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How can blockchain change our lives?

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1 year ago

In the digital age, technology can do many things, and changing the world is one. Love it or hate it, technology affects almost everything we do today, and it also influences most of our plans for the future.

What is the future we want? Is privacy important in our future lives?

Blockchain is one solution that offers absolute transparency or programmable privacy, fairness and has transformed the way many industries conduct business. Some of the most prominent (non-crypto) applications of blockchain technology include

  • the secure sharing of medical data

  • NFT marketplaces

  • supply chain

  • logistics monitoring

  • digital content management

  • real estate processing

  • public services from institutions

  • a private and secure messaging app like ALTER

  • court management and much more

Blockchain technology can also be used for environmental projects and can play a tremendous role in stopping or reversing climate change if adopted globally. Blockchain technology is one of many technologies that will change specialists' daily work, like scientists,  policymakers and programmers, and other professions requiring large amounts of data collection/verification and cross-border payments. Still, till that, they need to overcome current and future challenges. However, people who use blockchain can see the benefits right now. 

Firstly, secure asset transfers instead of banking cost less and are 100% safe with accurate client record-keeping, take just a few seconds, and are almost instantly sent anywhere. Secondly, identity management, of which a good example is Estonia – they have been using national digital identity since 2007 – no paperwork, no lost data, everything is digital and validates with a digital signature. Thirdly, companies will have less paperwork because parties can find all the contracts, their legality, NDA’s, reports on one platform (decentralized autonomous company). Moreover, insurance companies can benefit from blockchain by quicker payout transparency and fraud disappearance.

As you can see, blockchain can change our lives for the better. Business owners, healthcare centers, and others can benefit right now. However, there are life-changing blockchain companies that most of you may not have heard of, for example, electric car charging companies. German company RWE is the first to install a blockchain-powered charging station. MOBI offers people who have electric vehicle charging stations at their house to make income by sharing the station with others and also helping to create a greener world. 

Blockchain can also replace insecurity and, without any safety, email and replace messaging apps like Signal, Telegram, and Whatsapp. One good example is that ALTER team developing messaging Dapp to deliver absolute privacy for anyone to use. Instead of using just E2EE or email, there's a better, safer, and secure alternative like ALTER. It uses privacy smart contracts (blockchain) to identify the message "fact," the timestamp, and the recipients. But the data or the content/files that the message delivers will not be stored onto the blockchain. This will allow the user to control their data. Also, each user will have a public and private key. The private key is being stored/saved on the user's side. This means that ALTER will not have any possibility of having the key stored/copied and will always remain with the user. Also, the user will, later on, have the opportunity to re-generate keys, generate their keys. The ALTER plans to launch on the 30th of September, 2021. You can visit the website and sign-up for early access here: 

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1 year ago
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