What is memory

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What is memory

Many of us who try to adhere to Islam, albeit a little, want to memorize new duas, verses of the Qur'an and surahs. Maybe many of us have tried that. Some have succeeded and are succeeding. Some have failed again and have given up. One of the reasons we fail to memorize is because we think we have lost our memory. So what is the way to increase this memory? Let's know some strategies in this regard.

Memory basically refers to the process of retrieving information and retrieving it. Scientists have divided our memory into two parts: 1. Short-term or short-term memory, II. Chronic or long-term memory.

Memories that last in our brain for a very short time are short-lived memories. And the memories that our brains store for a long time are long lasting memories. In this app we will basically discuss some strategies to increase long lasting memory.

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