Isn't Pratha ashamed to marry a married man?

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  • "Isn't Pratha ashamed to marry a married man?"

    Prithvi did not change her mind at all in Mushfiqur's statement.

    "Don't talk about what happened?"

    Pratha shook her head like a thief. Mushfiqur got angry and slapped her. Pratha said with astonishment with her hand on her cheek,

    "Why are you beating me, brother?"

    "The uncle who misunderstood me for you? And the boy was my colleague."

    "So what?"

    "You're young. I have a three-year-old son."

    "The baby is big enough to grow."

    "Let's argue again orally."

    Mushfiqur gave another slap to Pritha. This time Pritha could not hold back her tears.

    "Why did you hit again? Why are you doing that?"

    Hearing Pratha's cries, her mother, who was standing at the door, took her out of the room.

    "Mushfiqur will be ready now. Kazi will come after a while."



    Mushfiqur and Pratha got married two months ago despite their reluctance. Pritha and Mushfiqur have not been around since that day. The girl has broken her vow to marry Mushfiqur. The choice is with Mushfiqur for the time being. The custom is Mushfiqur's cousin. Whose marriage was arranged. But the girl broke up the marriage by crying in the direction of Aqdar. Her choice seems to be like her own son. But Mushfiqur did not want that.

    The choice of three years speaks very well. Mushfiqur is very comfortable to listen to him. This is the only resource he and Anjum have.

    "I came to tell you no."

    Mushfiqur did not show any reaction. After some time of silence, Pritha said to herself,

    "Brother slapped me twice. Still didn't break my anger."

    "Are you going to break my wife's anger?"

    "Any doubts?"

    "Look, Pratha, I won't have anything to do with you. Marriage means a lot more."

    "Eat chocolate?"

    "I'll eat your head."

    "She had to come to me. Not everyone in the house knew she had been in love with me for a month."

    "Hey, are you sitting with that?"

    "I'm lying down."


    "Your wife."

    "That's my misfortune."

    "Are you sure you'll be with me for life?"

    "Won't you slap me?"


    "But I'll stay. But first I have to say who am I?"

    "Unfortunately my wife."

    Surrounded by quite a quiet silence around the sleepless night. Suddenly Pritha mumbled and said,

    "Give me the thorn. My plazo goes upstairs in my sleep."



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