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1 year ago
Date: May 14, 2022
Writer: AlphaCron

Ayo! Read.Cash Family!

As you may know, I’ve been so inactive on this platform for days already. I just don’t feel like writing lately because my time was very hectic because of the tasks that I have to carry out every day. The submission date of our academic outputs is fast-approaching. That said, I have to make triple efforts.

Some of my classmates seemed to think that I’m so ahead of them, but little did they know that I’m not halfway with all my academic outputs. Little did they know that I’m drained physically and mentally. Little did they know that at the back of my mind, I’m thinking on giving up. I just want to unwind and leave all my academic worries behind. Yes, I’m only worried of my academics because I don’t know If I can graduate this semester or not. Hopefully I could get through all the adversities I have as of now.

I must admit that my performance here is very unsatisfactory, and I’m very disappointed with myself. Sorry folks for not being able to interact with all of you lately. I’ll catch up with you all once I have more spare time.

Anyway, how have you been folks? I hope you’re all doing well and having the best time today.

For today's blog content, since I don't have interesting topics in mind. I'll be doing this "Self Care Bingo." I discovered this blog concept from my co-blogger @joydigitalsolution...but originally it was from @Usagi. And so, without further ado, let's get started!

Here's my answer...

Take a Nap

Whenever I have my spare time, I make sure to take a nap. There's no doubt that we need to at least take a nap whenever our body feel the need to rest even just for a couple of minutes. One good thing about taking a nap is that even though you relax for just a short span of time, you can't help but feel better.

Write in a journal

Writing here on this platform is a manifestation that I'm writing a journal, a personal journal to be particular. Undeniably, Read.Cash has been my avenue to convey my thoughts through words. Through this platform I get to share with you all the happenings of my life. I still couldn't believe myself that I am doing this sort of stuff, but here I am writing not to impress, but to give you entertainment and insights.

Accomplish set Goals

Ever since I started joining Read.Cash, what I have in mind is to set goals every month. Of course, there are goals that were set and hit, and there are goals that were failed to attain at the end of the month. Despite the minor failures, I always choose to be positive. Goals can still be achieved for as long as you still have the desire and interest to achieve it.

Listen to music

When boredom strikes one of the things that I used to do is to listen to music in my Spotify. If you asked me what songs I usually play are the songs of my favorite singer Ari G. (Ariana Grande). To me, her songs bring me comfort. I can't resist hearing her amazing songs. She is such a great singer in today's generation I must say.

Organize your room

I find cleaning as a way to cope stress. Every time I clean, I feel like I'm inviting an energy that is positive. Whenever I see my room tidy, it gives me a sense of euphoria.

And there you have it folks! Thanks for dropping by. Watch out for my next blog. Bye for now!

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1 year ago


UwU, sana okie kapaaaa. Sobrang dami mong busyness ee ehe.

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1 year ago

Ok pa ko ate, I was really challenged ate pero I know I can get through all of this. By the way thanks for dropping by te. 💗

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