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On behalf of - I send you my best wishes and congratulations.

ARSTARS FAIR25 is an online marketing + online shopping platform

It is possible for you to earn a good amount of money every month by sitting at home and this is our promise and guarantee InshaAllah.

🛒 With STARS FAIR25 you can get all the services and smart income at home.

🎉It's A Great Opportunity For You

First here is hereঃ-

71-25 Level Unlimited Referral Joining Income,

From 71-25 level, all your members have the opportunity to earn a huge income from each of their daily necessities.

There are 6 huge interesting prizes and honors for you by achieving a total of 8 Rank.

There are also many more ways to earn income that you will gradually learn.

It is really possible for you to fulfill your unfulfilled dreams through them.

Since there is talk of smart income and fulfillment of dreams up to 1-25 level but how is that?

Below is an example and table to give a general idea about it.

ঃNote: But you will see the complete business plan in the form of voice or video from your upline, but you will not understand anything 80%.

EtLet's Start Your Success Story ,,,

Before you watch any video first, you will open an account,

And activate your ID to become a full member of the company.

Then for example: -

🔺This time you will get a lot of income even by joining only 5 members and it will take nothing but a little patience and effort to fulfill your dream.

See when five people will join you and explain your guideline and complete business plan,

When those 5 members join 5 in the same way as you,

Then automatically your 5th level will also increase but the number of members will increase five times,

In the same way, from your 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th level to level 25,

Autoly thousands of members will automatically come out of these 5 people.

Then the whole point is that you will only join 5 people and explain the full business plan of the company to them and on the other hand you will continue to be a member automatically from level 2 to 25.

Note: Your unlimited members can join at every level so the above calculation is just an example.Now at this total 25 level, it is difficult to calculate just how much your joining income is.

Note: The income of the following table is calculated as If you increase the number of members from five to five at each level,

★ Then according to the total members of each level how much money you are getting from which level.

☞But for this you need to know how much money you are earning at any level up to 1-25 level.

ELevel ⏬Income

✅ 01 💸25

✅ 02 💸75

✅ 03 💸250

✅ 04 💸625

✅ 05 💸3125

✅ 06 💸15,625

✅ 07 💸78,125

✅ 08 💸390,625

✅ 09 💸1,953,125

✅ 10 💸9,765,625

So I hope you understand that if only the joining income of the first 10 levels is this amount,

Then what is the amount of income from joining only up to the remaining 11-25 levels!

But I said it is only about joining income,

But the main income that you will always get from your member's daily necessities is not the next post and I said by voice.

It's not over yet but besides this huge smart income, there are 6 beautiful, expensive and attractive gifts for you by earning a total of 8 Rank.

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How would I join

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I Love Star fairs 25

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Nice post

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really intersting post

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