The telephone rang

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The telephone rang

The telephone has been ringing for a long time.

Apala was on the verandah, could not hear. He heard it as he walked home. The telephone is ringing, I don't know who! I think I know why Apala knows that when the telephone rings someone is calling desperately. This is a big problem. We need to hear it now. Once upon a time it was true. When he picked up the receiver, the heavy sweet-embracing girl said, would you call Salam Bhai a little? I'm in danger

Apala said, Salam brother who?

You live downstairs. Please read at your feet

There is no one on our floor to say salute.

So what do I do now?

The girl really cried. Apa said softly, your color has become number, do it again, you will get. I'm picking the receiver, but it won't go to this number.

The girl whispered, "Even if the numbers are right, there will be no gain." They don't call.

Yes, that's right.

There is only one girl named Yunthi, she calls. Who knows, maybe there is no group today.

Perhaps there, you try.

Why are you calling me I just drew the class. You tell me.

You didn't get a chance to talk to the girl. His telephone number was not known. The girl also does not know Apala's number. A slight role in terms of color numbers. How long has it been, that sweet voice is still ringing in Apala's ear, I thought, is she a girl?

No, not that girl. Apar Baba Fakhruddin called from Singapore.

How are you mom?

Very good.

Did you get your mother's letter?

Got one this morning. Mom is almost healthy now.

Read the date of the second operation?

He did not write everything.

This woman never writes the necessary words. Evening. You can find out by calling around. Seven in the evening here means six in the morning in London.

Well, I will.

Feeling so lonely?

No, I don't think so. What time will you come

It will be two more days late. Any news?

No, no news.

I went to renovate the living room. Anything going on?

Yes, going very thin and tall boy comes every day and does everything. He also has a mechanic.

How far is the work going?

I do not know. Father! I don’t go down special.

Tell me a little, so that it is complete before it arrives.

I'm talking now.

And listen, don't say anything to your mother. He will be surprised to come.

We will.

What's the boy's name?

Cannes boy?

She is working

I don't know my father's name. Didn't ask what do you want with the name?

No need. I asked Matin to give me a boy. His work is good. But you are tall, tall. The boy is not so tall.

The name will ask what should I do if I see that he is not Matin?

Asked to stop work. I have said something special about Matin. How is your test mom?

Not feeling well.

Too bad?

Like being in the middle! I don't like anything in between.

Mr. Fakhruddin laughed out loud. Suddenly he was shocked by his sister's words.

Well mom, I kept it.

You're fine dad

Probably better. God bless you.

Apala came down. The gentleman is sitting with his legs spread on the verandah. Two men are cutting wood with a saw. Apala stayed at home. All the houses have been demolished. The paintings are down, the show-case is gone. Fold the carpet and place it in a corner. Apala said, how are you?

Feroze was shocked.

Tell me?

Yes you What is your name Matin?

What will be my name Matin? My name is Firoz.

If your name is Firoz, big problems will stop.

Does that mean work is off?

Stopping work means you pack your things and go home.

Firoz's face has become yes. As if he had never heard such a strange thing before. Apala laughed. Of course, he was able to smile instantly. He said in a calm voice, my father said on the telephone, someone named Matin should work.

But that's what I'm doing.

You don't need

Matin is currently on leave. Her older sister's illness. He went to Barisal.

When he returns from Barisal, he will do it again.

Firoz lit a cigarette. He can no longer trust the girl. Looks like he's joking. If this is not a joke then a big problem is waiting for him. He has forced this work. He told Mr. Karim, no problem, the job will not be worse than Matin. Mr. Karim gets angry and says, not him. Sajan said Matin.

I talked to her daughter myself. He said, even if I do. If the work is good.

You see, no problem later. The business of the rich. The mood goes on. If it stops in the middle.

You're crazy! They will turn their eyes to see the work.

In the current situation, the darkness is turning the eyes of Firoz. B Karim is a great man. You could say, Mr. Feroz, your work at this firm is not very good. This firm has been in trouble for two days in a row. See differently, brother. It is not at all unusual for Mr. Karim to say this, but it is very common. People have been looking for opportunities for a long time. Sometimes he even makes gestures. When paying last week’s salary, he said, the music rent has gone up. There are more people than work. Eighteen hands in twelve hands.

Feroz dropped his half-eaten cigarette and looked at Apala. Appala is still standing. Her face is smiling. Looks like this girl can be persuaded by the wheels. Nineteen-twenty year old girls have a fluid mind. Grief goes away easily. It's hard to say. Girls of this age do not want to talk to beggars. I find it very trivial.

I want to finish the job I think your dad did a great job when he saw it. That means it will be better.

