The significance of May Day

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‘There will come a time when our silence lying inside the grave is more than an inflammatory speech

Will be eloquent and motivated to fight till the last struggle for the victory of his working class

Yoga and will be forever remembered in the history of the labor movement. '- August Spice

November 11, 18 Standing on the gallows, one of the leaders of the labor movement said the words. His prophecy of that day has come true today. Their self-sacrifice did not fail. It is a memorable chapter in the history of the labor movement. May Day has become an international day. May Day is the day of the procession of thousands of workers. It is a matter of uncompromising struggle standing under the same flag as ‘one army only’. May Day is a vow to be one of the workers of the world. Day of international struggle and brotherhood. May Day is a day of celebration for working people, songs of awakening, unity in struggle and deep inspiration. May Day pledges freedom from exploitation, terror of the rich, oath to build socialism.

May-Rani's fairy tale: But this May Day was one day sleeping in the inner courtyard of May-Rani's fairy tale. The significance of today's struggle was unknown to him. The first snowfall of a formidable winter in Europe has begun to melt. New leaves on the trees. Flowers on the side. Bird song. The tide of action in the field. Winter is gone. The young spring has come. That's when May-Rani woke up. May 1 was his festival. The ‘May tree’ was planted. He was decorated with various wreaths. Then the dance-song festival would start around that May-Rani. Poets have written poems about May-Rani. The kings and queens of the country also used to attend the festival. The day changes. Social system in return. The meaning of the word changes. Where May-Queen got lost one day. By the end of the nineteenth century, the meaning of May Day had changed. May Day is a movement to reduce working hours and increase wages. Hall is the day of solidarity of the workers of the world, the struggle for liberation from capitalist exploitation. This day has come up from the working class movement.

Behind-the-scenes history of May Day: The path of the movement has never been smooth. Does not stay smooth. There were bloodshed in the aftermath of various incidents, oppression, torture, strikes in resistance, processions, fighting unity. May Day did not get this international look overnight. Behind this is the history of long struggle. There are many stories of bloodshed. The history of the working class is a history of struggle from birth. The working class has to work hard. The working time was up to eighteen hours, twenty hours. Discussing the history of May Day, Alexander Troktenberg wrote, "The birth story of May Day is inextricably linked with the movement to reduce working hours." From 1820 to 1840, there were many movements and strikes demanding ten hours of work. The political base of the trade union was formed in 182-63. Slavery became a thing of the past. Negroes are friends of whites. During this time the number of women workers continues to increase. Employers hired women workers at low wages. The development of the American industry has been rapid since the American Civil War. At the same time, the labor movement spread rapidly. The American Federation of Labor was founded in November 181. The historic decision was taken at the Fourth Conference on 6 October 184. It is said that from May 1, 18, eight hours should be considered as a working day.

Birth of the historic May Day: publicity, preparation. However, since 184 the working class has been vocal in demanding eight hours of work. From time to time ‘eight-hour labor-committees’ began to form. In 18, the US House of Representatives passed a law called the "eight-hour work." But that law is not effective. Karl Marx welcomed this movement. This movement became wider in 175. The beginning is the preparation for the final battle. Strike after strike. Procession after procession. The call of struggle spread from side to side. The working class is determined. From May 1, 18, no one will work more than eight hours. That was a historic day. May 1, 18 Five lakh workers joined the strike directly demanding eight hours of work. The ruling party backed down from this united massive workers' rally and strike. May 3. The McCormick Harvester factory is a brutal police raid. Six unarmed workers lost their lives. The next day. May 4. O Market Square. Huge protest meeting. Police opened fire. The flag of the hand is stained with blood in the city. Four labor leaders were arrested. In the name of justice is the farce of justice. Execution order was issued. These are August Spies, Persons, Fischer and Anchel. There was a storm of protest. Condemnation was uttered in the meeting procession. Sonic is the voice of the struggle of the working class. Eleanor Marx, daughter of George Bernard Shaw, protested. The news of this brutal barbarism reached the ears of the hardworking workers of the world beyond the boundaries of time. July 14, 189. Paris was the center of the French Revolution. Centenary of the fall of Bastille. This is the day of the second international conference in Paris. In the first day's session, the unanimous resolution declared May 1, 1890 as the day of international solidarity, brotherhood and struggle of the working class every year. Thus, the historic May Day of 18 was transformed into the International May Day of 1890.

May Day in the country: May Day has been celebrated in the country since the announcement at the Paris Conference. In May 1890, the first International May Day was celebrated in Hyde Park on May 4 in the presence of millions of people, instead of May 1 in Great Britain. The first International May Day was celebrated in America in 1890 with a strike demanding eight hours of work. In France, May Day was formally celebrated in 1890 between processions and rallies. In Tsarist Russia, May Day was celebrated in 1898 with a strike. The first May Day was celebrated in China in 1924. Dr. Sanyat Sen addressed the gathering. In 1933, at the beginning of Hitler's rise, the Communists in Germany celebrated May Day illegally. Today May Day is being celebrated all over Asia-Africa, Australia, USA, Latin America, big and small.

Significance of May Day: May Day is the day for the hardworking people of the world to make a decision. This resolution is the abolition of class discrimination through social change. Strong commitment to liberation from the chains of capitalist slavery. May Day has brought a revolutionary significance to the minds of the working class. Lenin used May Day as a powerful tool in the revolutionary coup of the working class. Its successful outcome was the November Revolution of 1917. May Day is rich in the tradition of labor movement and liberation struggle all over the world. Intense protest against the imperialist war conspiracy, the mantra of reviving the workers of the world.

Conclusion: 1986 marks the centenary of the historic May Day. In the light of this long centenary of May Day, much darkness has been removed. New horizons have been unveiled in front of the struggling class. Labor solidarity has been strengthened. One-third of the world's people today are in the socialist system. But still a large part of the population is not free from capitalist slavery. Not free from feudal exploitation. The imperialist power is still strong, mighty. Yet his shameless war-cry has not stopped. That is why the May Day victory campaign around the world has embodied the revolutionary struggle of the working class in favor of socialism and against capitalist fascism. This fighting spirit and character is the adornment of the worker. May Day is no longer a movement to demand that workers work longer hours. May Day is the day of struggle of the hardworking people of the world, the day of brotherhood. The day of taking the oath to establish socialism. May Day is now the golden dawn of a new dawn in front of the working class. One of the rare treasures found in exchange for blood.

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