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Tanu is busy making tea in the kitchen, it is almost time for Ihsan to come from the mosque after praying.

Since marriage, she has had a habit of drinking tea from Tanur's hand every morning.

Tanu also makes tea for Ihsan with a lot of mind. Sometimes milk tea, sometimes color tea and sometimes spice tea.

Ihsan would not have known that there are so many types of tea if he had not married Tanu.

At the sound of the bell ringing, Tanu ran to reduce the heat and opened the door.

Ihsan went inside, hugged Tanu and kissed him on the forehead.

Tanu smiled sweetly and said, "Go and sit on the balcony, I am bringing tea.

Ihsan took off his hat from his head and went to the room with his hair in his hands. Tanu went to the kitchen after looking at Ihsan for a while with calm eyes.

She has been married to Ihsan for almost a year and a half.

Tanu's life has changed by marrying Ihsan. That is to say, his new life has begun.

Even before meeting Ihsan for the first time, he could not have imagined that the colorful sun was about to rise again in his colorless dirty life.

After making two cups of tea, Tanu went to the balcony in a tray and sat down.

Speaking on the phone, Ihsan sipped his cup of tea and said, "Okay, I'll be on the train tomorrow morning.

Ihsan cut off the call, Tanu asked, "Where are you going tomorrow morning !?

Ihsan left the tea and leaned on the sofa and said, "Not only me, you are going too.

Tanu looked at Ihsan with inquisitive eyes.

Ihsan looked at the orchids arranged on the balcony and said, "Grandpa or his body is not good, so my mother is telling me to go again and again.

Tanu left the tea and said, "Hmm, then I have to go. Just like last time when he came, Grandpa didn't want to let me come.

After having tea, Ihsan went to the room and said, "I'm going to the roof, close the door.

He closed the door and got busy to get breakfast ready.

Ihsan went to the roof to exercise, came to the office after taking a bath and breakfast.

Tanu has to prepare breakfast within this period.







Araf has just taken a bath and is standing in front of the dressing table, buttoning his shirt.

Can't find the body sprata either, the dressing table is full of wife's cosmetics! He noticed several perfumes, will he finally go to the office today wearing perfume !!

Rhea frowned as she saw the lavender perfume in Araf's hand.

Khakari said with a throat, "I understand perfume makhabe !?

Araf was startled, quickly left the perfume and asked, “Where is my body spray !?

Rhea realized that her husband was going to apply perfume without finding body spray.

He smiled and said, "It's there, I know you can't find it. Wait, I'm watching.

Rhea spread the body sprata towards Araf. Araf grabbed the rear hand with a spray and pulled it closer, saying, "Get ready in the evening, there's a party at the office.

Rhea reached out and fixed Araf's tie and said, "Okay sir, get ready now and come quickly. Breakfast at the table, it's going to be cold.

Rhea left the room, Araf got ready and sat down in the dining room.

A variety of items arranged on the table. Pomegranate juice, boiled quail eggs, chicken Thai soup, parota and vegetables fried in a little oil.

Before marriage, Riya didn't even know how to cook. Araf thought he would become a fakir by ordering food online after marriage.

But the opposite happened! Since her marriage, Riya has learned many recipes by watching various local and foreign cooking recipes on YouTube!

And is serving new delicious food everyday !!

Araf went to the office after breakfast, Riya locked the door and went to sleep. Party in the evening, be ready in the afternoon. He won't have time to sleep at noon, so this is his perfect time to sleep.

Rear woke up after getting the phone ringtone. He took the phone in his hand and saw that Araf had called. Receiving, Riya kept talking for a while.

The day before yesterday, Araf's cousin got married.

Araf and Riya will leave Dhaka for Jessore by 6 am tomorrow morning.

Rhea looked at her watch and saw that it was twenty-three o'clock.

She hasn't tidied up the house yet, she has to cook for lunch.

Rhea got up in a hurry and started working.






Ihsan is sitting in bed doing some office work on his laptop.

Sitting next to Tanu is packing her luggage, the train is at six o'clock tomorrow morning.

He will go to Pabna from Dhaka. Ihsan has taken two days leave from his office.

Tanu's father-in-law's father-in-law's house is in Pabna and he is in Dhaka with a flat after marriage.

Ihsan's call was answered by Tanur, Ihsan laughed and said, "What will Tanu do with so many clothes !? I will only stay for two days.

Tanu frowned and said, "Where are so many clothes !?