Apala did not laugh.

Feroze was shocked. You can't tell anyone with a smile.

If I leave like this, I will have my own problems. The job can be mom. You can explain this to your father. I think he will listen to you.

Your opinion is not correct.

You probably don't understand what's wrong with my job in this market. Not to mention your understanding. I am ashamed to say this myself.

Apa said softly, as it will be before leaving the house. Dad will be very angry when he sees such a random house.

Firoz lit another cigarette. His companion is looking at Firoz with two worried faces. Firoz said softly, go, clean the house.

Appala is coming out. Firoz's body is burning, the girl once said - sorry. Waking up to humanitarian problems? If it was a story-novel, the girl would have had tears in this place. He would say in a hoarse voice - I don't want to do anything. Brother Firoz. You don't know my father - an inhuman!

Feroz used to say, aren't you upset? I get upset when you get upset. Saying this, he looked at the sky with a bored look.

But life is not a story-novel. All the ugly things in life happen easily. A beautiful girl laughs and barely speaks.

Drink some tea

Feroz noticed that the girl had brought a cup of tea in a tree. Firoz said coldly, why tea?

Apa asked to give.

He once said he would not drink tea. But there is no point in saying that. A cup of tea in the winter morning will not be a waste. When he arrived, he took a cup of tea. When the tea is over, you have to throw away the cloth and break it.

B. Mr. Karim drowned for a while.

The scream did nothing. It was good to keep. Steam must be released. Steam is not in children - the consequences can be fatal. Firoz is waiting for the result. He looks like a philosopher. It’s a feeling that will happen.



Five thousand rupees has been lost, what did you say?

Why the loss? Matin will work with them.

Crazy, Matin has touched it all? When will he do everything again?

That's right.

Mr. Feroz is in a state of shock.

There is a little.

I told you before, don't go. Gabam did not hear the murder, no one heard.

The blood was once warm, now even cooler.

What I feel is that you lied to me. You said, I talked to Mr. Fakhruddin's daughter. Believe you

Mr. Karim did not complete the sentence. He began to erase the pencil. This is a very ominous sign.

As the pencil becomes sharper, some harsh sentences like bullets will appear. The consequences can be far-reaching.

Firoz m.


You want to go to the film line.

The subject of acting?

No more! Why talk about acting? Make the set tate. You are a creative person, you will be named soon. After receiving the national award you will see the raw money coming.

Feroze took a deep breath. Who knows what raw money is? Money is not raw. Money money.



Do it.

Is the film telling you to go to the line?

Yes. We'll call you if you find a big job. You are very dependent. This is what I have always believed.

I am very happy to hear that. I didn't know before.

People on the film line will catch you.


The biggest reason is you don’t have an art college degree. They don’t want anyone to take a degree. They have more oil. Wants to be crazy to the director. You don't do it.

I'm seeing big gains without getting a degree! What is my last job at this firm?

Mr. Karim did not answer. Finished shaving his pencil. What he started to write on that pencil. Feroz said in a voice, you tell me more, no. Will i get up

I have known directors. I am writing him a letter. Combine with the letter, it will be an arrangement.

You look like a great person! Write the letter in pen, not with a pencil.

I am writing in pencil with purpose. A pencil letter has a personal touch, which is not found in any typewritten letter or pen.

Good. I didn't know it. From now on I will write all love letters in pencil.

The director's house is in Kalyanpur. I had to look for that house all afternoon. Director not found. It was learned from the angry landlord that the director had rented the house for six months. Not only that, he broke two commodes in the bathroom on the way.

Firoz raised his eyes to his forehead and said, what did he say!

Boy in the film line. The house should not have been rented. Who are you

I am not a creditor.

How much money?

About a thousand.

Give up hope of that money. Can you see more at 6 p.m. Money and wife - these two things are no longer available.

Feroz was almost saying - has your wife disappeared with him too? Managed himself at the last moment. I don't want to joke right now.

Of course I can. Come on in, take a seat. Don't be so upset. Tell me what to do, the country is full of scandals. Old people like me don't know people, and you're a baby boy!

Not just water. In the evening Luchi left with water. Srijan's wife is peeking from the screen. I'm watching. Looking with sharp eyes.

The gentleman said in a happy tone, I was talking to you about this boy. Has gone bankrupt. Take a look at the situation. I wish the world!

Within ten minutes, Feroze's last relationship with his family came to an end. The gentleman said at one point, there is no point in walking in the afternoon. Wash your hands and face and eat rice. There are big fish.

Firoz's eyes were almost wet. He has received unconditional love many times in this life. This kind of love bothers you

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