I choose BCH than other crypto

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2 years ago

There's a lot of cryptocurrencies out there but why do I choose to hold Bitcoin Cash. I have plenty of reasons why I choose BCH as my main crypto. Main crypto? I hold other cryptocurrency as well such as BAT and ETH because I use some applications that rewards you these coins. I convert them to BCH after I save enough.

Now, let's go back to the topic. Before I join here, I don't have any idea about cryptocurrency. I have heard about Bitcoin before but I'm not really interested. After I joined here, I took some research about cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin Cash.

I spend a lot of time reading articles and videos about BCH. Finally after 4 months, I am now holding BCH. I don't have a lot of BCH but I can say that 80% of my savings now is BCH.

Fast and Low Fee Transactions

One thing I liked about BCH is how fast the transaction is. I have tried other crypto "BTC" few months ago and I can say that, transaction in BCH is much faster. Last day, I sent $10 to my other wallet because I have a new phone for my cryptocurrency. The transaction fee is low and I received my BCH on my Bitcoin.com wallet instantly.

I know it will take some time in other wallet like coins.ph and uphold but the transaction fee is much lower than BTC fee. So this is one of the reasons why I choose to hold BCH.

Also, If we have a place to spend BCH here, BCH can be use as an alternative to cash.

Easy to get

I want to save more in cryptocurrency because I have a high hopes that cryptocurrency is the future money. Getting one of those is a pain because some of them are not accessible in our local exchanges.

BCH is my only option to get and I don't regret it. I can just transfer my fiat to BCH in an instant using coins.ph but the price in coins.ph is the down side.

Uphold is one of the wallet that I use and it has a direct bank to exchange my fiat to BCH. There is a lot of ways to get BCH and other coins but some of them are complicated for me. Sometimes, I'm afraid of getting scammed that is why.


Another thing why I choose BCH is it has a lot of plans in the future. Now we have smartBCH that will help BCH to grow. I don't really understand a lot about the things in crypto or the technology in crypto but I know smartBCH will just lure more people to use BCH because it has a technology that can port their project to the BCH ecosystem. Correct me if I'm wrong, I want to learn too. But that's how I understand it.

More Projects

A lot of people all over the world are spreading Bitcoin Cash Awareness. I can see it everywhere on the internet and I love it. Merchants that accepting BCH are getting huge and a lot of activities, sports and more are now with BCH.

I don't see those things in other coin maybe because they are made just to make a profit and BCH was made to use as cash and be the money of the future.


The community of BCH is less toxic than other crypto community. I don't like the idea of hyping a coin and pump it and dump it after they make some money. The community in BCH is helping each other and spreading love and love is for all the people and BCH is more like a love. So basically, BCH is for everyone.


There is a lot of coin out there that you can hold or buy and make some profit but there is no cryptocurrency that you can use as cash, only BCH can. So let's spread the news about BCH and spread the love. Thank you for reading this and I really appreciated it.

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