Story: In Search of Mystery Category: Phantom Episode: 2 and last episode

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Story: In Search of Mystery

Category: Phantom

Episode: 2 and last episode

"Dude? I'll follow that guy after dinner tonight."

"No dude don't do this. What if you get hurt?" Said Sohan

"Well let's see!"

The man called us for dinner. Rakib played very little at night. I know the impression of doubt in his eyes. After the meal, when Karim's uncle started to leave, Rakib also ran after him.

I started thinking about Sohan Rakib and started running after them. The man started walking along the main corridor of the zamindar's house. I don't know why we can't walk with him. And, surprisingly, he walks straight like a robot. He is not walking the way we boys or girls walk. He finished the corridor upstairs and started down the stairs. We are also following him silently. But what happened?

As soon as I came near the stairs, I saw the man disappear! How is this possible? There are about 50 steps in each part of the stairs. How did you do it in such a short time? We are concerned about the matter.

We were coming to our room with frightened faces. Then all of a sudden, I heard the sound of a girl crying.

"Stop, man! Wait a minute." Suddenly I said very quietly.

"Why what happened?" Said Sohan.

"Can't you hear a word?

"Cow? Nato"

"Shut up! Don't talk."

Then for a while I heard the sound of a girl crying in the room next to the corridor.

"Kire? Did you hear anything?" I said looking back. A frightening impression in the eyes of Sohan and Rakib. I tried to find the source of the word, where the word is actually coming from. I started walking on all fours. The sound became clearer as he approached a red door. I looked back and whispered to Sohan,

"Kiri? Shall I open the door?"

"Open up, friend. Today we need to know what's behind the door."

The door I was about to knock on was omni from behind again in a hoarse voice and in an angry voice,

"What are you doing here? I don't know. The night atmosphere here is not good." Uncle Karim said the word with tears in his eyes.

"Nah. I actually came outside to get some air. Suddenly, I heard a girl crying from this room. So I came to check." I said in a smiling tone.

"Nah. There's no girl here. You're wrong. Go away."

We went to our room without saying anything. There were 3 of us in one room that day.

"Dude? That Karim is hiding something from us!" Sohan said in a very angry voice.

I also agreed to his words. I also said that the environment here does not seem to be very convenient. We will leave tomorrow morning for the city. But before I go tonight, I must know the secret behind that door. Everyone agreed as I said, meaning Rakib and Sohan. Because, uncle Karim said there is no girl here. So the sound of crying? One thing I heard when I heard it alone was how did we all hear it?

Around 12 o'clock at night. Everyone is awake then. A torch, match box and mobile phone in hand. I have heard that if there is a match box, there is no crowd.

A quiet environment all around. A fox is calling somewhere far away. Jhi jhi insects are not calling. Sometimes a strange sound is coming to the ears.

Sohan and Rakib gently fucked the door. Then, I went out. Darkness all around. There is no sign of human beings. Anyway, at least we didn't go down without explaining ourselves first.

"Dude? Turn on the light! I'm opening the door."

I said the word secretly to Sohan and Rakib.

I saw a latch on the door and something blocked with a red thread. I untied the yarn patch. Then, I slowly opened the door. Slightly, a little word, but it is limited to us.

As soon as I slowly opened the door, a gust of wind came out. I know why the body was cut.

We all got inside. The smell is all around. Couldn't understand what the smell was.

I closed the door and turned on the lights. As soon as I turned on the light, I had a mild heart attack.

The body of a girl is sitting in the chair of the room. He does not have eyes. What a frightening situation. The girl has a boy's body behind her. As I approached, I saw Faisal's body. I was so surprised that I burst into tears. But; There is nothing to do.

We became very angry with Karim uncle. However! He appeared without saying a word.

"Does that mean you all know? You are not safe today" Karim said in a harsh voice.

"Sala bitch baby! You are not safe today. You have killed my friend" Sohan said holding Karim's collar and started slapping him. Suddenly Karim pushed Uncle Sohan in pairs. With one push he fell out of the corridor. I don't understand where the old man got so much energy from. However, we were all surprised when he started pulling big teeth out of his mouth. We didn't have to understand what the thing was.

I pushed Karim uncle in pairs and threw him away. Then I took Rakib and Sohan out of the house and locked him up. Then, we hurried out of the zamindar's house with our bags, but on the street death might be waiting for us. Uncle Karim standing at the main gate.

"You can't come back alive. Those who come here come of their own free will but go by my will. Don't worry, I haven't let anyone go until today."

Karim said in a hoarse voice.

She is coming to us. We can't go in. We can't do anything. A girl in white clothes appears in front of us.

I thought I would die at the hands of one but I see so many two. The girl came to me and said,

"Don't be afraid. You got me out of that magic door. Karim kept me captive for his wife's magic. His wife was a vampire witch and so on. He also killed Salam Sahib of this house for his wife's magic. This zamindar." "But, I killed his wife. Since then, Karim has imprisoned my soul here. Every year many people die here just because of him. You are lucky that you have understood everything before."

As soon as the girl did not speak, Karim came to bite me with his teeth. I woke up with a scream. I woke up and saw Sohan and Rakib lying on the hospital bed. I asked the nurse how we are here?

"A gentleman found 3 of you unconscious at the door of that old zamindar's house. Then he brought it here. I looked at the door and saw that it was Karim uncle. He started coming to me and I started sweating. He held a note in his hand. Was,

"Survived like this"

1 year later,

"This is the zamindar's house. Let's get into the wire." Jisan didn't say the word,

"Ajne, sir! Who? What did Mr. Salam send?"

"Yes! ......"


This is how Karim's magic works!


(What is the secret but the revelation? Why is the house cursed and for whom? Well, why did Karim bring them to the hospital? He could have killed them too! Give your opinion in the comments)

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