List of malwares

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The term “malware” refers to programs that are designed to “infect” an electronic devices(e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone, data storage etc.). Let's enumerate the different types of malwares:


Does your PC have anti virus already?Have you updated your antivirus?

Viruses are PC programs that contaminate different computer programs. Most viruses run just when the program they contaminated runs. This is the fundamental motivation behind why infections are difficult to recognize. A Virus has two sections: the "infector" and the "payload". Remember, nonetheless, that the payload isn't needed.


Have you experience why your PC lagged? Or have you checked why the sudden boost of bytes in a program or app?

This malware came from the the legendary term “Trojan Horse”, a large wooden horse that spelled doom for Troy(do you know now how it plays?). In hacking, a Trojan is a program that contains other programs. It is the container and typically harmless. it can be a program that attracts unsuspecting users. Once a client downloads and installs a Trojan program, the malware inside will spread in the targeted machine. It depends on what type of program a hacker placed in the container.


Have you came on an instance where you cannot logged in your account or you cannot logged in to your facebook account? This is one of the most dangerous malware out there.Spywares normally records the activities you do on your computer and sends the data to the hacker. The data transmission occurs via the internet. Hackers divide spyware into two types: harmless and harmful. Harmless spyware focuses on the websites you visited harmful spyware, on the other hand, collects confidential information like account accessibility.


Have you been pissed on pop-up ads?Well, adware is a form of malware that shows advertisements on a person's computer.

This malware becomes extremely active whenever the infected machine is online.It is true that adware is one of the safest forms of malicious programs. However, it can be frustrating to the user everytime pop-up ads will start to show.

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Topics: Computer, Beginner