I was sitting in the yard and sunbathing

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I was sitting in the yard and sunbathing

- I was thinking,

When you are at home, you want to go for a walk and when you go for a walk, you actually think, 'I like to stay at home'. What a paradoxical thing!

-Suddenly an old man with a button phone in front of him said,

'Press 3'

- I didn't understand the meaning of the words and asked, "What?"

The same thing again, '3 says to press'🤔

Later I also went to return the phone by just pressing 3, at that time he said that he was talking about taking out the waz number 3 from the phone.

After a while he came and said, "I would have pressed 5"

- I also simply removed song number 5 from the playlist. There is playing, "Dad, all the crazy games in your court🤣! I think this old man is completely half-crazy."

After a while, he told me that he would call 5, but he did not ask me to listen to the song.

Mr.: - Don't say that first?

I will call the number 5 in the call list? Or should I call the number 5 in the phonebook?

Old man: - If I call number 5, I will say one beda.

Mr.: - In fact, grandfather, I do not use the button phone, so I do not understand

Old man: - He got angry and said, what is the big class? You can't see anything

(What do you mean? They don't like it if they don't get education in everything, do they? 😈)

B: Note: - I do not clearly understand the regional language of the people of this area.

Some of their regional sentences: -

1! Kimuin Ashuin?

2! Didn't eat?

3! Jere mui gatrar dhuiyam.

I don't remember anymore

Talking to this guy, my condition has become like Alif Layla's jinn! 😐 I don't understand whether to smile or quarrel or not😂🤣

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