Fear of commitment

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Gamophobia: Fear of commitment. They can’t go into any commitment. They ruin their relationship with their own hands. Be it friendship, be it love. We blame the man. But if you look for the reasons for his commitment phobia, you will see that his childhood was very rough. Abused in childhood. Or pushed a lot in life. There was a remedy, but we avoided it.

Gelotophobia: The fear that people will look down on you. It is a social phobia. Many people will laugh and think about how much work has not been done in life.

Enochlophobia; Fear of crowds. I have this phobia of my own.

Agoraphobia; Fear of going to open space. Inside the room to confine yourself. It shows in many movie movies. Keeps himself confined to his comfort zone.

There are many more phobias. The rest is disorder. In our country till today illness is considered as physical illness. But mental illness is also a kind of disease, which we have not been able to establish in people even today. Mental problems in our country means crazy.

ADHD- Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

You will notice that your child is not concentrating on studying. You're pushing too hard, but you can't. Very easily he is being distracted. Forgetting to put rubber pencils and even homework notebooks in the bag. Going to do math is busy with something else. The baby is just fidgeting, from here to there, from there to there.

There are whole guidelines in foreign countries to find out this disorder. Many people persist in this condition even after childhood. They can't concentrate on office work. He enters one job with great interest and is busy with another job.

In 1902 the disease was clearly discussed. There is a detailed discussion in the book of National Professor MR Khan. But we don't have headaches.

Anxiety disorder.

It is impossible to say how many types of anxiety disorders there are. How many times did not go to the test for fear, anxiety? He did not go for the test thinking that he would have to pay for Viva. When he went to say something in front of the people in the room or the hall, his chest throbbed, his pulse increased and he ran away with an excuse. Panicked, the head of the department has summoned you. Suffering from phobia is different.

These are being worked out. The journal is being published that these should also be taken into account. They are also getting treatment for mental illness. But we are still behind today.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It is laughed at. In Lehman term it means straight sapta bangla meaning, clean air disease. Yes, something to clean up again and again. Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Compulsion of repeated hand washing. One of my acquaintances used to wash and eat apples with Lux soap. There are also well-known people who have been hand-washed repeatedly. There are also people who missed the plane while doing all the chores. Again, if the train is missed, there are people sitting at the station three hours before the train leaves.

Major depressive disorder.

Depression surrounds you all the time. Energy is not available in any work. Don't get interested in anything. His own hatred for himself goes away. Think of yourself as a loser. Eating, drinking and sleeping all change upside down. Suicidal thoughts come to mind. Many take Attempt, many succeed. Many go astray. Addicted to any drug habit to give temporary happiness.

But no one points out that the way out of this ignorance is very easy. There are many more ways, including psychotherapy. But depression is still not established as a disease for most of us today.

Bipolar disorder.

Bye means two. There are two phases of this disease. Manic phase and depressive phase. You will want to do a lot in the manic phase. Be very cheerful. Keep talking. Many ideas will come out with the head. Another kind of stimulus is in the mind.

And then the depressive phase will come. Everything disappears. Something doesn't feel right. Everything is pulses and boring.

I wrote like this, but a little bit. How many types of phobias there are, how many types of mental illnesses there are cannot be written down.

Because even today, in our country, mental illness does not mean wandering on the streets. Even today, people are wandering around with mental illness. Especially child psychology. If we are a little more aware of this, a lot will change overnight.

Depression, anxiety, phobias are eating away at us. We also laugh at the many people who express frustration on Facebook. But a little counseling, psychological support. Medicine as needed. But no, we ignore that totally.

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