Story: In Search of Mystery Category: Ghostly Episode: 1

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Story: In Search of Mystery

Category: Ghostly

Episode: 1

I have just passed SSC. New life in college. The day was going well. Meanwhile, I also got some new friends in the new college. Not to mention the names of friends! Sohan, Rakib, Faisal. I have a good friendship with these 3 people. One day in the off-period of college,

"Kiri? Aashiq! How is the day?" Faisal asked me the question with a smile.

"I'm just here. How are you?"

"I'm just a friend somehow. Studying seems boring. I want to go somewhere."

Sohan and Rakib came without saying a word.

"Kire? What are you talking about? We're listening too" Sohan said with a smile.

"Dude! College is closed for summer vacation. I'm thinking of going somewhere." (Faisal)

"Where's that going? You're right?" (Sohan)

"Brother Nare. I am still suffering from indecision." (Faisal)

"Well! Dude, how about going to my village? There's a royal house there too. I've heard the cursed house. There's something supernatural." Rakib said standing behind Sohan.

"What do you say? Does this happen at all?" (Faisal)

I said in a worried tone, "Either dude. Rakib is right."

"Why did you start Aashiq like Rakib. I knew Rakib Vitu before, so you too?" Faisal said with a smile.

I frowned a little at her. Then, Sohan began to say. "Then let's go to Rakib's village. Let's see that cursed house. Ha ha ha"

At first I didn't agree, but we all agreed.

Everyone decided to leave on March 20. Rakib's village home is in a hilly area of ​​Chittagong, so it is understood that the communication system is not so good. So everyone took everything they needed. Everyone left Jessore in time. I left at 7 pm on the 19th and arrived at 10 am on the 20th. Get off the bus and take a 1 hour local bus to his village home. However! Rakib's village house does not have any of his family. It was decided that we would stay in that haunted palace. I didn't agree at first but later I agreed. There is nothing to do. There is a saying called democracy.

Village path. No vehicles. It was evening when we arrived. I, Faisal, Rakib, Sohan finally reached the main gate of the palace.

It can be seen inside, a little light is coming out from Nibu Nibu. It can be said that the lamp will have 50 power. As soon as we opened the main gate, we caught a sound. Quiet environment all around. There are no localities nearby. The sound of Maghrib Azan is coming from far away. The movement of jungle bats has started around the house. We slowly started to enter the house. Nothing but a torch light in hand. Necessary items in the bag. As soon as we get to the front door of the house,

"Who? There! Who's here? What's going on here?"

I heard a squeaking sound from behind. Turning my head and looking back, I saw an old man standing with a hurricane in his hand. Sheet cover. I could not understand why she was given a sheet on this hot day.

"Actually, we came here to visit. We came here to visit off the college."

"Oh then they are you? Big Babu told us all."

"I mean? Any big babu?" (Faisal)

"Aren't you relatives of Mr. Salam?"

As I was about to say something, Faisal cut the pinch in his hand and said,

"Yes. We are relatives of Mr. Salam. I have come here to visit. He asked me to come here last month."

"Okay. You guys come in. I'm arranging your meals."

"Okay. Thanks."

I was a little surprised to enter. The house is so many years old but it still looks fresh. I think Mr. Zamindar is still here today.

I said to the old man, which is our living room? He said, "Can you see the rooms upstairs?" Those.

Since I'm a little scared, Sohan and I will stay in the same room. And Faisal and Rakib are in separate rooms.

I entered the room and came down fresh and was a little surprised. Arrange all kinds of food on the table. Looks like he knew in advance that we would come. Anyway! At first we had doubts, but later we saw the food and dropped it. Faisal is eating quite comfortably. I also felt a different way to put food in my mouth.

"Mr. Karim? (The old man's name) Where did you get so much food? I've never tasted like this." I said.

The man laughed and said, "My Ginny cooked. She died 12 years ago today.

I started coughing while eating.

"What the heck? What did you say?"

"I had a lot of fun. My Ginny cooks very well. She's well known in the neighborhood. That's why I said."

"Oh! You scared me. That's the old manor house."

All these things on him. I don't like it at all. "

Everyone laughed when they heard me.

After eating, everyone went to their rooms. The network is not good and I will call Sumaiya too. Suddenly the real deception in our heads! So I immediately entered Faisal's room.

"Kiri Aashiq? Do you need anything?"

"Nare dude! But I was coming to say something."

"Tell me what?"

"We lied that evening. What should I have done?"

"Areh! Don't be tense. I'll leave if I know what's the problem."

I came to the room upset. The body was very tired because of the journey all day. So I came to the room and lay down.

I woke up the next morning and heard that Faisal was missing. I was not ready to hear such news in the morning.

I told Sohan,

"Hey. Maybe he's gone for a walk. Don't worry he'll come back."

We searched for Faisal all day but could not find him. Meanwhile, Karim uncle is not saying anything. Impressions of sadness in his eyes. Looks like something is hiding. We fell into thought. I told Rakib and Sohan,

"We came to have fun and he's joking with us? I suspect this guy. He must be hiding something."

"I think so, Ray. There must be something in this house. If not, you've seen that old man! What did you do?"

Thus I fell asleep at night. The next day I saw that Faisal had not come today. We were very worried. Meanwhile, the hilly area network is not so.

Uncle Karim came thinking about all this. He said, don't worry .. Faisal came last night. He said, Dhaka or his urgent work is gone without saying so. You were sleeping so could not say anything. Our suspicions then grew. Because, Faisal will never do that. However, in my mind everyone thought. Maybe he did it because he was a victim of the situation.

After the man left, Rakib started saying!

"Well dude? This guy searches for us every day before dinner and he hasn't seen me all day. Where is the guy?"

It will continue

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