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Love of Anupama 2

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7 months ago

When Durlov Basu passed away with a lot of money, his only son Lalit Mohan, who was in his twenties, finished his mourning and went to school one day and said to the master, "Master, cut my name."

Why Bapu?

What will happen if you lie and hear? I have a lot to study. Dad left me a lot to read.

The master closed his eyes and smiled a little, but what are you thinking? This time, eat grass. This is where Lalit Mohan's education ended.

Lalit Mohan's early age meant a lot to him, so he made a lot of friends as soon as he left school. Gradually, tobacco, siddhi, marijuana, alcohol, singers, singers, etc. filled Lalitmohan's living room one by one. Meanwhile, the money saved by the father also started running towards the sea by playing with the waves like water. His mother cried and explained a lot, said a lot, but she did not listen to him. One day Ghurit-Lochan came to his mother and said, "Mother, give me fifty rupees now."

My mother said, I don't have a penny.

Without uttering a second sentence, Lalit Mohan took an ax, tore his mother's handbag and left with fifty rupees. He stood and looked at everything, but said nothing.

The next day he took the key to the iron box in his son's hand and said, "Father, take the key to this iron box; Spend your father's money as you wish, and I will not come to interrupt. But I pray to God that your eyes will be opened when I go.

Lalit was surprised and said, where to go?

You don't know that. No one knows where to go in case of suicide, but I have heard that there is no progress. Tell me what to do, my fortune!

Will commit suicide?

If not, what is the way? All my happiness is in your belly. Now the fire pit of Jamdut is better than eating your kick-broom every now and then.

Lalit Mohan knows Janani. He knew very well that his mother was not a man of false intimidation; Then he wept and fell on the ground, wrapped his arms around her and said, "Mother, you forgive me. You stay, you don't go.

Janani said rudely, what is that? Your friends where will they all go?

I want someone. I want money, friends, nothing, just stay.

Do you believe in your words?

Why, mother, have I ever acted in disbelief by saying that I am your evil child? From now on, you will not ask for more than one penny.

I don't want to give you a penny ইচ্ছা because, in this one and a half year, you will never be able to earn even half of the money you have spent in your life.

You don't give me anything.

Janani became soft — no, not so much with you, I didn't want that either. If you get one hundred rupees a month, what will you do?

At ease.

But so be it.

Within a day or two, his friends began to move away one by one. Lalit Mohan went to call at the house of one or two; Someone said, I will go tomorrow; Someone said, there is work today. As a result, no one came. Now he is completely alone. Drinks alone, wanders alone. Once thought, no more drinking; But how to spend time? So it was not without alcohol. In a way he often wandered around; This path was relatively secluded along the side of Jagbandhubabu's garden and it would have been more convenient to walk here after drinking alcohol. His rural reputation as a drunkard; It doesn't look good to go to anyone's house — that's why he used to go out with himself after drinking alcohol.

Nowadays, he has a partner - he is incomparable. He often saw her coming and going, and Anupama, like him, wandered around the garden. He has been seeing Anupama since childhood, but nowadays he seems to see a little novelty in it. Part of the wall of Jagbandhubabu's garden was broken, standing next to a tree there, Anupama

Walking around in the garden, sometimes sitting on the ground and making garlands, sometimes picking flowers, sometimes playing with the girl in the water. He looks pretty; Her hair was scattered, her body was careless, her clothes were cluttered, and her face was like a lotus flower in her drunken eyes. Sometimes he thinks that he loves incomparability the most in the world. When it is night, he goes home and sleeps. Until he falls asleep, he remembers Anupama's face. Even in dreams, sometimes his immaculate face wakes up in the heart.

How long does it take to do so? Sitting in that broken part of Jagbandhubabu's garden since afternoon has become his daily routine nowadays. He was not a boy, but in a short time he realized that he had fallen in love with Anupama too much, but there was no use in such love — he knew he was drunk; He is a useless fool; He is the hated creature of all — he is not worthy of anything incomparable. It is not possible to get him even after hundreds of attempts, but what is the benefit of being upset by doing so? Will not come from tomorrow. But he could not stay when the sun went down, he drank some wine and sat on the broken wall. But there is a thing inside I think if you love someone, he understands me too

Loves; Why don't you sit me down? Of course, this cannot be proved.

