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Araf fell asleep within an hour of getting on the train.

Rhea looks out the window with headphones in her ears.

I need to go to the washroom to freshen up, while Araf is asleep.

Riya woke up Araf and went to the washroom.

Someone went to the washroom, so Rhea started washing her hands in the next basin.

He looked up in the mirror and was startled. Quickly looked back, nor did he see anything wrong.

Standing in front of him is a tall and handsome boy.

Fair cheeks, bushy beard, glasses in the eyes!

The boy said in surprise, "Rhea!

As if Rhea had lost her speech, she could not utter a word.

The boy stepped forward and put his hands on the rear shoulders and said, "Are you ok !?

Rhea Kapa said in her throat, "Eric !!! You! ??

Eric smiled and said, "Are you surprised to see me !? Of course I didn't think we would ever meet again.

Rhea can't think what to say, staring at Eric.

This man was once her best friend, whom Riya loved with all her heart.

Gradually their friendship turned into love.

Eric is also looking at the rear like a failed lover.

Eric once loved this Shyambati girl impossible.

But their love did not turn into marriage.

Neither Eric Christian nor Rhea Muslim, the family of the two, accepted the relationship. Then their separation took place. Of course, separation is never happy.

But they had no choice but to separate.

At the sound of the washroom door opening, they both moved away.

A beautiful girl of Rear age is out looking at Eric and Rear.

Eric said to the girl, "Meet my friend Rhea.

And he said to Rhea, "And this is my wife Amanda.

Rhea let out a sigh and said, "Nice to meet you Amanda.

Amanda smiled sweetly and said, "You're that Rhea! Eric's best friend !?

Rhea looked at Eric in surprise, Eric smiled and nodded.

Amanda laughed and said, "I've heard a lot about you from Eric. Sometimes I feel very jealous of myself, listening to you.

Rhea smiled, Amanda said again, "I saw you in the picture, but I wanted to see you face to face. Rhea, you are really cute.

Rhea smiled and said, "You're too sweet, Amanda.

Meanwhile Araf came and stood up, Riya said to Araf, "Hey you are gone too! Get acquainted with my best friend.

He pointed to Eric and Amanda and said, "This is my best friend Eric and his wife Amanda.

Araf smiled and got acquainted with the two.

Riya pointed to Araf and said, "And this is my husband Araf.

Eric smiled when he heard the word Husband on the rear.

If they weren't of a different religion, Eric would be on the rear today.

But people don't always get what they want, neither does Eric.

A sigh came from inside Eric.

Which no one else saw, but the rear eyes did not escape.






Ihsan is asleep, there is no sleep in Tanu's eyes. And they will reach Ishwardi in just a few hours.

Tanu is looking out of the train window.

Since seeing Fahad, his insides have become chaotic.

Tanur first met Fahad five years ago.

Then he would take classes, Fahad would teach the group subjects of science to Tanu.

They had a very good relationship like a teacher student.

But seeing Tanu Immachio's talk and children, Tanu was doing different things in Fahad every day.

Meanwhile, in Tanu's teenage mind, there were various sketches about Fahad.

Fahad's gaze and grinning teeth !!

Tanu would have been fascinated to see that !!!

Both of them were in love, only left to express !!! Fahad proposed to Tanu after the SSC exam.

That day Tanu felt as if he had got the moon in his hand! Tanur was not happy. So he agreed without delay.

Then their relationship was going well. But gradually Fahad's busyness began to increase.

Hospitals, classes, wards were busy with all these all the time.

Even if he was online, Fahad would not do Tanu's text scenes.

Sometimes you don't even reply to the scene!

Tanu slowly stopped texting, thinking that maybe Fahad would be upset if he didn't text.

But nothing happened, Fahad used to talk if Tanu himself called.

Maybe he doesn't even know how long he doesn't call Tanu on his own.

They stopped talking on the phone.

Fahad's neglect made him restless, and he learned to read.

HSC ahead, meanwhile, could not bear Fahad's neglect, and Tanu would often fall ill with anxiety.

Finally Tanu blocked Fahad from all places.

And then Fahad came to Tanur's house with a friend.

With various excuses, he explained to Tanu how much he loves Tanu.

But I can't give time to study pressure.

Tanu also understood that Fahad was under a lot of pressure all day.

So Tanu decided to study without getting upset.

In the meanwhile they used to talk on the phone, but after HSC it also decreased.

Admission was given, Tanu was also waiting in a varsity.

But in the end there is no chance.

Meanwhile, Fahad doesn't pick up the phone anymore. He made a call but cut off the call by showing busyness.

Family and relatives used to hear harsh words as they did not get such a chance.

Fahad is thus ignored! All in all, life seemed like hell to Tanu.

Admitted to honors, Tanu kept himself busy in prayers and studies.

Then days went by, weeks went by, months went by. A few years have passed.

Over time, that is likely to change.

Tanu's parents started looking for a suitable pot to marry his daughter.

But Tanur never contacted Fahad again.

Tanu forgot her past and moved forward. Tanu settled in Dhaka after marrying Ihsan, but today she met Fahad.

But he did not want to see Fahad again.