Ihsan smiled and said, "You are going with me, I will come back with you. Don't go there and make a promise to go to Baperbari again.

Tanu laughed and said, "Well, I won't catch Baina. Let's eat now."






Araf is awakened by the sound of the alarm, Rhea is asleep next to him.

It has become Araf's habit to wake up and see this face of the rear magician for about half an hour every day.

Even today, Araf kissed her on the rear forehead after staring at her for about half an hour.

Riya got a light cape at the touch of Araf.

Riya smiled when she saw Araf's face full of softness.

He wrapped his arms around Araf's neck and asked, "What time is it?"

Removing the hair from the rear forehead, Araf said, "Four forty-two!

Rhea jumped up when she heard the time, shouted softly, "Four forty-two! And you're calling me now !?

Riya pushed Araf down from the bed, entered the washroom and shouted, "Train at six! When will I be ready, when will I get out and when will I reach the station !!?"

Araf has been married to Riya for almost a year.

This is their first marriage anniversary in December.

Araf is very happy to get Riya.

Even before her marriage to Riya, she thought that she would fall in love with someone again.

As much as it was uncomfortable to talk to Rhea before marriage, after the marriage it was cut off and gradually turned into sweet love.






At half past five in the morning, there are still twenty minutes left to leave the train.

Ihsan sat Tanu on a bench and went to buy some dry food.

Before leaving the house, Tanu wrapped herself in a thin sheet.

He is in trouble with that, he feels hot when he wears it, he feels cold if he doesn't wear it again!

Now it is November, but there is no trace of winter! Maybe winter will not come again !!

Tanu was shocked to suddenly get a familiar voice! He looked around and started looking for the man with that voice.

Now the crowd is less, so maybe it's not too late to find the man!

That familiar face! Cute smile !! Excitement in the eyes !!!

Tanu's mouth came out in a muffled voice, "Fahad !!!

Tanu's eyes became blurred, he closed his eyes and opened them again.

No it's not fantasy, it's real! Tanur can't believe his eyes.

Tanu looked away from Fahad and looked away.

Why again after so many years !? Why did you meet again !!?

There was a time when Tanu desperately wanted Fahad to come back.

Call me one day and tell me, I am thin in front of your house!

But now he doesn't want to, so why meet again !?

He got that familiar voice and got a light cape.

He hid his tears and looked normal.

Fahad came and stood in front of him!

Even though two known people are standing so close, what a distance between them today !!!

Tanu said naturally, "Hey brother Fahad! How are you !?

Fahad frowned at Tanu. He probably didn't expect Tanu's normal behavior after hurting him so much.

Tanu is feeling very uncomfortable inside, why isn't the man saying anything !? Where is Ihsantao !! Well, what is Fahad doing here !? Didn't you get married !? Where's the wife !?

Fahad cleared his throat and said, "Alhamdulillah, I'm fine, how are you Tanu !?

Before Tanu could say anything, Ihsan came and stood there, Tanu hugged Ihsan's hand and said, "Meet my husband Ihsan.

He showed it to Fahad and said, "And this is my ex-teacher, brother Fahad. He was my home tutor while I was studying medicine.

Ihsan extended his hand and shook hands with Fahad. Ihsan and Fahad are standing and talking.

Fahad is looking sideways at Tanu from time to time while talking.

Tanu's mind is searching for Fahad's marriage.

Finally he asked, "Are you here !? I wonder where !?

Probably not ready for the question, Fahad said quietly for a while, "I think your grandfather is going to visit, so I came to pick him up on the train.

Tanu doesn't know the name of this feeling, how the inside of Tanu became at that moment. It has never happened before.

Asked softly, "When did you get married !?

Fahad didn't say anything, maybe pretending not to hear.

Tanu suddenly felt the pull of the hatchka in his hand. Saying goodbye to Fahad, Ihsan got on the train with Tanu!

Ihsan sat down to find his seat, the clock struck five fifty-four! And the train will leave shortly.

Tanu sat on the side of the window and looked outside. The crowd grew, but even in that crowd, Fahad could be seen thin.

What an unbearable pain inside Tanu, Fahad once looked at Tanu and left the station!

Tanu doesn't understand the meaning of Fahad's gaze.

I know why he wants so much, now get off the train and run to catch Fahad's hand !!!

But that is no longer possible, everything has changed over time, changed thin.

He also remembers the memories of the past, he does not wet the pillow with tears in the middle of

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