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How media Affects Our Values

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2 years ago


At the present time, one of those with the strongest influence

in a youth is the media. Whether in this city or small towns of

country, forced to be reached by modernization and the information brought by the media. No.

we can set aside the good it causes for man, in the quick kind of

life, essentially man knows. But on the other side of

Its beauty is the risk of influencing a child especially

those irresponsible media statements.

Because of what the media has to offer, a young person like you is

need to be critical in the purchase of beliefs and accepted in

it serves us. You need to be firm and smart with your

will make decisions and shopping. Here are some skills to guide you through

this aspect (Stephen, 1990):

1. You need to expand your general knowledge

truth and Moral Law contrary to the material and

selfish desire of man with the guidance of parents and teachers.

2. You need to train your mind to assess the quality of

any information received or product enjoyed, and the

evaluation of appreciation and its usefulness.

3. Learn to exercise restraint at all times

by practicing virtues.

4. Learn to let go of the temptation caused by advertisements, spectacles

showing immorality, being overly vulgar and sometimes

there is obscenity.

No matter how strong the influence of one's own family or

of the school teacher, the danger posed by the media cannot be ignored

to change any perspective and appreciation that a

young people like you. The temptation it brings is too powerful to

you obey or agree. Remember that the

stability of one's own moral principles and values. So while not yet

this temptation comes will help if you make a decision now

just yet. When this temptation comes, do not change the decision

ito. For example, if you decide not to taste alcohol or smoke

because of its bad effect on the human body, you will not change it at all

it is more motivating for others to do to you even though he is your friend.

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Written by   19
2 years ago
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Alhamdulillah. Nice Pisting Dear friend

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2 years ago

Nice writing. thank you for the information

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2 years ago

Fantastic article by you my friend

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2 years ago

Very informative

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2 years ago

Nice writing dear

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2 years ago

I don't watch the media, but they affect a lot of people

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2 years ago