He doesn't want to see Fahad's face anymore, but he did! But why !? Was it very important to see this !? What would have happened if not seen !? He forgot his past !!!

Ihsan and Tanu got down as soon as the train stopped at Ishwardi station. He rented a CNG and left.







Eric is very thirsty for water, he looked to the side and saw Amanda sleeping.

Eric went down to the station to buy water. When he returned, he noticed Rhea sitting by the window and looking away.

Eric thought he had bought another bottle of water and got on the train.

Araf and Riya are sitting side by side, Araf is asleep and unconscious.

Eric held the water bottle to the rear.

Rhea looked back at the water bottle, took the bottle in her hand and stood in front of the washroom basin.

Eric also went after her, she is watching Riya after almost two and a half years.

Who knows when we will meet again after today! So in this journey of a few hours, Eric sees only Rhea as much as possible.

Rhea drank the water and said, “Thanks.

Eric said with a contemptuous smile, "Welcome.

There was no change in the rear, he was staring at Eric.

It's been two and a half years since I last saw you, but I still remember the beautiful days we spent together when we saw Eric !!

Eric looked the other way and asked, "How are you Rhea !?

Rhea said with a contemptuous smile, "As you are.

Eric said in silence for a moment, "I don't know when we'll meet again, but I want to say something.

Rhea looked at Eric with inquisitive eyes, Eric looked at Rhea and said, "I love you so much Rhea, I'm not angry with you.

Two drops of salt water flowed from the rear eye.

Rhea didn't try to wipe with her hands, she said in a hushed voice, "I still love Eric just like before, I never tried to forget you.

Eric immediately opened his glasses and looked away, perhaps trying to hide the tears.

Taking the glasses from Eric's hand, Rhea wiped them with her scarf and said, "Even today, I make my own cake and feed everyone on your birthday.

Eric laughed and said, "And I order food from the restaurant for your birthday and feed everyone. I can't make cakes anymore.

Rhea put on her glasses and said to Eric, "You don't even have to make it, once you made a cake and fed it! My cheeks get bitter as soon as I remember that awful taste !!

Eric laughed out loud, as did Rhea.







The train stopped at Jessore railway station. Araf, Riya, Eric and Amanda stood down one by one.

Eric and Amanda say goodbye to Araf and Rhea.

Amanda got along very well with Araf. Absolutely sibling relationship! Rhea and Eric have decided to start their best friendship from now on.

Whatever happens, life is one. What happened if they didn't get married, they will be unhappy in the future.

Araf and Riya are fixing CNG, suddenly Araf is startled by a familiar voice.

Rear, of course, doesn't notice that, but Araf is startled, looking around for the man with that voice.

Araf looked around for a while and then stopped when he saw a girl.

The girl is arguing with someone on the phone in a worried voice.

Wearing sweet-colored three-pieces, the impression of annoyance on the face is clear.

Araf quickly stepped forward and stood in front of the girl. The girl looked at Araf in shock.

Araf's mouth came out in a muffled voice, "Samia !!!

Samia laughed out loud and said, "Araf! Are you here !!?

Riya looked at the CNG and saw that Araf was not there! Where did Araf go? It was here !!!

Riya looked around and saw a girl talking in the distance.

Araf smiled and asked, "Hmm, what are you doing here !? Where is your husbandband !?

Samia thought for a moment and said, "I couldn't be happier after marrying Ryan, Araf. He hurt me so much, it's no longer possible for me to be with him. So we're talking about divorce.

Can't think what Araf will say, Araf once loved this girl very much. Although he did tuition while studying at varsity, he used to buy gifts for Samia.

If there is a problem with Samia's money, sometimes Araf has given money even after doing extra tuition. And he used to take more money from his father every month.

One day, Araf was shocked to see Samia in an unpleasant situation with Ryan, an elder brother of the varsity.

She couldn't even think that Samia would deceive her in this way.

From that day onwards, Araf lost faith in love.

The girl seemed to be deceitful.

Today, Araf is taking pity on the Samia for whom he kept himself under house arrest after eating night after night.

In just a few years, Araf saw the consequences of Samia.

As the saying goes, "Nature never cheats, whatever you do, nature will give you back."

Araf said with a contemptuous smile, "Hopefully everything will be fine.

Araf left saying, what else does he have to say.

He will enjoy the fruits of his deeds. Maybe Samia is also enjoying her karma.

Samia's call came to my ears several times from behind.

With every call from Samia, the house arrest scene of that helpless Araf of that day is floating in Araf's eyes.

But Araf did not respond, nor did he look back.

And Araf will not turn back, this time start moving forward in front of him.

Riya went a little further and heard Araf and Samia talking. So Riya went to the CNG and sat down.

Araf came and left the CNG as soon as he sat down, Araf hugged Riya with one hand. Araf is feeling strange peace in his mind. Today, it seems that Samia has gone well, Araf feels blessed to have a wife like Riya.

With a smile, Riya took the finger of Araf's other hand in hers.

Even after many years of separation, when you meet your ex unexpectedly, the inside is twisted! So naturally it is better to prepare yourself for that moment, because the earth is round !! One day or another, #know_will_see !!!






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