End of Summer

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3 months ago

Typhoon clouds, no rain

It’s more lonely than lonely:


Old friends gone quiet

Nothing but dreams in my chest

Dust of passing years

Like a lightning flash

Summer ends before it starts

May’s big visions now void




The typhoon clouds will break

And the stultifying heat — the horrific fever dreams — will end

Weary rain on the outskirts, and wild rain on the sea, usher in the fall,

But just for now:

After 2 a.m.

Under Perseid diamonds

I walk rice field roads

Clear skies and Orion watch me

Shocking marble moon

Rice dancing like cultists in the breezy dark:

The innocence of solitude.

I almost don’t care if I missed it all. 

When all this treasure is mine. 

But maybe I can cash out in some other world. 

I don’t know.


(image: Florian Pircher)

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This is nice. Reminds me of Orion's belt

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3 months ago

It was a lovely poem.

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3 months ago