One day Lalit Mohan climbed the wall. At that time Chandrababu's eyes fell.

Chandrababu shouted at Dwarban and said, "Hold on."

At first the doorman did not understand who should be caught, but later when he understood, he saluted Lalitbabu and stood back with three hands.

Chandrababu shouted again and said, "Give the arrest to the police station."

The doorman said in half Bangla, half Hindi, Hami Nehi can Babu.

Lalit Mohan then slowly climbed the wall and left. When he left, Chandrababu said, where is Nehi Pakra?

The doorman remained silent. A gardener knew Lalit very well, he said, can he catch Lalitbabu in Beta Bhojpuri? The heads of four doormen like him broke in one fist.

The doorman did not deny it, he said, Babu, do you want to work, do you know?

Chandrababu, however, is not the one to leave. He was already very angry with Lalit, now that he has time, he has gathered witnesses and filed a complaint in the court against him for trespassing and many other crimes. Both Jagbandhu Babu and his wife refused to sue; But Chandranath did not listen to anything. Anupama insisted that if the sinner was not punished, his mind would not be stable at all.

The inspector came to the house and made an incomparable statement. Anupama said everything was fine. In the end, it turned out that Lalit's mother could not save her son even after spending a lot of money. Lalit Mohan was sentenced to three years rigorous imprisonment.

B.A. The test results have come out. Suresh Chandra Majumdar has become the first. A roar of village fame has fallen. There is no limit to the joy of incomparable mother. Ananda went to Suresh's mother and said, I don't have to speak for myself, but look at my daughter's feet!

Suresh's mother said with a laugh, I see that.

Get married once, then you see your son will be king. When Anu was born, a fortune teller came and told Gune that this girl would be the queen. No one has ever been so happy, never will be; As happy as your daughter will be.

Who said that?

A monk.

But you buy your son-in-law a house.

Won't you give it? I know Chandra as the son of the womb, but Anura should also get half of the master's thing, if I survive I will get it.

However, let them be happy to be kings and queens — —Let us die.

Two days later, the shepherd called Majumdar's son and said, "I have fixed your wedding day this Baishakh."

Now marriage is, I absolutely do not want.


I received the Gilchrist Scholarship, so I can go to Bilate to study if I wish.

Will you go abroad

There is a will.

Your head hurts from falling. Don't say that again.

When you get this facility for free, what is the fault?

Rakhalbabu became absolutely furious at this word - atheist son! What's wrong? What to eat if poison is found in the next money?

There are many differences in the words.

Where is the difference? Loss of caste on the one hand, being sluggish, and poisoning on the other, isn't it exactly one? Didn't the hair match the hair?

Suresh left without any further protest. When he left, Rakhalbabu laughed to himself and said, "Beta comes to argue with us after reading two pages of English." What did I say - what to eat if you get poisoned with the next money? Bachadhan could not say the second word. What can cut this irrefutable argument.

When all the maturity of the marriage was settled, one day the bride said to Anupama, what a lo! The groom's reputation does not hold in that village.

Anupama smiled softly and said that his chaste wife, all his paths to happiness in the world are open.

Yet Lo is not married yet!

We have been married for a long time, the world does not know, but in our hearts we have been reunited for a long time.

The bride-to-be smiled a little, paused her lips a little, and said, "Don't say that anywhere else, we are old beggars, stay away from telling us - it's a shame to hear that!" In all words, you should act in the theater. If you do that people will say that crazy!

I'm crazy in love!

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Written by   92
7 months ago
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So that's second part. I love to read id. Your writing skills are mind blowing . You should write a book. I'm impressed

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Thank you very very much for inspiring me.

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Welcome dear

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Thanks dear. just look at the reward of all post.

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