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1. You must say Bismillah while changing the dress. Otherwise the angels around you will be ashamed and the jinn will see you all.

2. You must read the prayer before going to the washroom. Then Allah (SWT) will create a screen between you and the jinn so that the jinn will not be able to eve teasing you.

3. Say Bismillah before throwing anything somewhere, it will not be a problem for other creations.

4. When you go out, greet the angels in the house and go out after prayers.

The angels who guarded your house in your absence come to the house and greet them again. This is politeness.

5. Practice saluting more and more. Greet the little ones first. They will be encouraged.

. If you are married, make it a habit to send your children to the mosque from an early age. Do not let the children drink water while standing, they will learn from an early age. Stop drinking water by yourself. It is Sunnah to sit and eat.

. Sleep on your right side. It is good for Sunnah and health. Before going to sleep, you must fall asleep. It will protect you from bad people and jinn all night long. In sha Allah.

. You must drink alcohol every night and sleep. It is your grave life partner, it will save you from the torment of the grave inshaAllah.

9. He sweeps the bed every day before going to sleep, but he thinks he is circumcised and he is getting thawab as soon as he shakes it! In the same way, before wearing clothes, you must shake it a little. It is Sunnah and even if there are any insects in the clothes, it will not harm you.

10. Finally stop laughing. Smile. It's Sunnah!

If you like it, follow the advice.

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