A 19-year-old girl

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A 19-year-old girl

She went to her boyfriend and said ,,,

Girl: What gift will you give me on my 20th birthday?


The boy smiled and said ,,,

Boy: There's still a lot of time, and time

Then you will get your birthday gift!


After several days, one day the girl suddenly fainted!

Everyone in the house became quite restless!

No one could understand anything, what happened to the girl?

Then everyone met him

Taken to the hospital.


After many tests at the hospital, the doctor told his family,

Cynthia has a leak in her heart, if only too soon

If it cannot be changed, then it may not be possible to save Cynthia anymore!

Everyone broke down in tears when they heard this. Cynthia's parents couldn't accept anything.

Cynthia's boyfriend Joy. After hearing everything about him from the doctor, he said that he would not allow this to happen.

Then Joy went to the girl's room, saw her loved one lying in bed!

As she approached Joy, she said,

Girl: Joy, I don't think I will live anymore!

Cynthia wiped away the tears


And he said, who says you will not live?

You will get better soon.

Girl: How did you know?

The doctor said I have a hole in my heart, and me

Can't save!

Joy: Damn crazy!

Nothing will happen to you, look you will get better!


After a while, Cynthia recovers and returns home!

When he returned home, he started looking for victory!

Not getting, Joy's

Goes home.

There is no one in Joy's house, finally Cynthia meets Joy's younger sister

Cynthia: Where is your brother Kiri?

Not to mention Joy's sister

He pointed to Joy's room and said that it was yours on the table

Keep a note for



Cynthia heard that and ran

Joy went to Ed's room and read the notes



Dear Tama, I know

The day you get this note, the day you will be completely healthy. Everything

It will be just like before.

Like i love you

I said.

I didn't say nothing would happen to you.

You see, that's it.

You are a gift to me on your 20th birthday

Didn't want to.

I thought a lot but I could not think of a gift for you?

When the doctor spoke of your illness, and when he said he was looking for a heart, it seemed like there was no better gift for you!

My heart was the only best gift!

Which I give you

Went. Don't be upset?

I'm in the sky

I'll see you later!

. # That's_true_love

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