users here are saving it for the future. So, I decided to save it too.

This is my first having that amount of cryptocurrency in my life. I don't really have any idea about crypto especially Bitcoin Cash. I also see some news and videos about the projects in Bitcoin Cash. I watched videos about, Bitcoin Cash Awareness, Smart BCH and more.

Starting today, I will now start saving my Bitcoin Cash. I saw a lot of people that changed their lives because of Bitcoin Cash. I want to change my too. So here is my plan.


I have this account on read.cash so I will try to post a good quality content here. I am not good in writing but I have experienced in writing before.

I have some business online, I am a video editor and I have a lot of gigs and I'm just saving all of my money in paypal. So, maybe this week I will manage all of my expenses and I will transfer all of my balance from paypal to BCH.

I can't stop spending money but I will minimize all of my spendings and save it for BCH.

Instead of saving my money on my other digital wallet, I will transfer it to BCH. But I will not transfer it now because I still have a lot of bills to pay so, after setting all my bills, that's the time that I will start transferring all of my balance.

I will try to advertise BCH on my clients too. Who knows maybe one of them will try to use it and make some videos about it.

Late Introduction

By the way, I'm Althea and you can call me Thea for short. I don't have an introduction article so I just add it here. I am new to cryptocurrency and I am a 4 months user here but I don't have a lot of post. I have a noise.cash account as well.

I really loved reading so I don't have any problems to stay in this platform. I read a lot of articles about Club1BCH and I want to achieve 1 BCH before the end of the year. After reaching 1 BCH I will not stop saving for more. I know that it's not easy to earn that from zero but I will use all of my resources to save at least 1BCH this year.

A lot of users here shares their achievements and I got inspired to share my own in the future. I know I can do it because there is no impossible if you make a move to make it possible.

I want to make some friends here because it's more fun to use a platform if you have someone to talk or if you have friends. So, let's friends.

That's it for now and thank you for your time.

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2 years ago